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Comment of the Day

Agency People Told Digiday Why They’re Unhappy

digiday_expandedOne week ago, Digiday posted a story asking “why are agency people so unhappy?

It’s been very popular for good reason. Here’s a relevant quote from Dan LaCivita of Firstborn:

“The people writing racist, sexist and awful comments on websites are the bottom of the barrel, and they’re employed, which means they’re making a whole bunch of other people miserable too.”

We have no idea which websites he might be referencing, but we wanted to learn more — so we decided to wade through the Digiday comments to more effectively gauge the agency world’s response to the piece.

In summary, the reasons readers gave for their own misery were:

  • Overinvolved, increasingly demanding clients
  • A focus on data/ROI over strong creative work
  • Younger employees and their various senses of entitlement

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Sir Sorrell: Creativity Is Dying, and It’s All Your Fault!


In what seems to be a weekly occurrence, Sir Martin “Mr. Happy Fun Guy” Sorrell offered agency folks a Debbie Downer moment in the form of a LinkedIn”fluencer” blog post: “The 10 Trends Shaping the Global Ad Business.”

In the post, Sorrell makes several claims that will cause creatives to yank out their hair (wherever it may still grow). Among them is this vitriolic sentiment:

New York is still very much the centre of the world, but power (economic, political and social) is becoming more widely distributed, marching South, East and South East: to Latin America, India, China, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Europe.

So America’s age is starting to show.

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Comment of the Day (Part Deux): Crispin Somebody Strikes Back


So this may or may not be unprecedented on AgencySpy to sport dueling comments of the day. But as we bleed into the 16th, this spot for MS 7 caused a little furor and resulted in this stellar retort where someone we guess outed themselves as a Crispin staffer (ID’d as Mattim) and defended the new Windows 7 spot. It began as nicely as this:

“Love it. C’mon all you haters, lighten up. It’s an ad for an operating system. And it’s hilarious, informative and adorable.”

And as tension mounted, escalated into this:

“Dear Pinky and Dumb Ass,
It was just my opinion. But since you are so insanely talented, please come to CP+B and share your brilliance with all of us. Talk to Wendy our recruiter, get a job, march into Rob and Andrew’s office and tell them how to make better ads. Please, we are all waiting for your glory. I should have known better than to comment on Agency Spy and get mixed up with loser creatives whose lack of talent lead them to a website where they bitch at those of us actually producing work. I hope someday you get to work on a high profile account at a top tier agency. Really, I do.”

This is late-night television folks, just deal with it. You can read the whole thread here.

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Comment of the Day: Someone Goes Tit-for-Tat for the Sake of Account/Planning People


While Publicis Modem created this spot for Yoplait to raise awareness for breast cancer and simultaneously indulge our juvenile tendencies in the process, one soul took it upon themselves to look beyond the serious intent of the spot and stand up for what’s really right: the littler agency folks getting overlooked in the credits. A commenter by the name of sharonh1118 issued this frustrated gem as a result:

“I am so tired of seeing every one get credit for creative work – even the colorists! But no where do they credit the Marketing teams either client or agency- not the account people , the planners! tit totally amazes me! Who worked on the strategies , got the insights? and most likely sat with the creatives to help them.”

It twas wise of him/her to mistakenly (or not) include the word ‘tit’ in the commentary as the responses show.

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Comment of the Day: On Layoffs, From AdsOfTheWorld’s Ivan Raszl


Yesteday we told you that BBH London laid off about 40 staffers. Ivan Raszl, who runs AdsOfTheWorld (a site owned by our parent company WebMediaBrands) commented on why he thinks there are so many layoffs these days. .

“I think these layoffs aren’t just the economy talking. Many functions lose importance because of technology. Trafficing is taken over by electronic job bags at smaller agencies and reducing staff at larger ones. Finance staff gets leaner for the same reason. Most presentations are now done digitally, yet another support staff is cut, such as mock-up artists (or whatever they are called in the USA). Etc. The only core function that will not be cut is creatives, because that’s the last thing technology will be able to replicate.”

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Comment of the Day (Well, Yesterday)


While President Obama‘s beer summit was supposed to ease racial tensions, those impish interns at Crispin have unwittingly stirred them up again with their musical ode to agency oppression, which caused commenter screwthiscrap to call CP+B out on their lack of diversity:

“Didn’t see one black intern in the entire spot. Just a bunch of white kids trying to rap and make fun of themselves.

Why do so many white boys love bumping that ignorant-ass-isht? It seems like they’re trying to live out some pseudo-fantasy that extends past a desire to be gangsta but also a desire to be black — without actually being black and dealing with the baggage.

Screw this Crispin. Not funny at all. Making fun of black people or your lack of diversity within the agency isn’t funny at all.–just plain sad. Just off the record how many blacks do u have over at crispin? 1or 2 right. Their probably the janitors right? Because if they saw this you guys would get stomped the hell out for this mockery.”

Suffice to say, our friend a sparked a little debate that goes to show no matter how milquetoast, derivative or silly the vid may be, Crispin for whatever reason still finds a way to court controversy.

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Comment of the Day (Well, Yesterday)


I just went back and read the comments on Kiran’s SyFy namechange story and I have to say, kudos. Here’s my personal fave, courtesy commenter notthatiknow:

“Dude…I remember what SciFi looked like when it launched; one word: ass.”



Comment of the Day: Pool Sex, Anyone?


Yeah, we’ve done a lot of these lately, but your remarks have been so damn entertaining that we’re giving them full exposure.

From Producers United in the Cannes Roundup: “Hi. A number of agency producer friends and I were curious if you would start keeping a log of all the Rep’s that are hooking up there. There are a number of infamous digital and television production company hotties, some cougars, that are usually drunker than hell and fucking senior creatives. One rep got nailed in a pool during the day a few years back.

“Thanks! We’ll keep a watch too.”

We’ll be sure to let you know. If you’re in Cannes and you catch wind of something worth sharing, hit up the anonymous tips box. Or you can e-mail us at agencyspy at gmail dot com.


Comment of the A.M.


From that piece where Jeff Goodby said “We are becoming irrelevant award-chasers”: Sorry Jeff, but not everyone gets to work on $100 million accounts with media buys big enough to make a campaign famous.

Just because someone does a local campaign on the cheap doesn’t mean it’s any less creative. I’ve done work in small markets and I do work in one of the biggest – and there’s great creativity in both that should be recognized.

I totally agree that ghost ads are ruining award shows – who can’t be creative when they don’t have a real client and real business goals to deal with? But your “cab test” to see what qualifies as “real” creative make you seem like you live and work in a big agency bubble.


Comment of the Day

Comment of the Day


This comment, which was posted in “Think Small: George Lois v. Julian Koenig” is by far one of the best we’ve read in a long time.

Writes David Jacobs: I hate these two assholes and the ilk like them who set the standard notion that in order to be successful in advertising, one must act like an arrogant, pompous ass.

Ever since these twits made one or two decent ads, everyone coming up has tried to emulate them by copping their bullshit attitude. Fuck them and Hal Riny too. Total cocks.

Guess what, writing a classic ad is tantamount to farting in your own hand and sniffing it. It means very little in the grand scheme of things. You’re not doctors. You don’t save lives. You wrote “Think Small”. Big fuck.

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