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Y&R NY Presents ‘Sellout Santa’

This year, Y&R New York went a step too far to ensure their clients’ products found their way under the Christmas tree, tapping a “Sellout Santa” to hock their products.

In the agency’s holiday video card, “Sellout Santa” speaks with a group of children, ignoring their Christmas wishes and handing them a product from one of Y&R’s clients instead. That little girl who wants a dollhouse? Nonsense, she’d much rather have a Range Rover Sport. Instead of toys, how about a Twinings tea bag? You get the idea. The concept may run a little thin by the end of the 3:27 video, but luckily there’s a funny kid with a glazed over look on his face to keep things amusing. Enjoy.

Viewpoint Creative Unleashes Demon Santa

Boston-based agency Viewpoint Creative has delivered one of the crazier (in a good way) agency holiday cards with their video imagining the worst that can happen from not unplugging the tree. Their funny, monstrous scenario is animated, if you can call it that, with toys. It’s one of the more original takes on the holiday card this year, and one of the most entertaining. The DIY amateurishness of the process only adds to the whacky charm.

The video begins with Lenny’s significant other reminding him to unplug the Christmas tree. Lenny doesn’t heed her warning, and as a result all hell breaks loose. We won’t give away too much, but there’s a giant New Year’s baby and a demonic Santa involved, so why not check it out?

VIA House Band Wants You to Help ‘Get it to Bowie’

Get it to BowieThe house band over at agency VIA have one very large Christmas wish: for David Bowie to cover one of their Christmas songs. They’d like to request your help in making that happen.

Visitors to the “Get it to Bowie” website can watch video of the band introducing the idea (which includes many terrible, and one decent, Bowie impression), listen to their Christmas songs, and spread the word via Twitter. There’s also a place to forward information to someone who knows Bowie (or knows someone who knows Bowie), and a button to click if you are David Bowie (which tweets to the agency that he’s agreed to cover one of their songs). Obviously, this is a far-fetched proposition, but there’s something appealing about VIA’s earnest enthusiasm. Good luck guys, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

MRY Celebrates the Merger with ‘Allidays’

Happy Allidays

MRY, the New York-based shop that merged with LBi earlier this year, has done something a little different for their holiday card. Instead of just including all the winter holidays, they’ve gone ahead and created an Alliday Card with “13 days to celebrate the magic of mergers.” They decided that they like their holidays like they like their agencies: merged . So they merged together a bunch of holidays to create 13 “Alliday” celebrations.

Among the new creations are Momukah, Dia De Los Muertes Presidentes, 4Fathers20, Groundependence Day and Cat Tuesday. It all kicked off yesterday with Rosh Hashinese New Year; today is Black Friday the 13th, tomorrow is Diwalintines Day, and it concludes with Christombus Day. For each Alliday, MRY tells you how to celebrate (for Rosh Hashinese New Year have some egg drop soup with matzo balls), includes an Alliday greeting, and a gift you can bid on (like “8 days of phone calls from a handsome, well-educated Jewish son for Momukah).

MRY’s lighthearted take on the holiday card is certainly one of a kind, and the Allidays are mostly pretty funny. A few of them — Cat Tuesday, anyone? — even sound like a lot of fun. A funny holiday card that’s out of the ordinary, merges holidays, and has little to do with Christmas? Believe me, that’s much appreciated.

Sapient Asks You to ‘Shake for Goodness Sake’

Boston-based agency Sapient wants your help to do good this holiday season, so they’ve created “an interactive holiday giving experience” called “Shake For Goodness Sake.”

The site features a digital snow globe with ledges from Sapient employees. To get started you select a pledge category: enable kids, acts of kindness, basic needs, or support a charity. Then you click on a snowflake to view a pledge; white snowflakes indicate available pledges, while colored snowflakes indicate already activated pledges. You can then activate the pledge that has most personal meaning to you, and shake the globe for more pledges. Watch the video above to learn more about “Shake For Goodness Sake” and head on over to the site to help Sapient give to those in need this holiday season.

o2ideas Launches Holiday Card Generator

o2ideas holidayBirmingham-based agency o2ideas just launched a holiday card generator, entitled “The Whimsically Wonderful Holidelightful Festively Fantastic Cardtraption.”

The card generator is a fun way to send along a digital card to a family member, friend or significant other. You begin by selecting your recipient; then choose your cheer level (from awful to amazing); after that you pick which holiday you’d like your card to be for, including Festivus and the Winter Solstice (which is tomorrow); finally, you press a button to choose a tone and enter your name, then out pops a holiday card. Want a sad card, to wish your ex a terrible Kwanzaa? You can do that. Or a weird card to wish your brother a happy Winter Solstice? You get the idea. Having seen so many holiday cards, 02ideas’ approach of instead spreading cheer by letting people create their own cards is a welcome change. And it’s a fun little contraption that generates some pretty funky holiday cards. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

Erwin Penland Parodies ‘Love Actually’ for Denny’s


Erwin Penland, which took over the Denny’s biz earlier this year, has created a holiday campaign for the chain parodying a famous scene from Love Actually, which has been repeatedly called one of the worst movies of all time (ed. note- I am unabashedly a fan).

