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DDB Budapest Launches Tweet-Based Friday the 13th Experiment

Seeing as it’s Friday, June 13 and all, DDB’s Hungarian branch has decided to get into the spirit of the most superstitious date of the year via Twitter. The agency has launched a simple, one-day project that aims to find out how your Friday the 13th is going simply by using the hashtag #lucky or #unlucky in your tweets. The main goal of the 24-hour effort is to find out if Friday the 13th is really deserving of all the negativity that’s been attached to it through the ages, and from the looks of it on the live “Friday the 13th: The Experiment” site, today is proving to be more auspicious than unlucky. Well, there’s still over 14 hours to go so we’ll see what happens when the end results are posted tomorrow. While our day’s been neither lucky nor unlucky thus far, we’re just saddened by the lack of a Jason Voorhees appearance in this project (though the Tupac one is, um, interesting).

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Yes, #Vegas is Handing Out Presidential Pardons Today

In honor of Presidents Day, the folks behind tourism are offering full presidential pardons for your long weekend debauchery. To get your Twitter-based absolution, just confess your sins and tweet #VegasPardon. Or if you just so happen to be at the Las Vegas airport today, you can get pardoned in person and start your shortened work week anew tomorrow.

Deutsch NY Launches ‘Mob City’ Script on Twitter for TNT ‘Adaptweetion’


Deutsch NY and TNT are using Mob City‘s Twitter handle, @MobCityTNT, to debut the screenplay of the series’ premiere, 140 characters at a time. This will make Mob City, “the first television screenplay ever to be adapted for, and published through, Twitter.” They’ve dubbed the process “adaptweetion.”

The first tweets of the Mob City screenplay were made on Monday, with new tweets appearing every 45 minutes