If you love bacon and Love Actually, Erwin Penland’s GIF spot “will most definitely put a smile on your face.” If, however, like most sensible people, you love bacon but hate Love Actually, your reaction will probably be more along the lines of “meh.” The piece of bacon, echoing a scene in the movie, holds up cards professing his love for the egg. Because people go to Denny’s and get bacon and eggs. Yawn. I’m not sure why they decided to go for a GIF campaign (I guess because they didn’t need sound?), or who is actually going to see this, but in a way it makes sense: because eating at Denny’s and watching Love Actually on Christmas are both kind of sad. Credits after the jump. Read more

Ah, So This is Who to Blame for ‘Hater Translator’

If you’re a frequent reader of this site (and especially if you’re a regular commenter) you may remember the “Hater Translator” from a few weeks back. Hater Translator would take a spiteful comment and translate it into something nicer. Since most comments on this site are made by hateful pricks, the Hater Translator kept pretty busy. It was kind of funny the first time, less so the second, and it quickly wore out its welcome. Pretty soon, everyone was annoyed and our inboxes were flooded with complaints. Sure, the haters are annoying, but Hater Translator only seemed to make things worse. Now, the folks over at Mullen have come out as the creators of the Hater Translator, with a new site and holiday-themed video (featured above).

The video tells the story of the Hater Translator’s creation by an IT guy at Mullen who looks kind of like Zach Braff. He noticed that all the internet hate was making people sad, “especially when they read nasty comments posted about their work.” The video then shows a bunch of priceless reactions to hateful comments from advertising folk, which is pretty funny. “Don’t they know that advertising is one of the most important jobs in the world?” he asks of the haters. So he decided to “turn the Internet into a friendlier place” with the Hater Translator, but, as well all know, this just redirected the hate back onto the Hater Translator. At any rate, Zach Braff IT guy walks us through how the crazy machine works — it turns the word “fuck” into real fudge, and then shows us the Hater Translator”in action.” In other words, translating comments from this site. They mention their four days translating “hundreds of nasty comments on Agency Spy into expressions of love and joy” and complain of being shut down on the fifth day. Apparently, that makes us Scrooges.

Mullen calls the Hater Translator “a really great way to spread some holiday cheer to a place that really needs it,” but we’re guessing you disagree. Take it away, comments section…



Atmosphere Proximity Tweets Carol Parodies for the Holidays

Instead of caroling door to door, digital agency Atmosphere Proximity (who, you may remember were named North American digital AOR for Emirates back in June) is caroling tweet to tweet with their Twitter account.

The digital agency is sending their slightly off key Christmas carol parodies to disgruntled Twitter users who tweet angrily about subjects like holiday shopping, travel, seasonal overeating, and the lack of good TV this time of year, using the hashtag #TwitterCarols. I’m no fan of Christmas carols, (and I’m perhaps a bit burnt out on holiday items) so I found these kind of hard to listen to. The parodies fail to generate any real laughs, forcefully changing lyrics to songs like “Carol of the Bells” and “Joy to the World,” which inevitably comes across as more cheesy than clever. Atmosphere Proximity would have done well to listen to Guy Holiday’s advice: their take on a holiday card (at least that’s how it was presented to us) lacks animals, memes and reflection — although there are some minor pop culture references. A sloth or cat would have really spruced things up. So far there are four carol parodies: “Carol of the Malls” (featured above), “Kiss Those Skinny Jeans Goodbye,” “It’s the Best Time to Travel of the Year” and “The Hiatus.” Stay tuned for “Kiss Those Skinny Jeans Goodbye” and “The Hiatus” after the jump. Read more

Meet Guy Holiday, Agency Holiday Card Guru

LA-based agency Ignited created one of the best agency holiday cards of the year by turning to  holiday card guru (and sloth enthusiast) Guy Holiday. Holiday lays down some agency holiday card rules that we hope agencies everywhere will take to heart, while also managing to make us laugh and share his love for sloths.

Ignited describes Guy Holiday as “if BuzzFeed had a baby with Ron Burgundy and then that baby was raised by, well, Agency Spy.” We’re not entirely sure how to take that description, but we think Holiday is a funny character with some good advice regarding agency holiday cards. Guy’s first rule is to “always include a cute animal” because “animals are like mother nature’s stuffed animals.”

This seems like some pretty solid advice. Everybody likes animals, and including one makes your card more memorable. This should be a new requirement for submitting holiday cards: if you don’t have an animal in your video, don’t bother. Preferred animals include foxes, cats and sloths. In denouement, Guy says, “The holidays are about reflection.” Have one sloth? You can use reflection to make it look like there are two sloths. We’re glad Guy brought this up: we have not seen enough reflection in holiday cards this year, so please take his advice and throw a bunch of mirrors into your holiday card next year. Or a bunch of sloths, either way.

Ignited will donate five cents to the American Red Cross for every view, up to $2,500. So, share this video with your friends and co-workers, and help Ignited raise some money for a good cause. It’s funny and it’s only about three minutes long, so you don’t really have any excuses. And please consult Guy’s handful of rules before making any holiday cards.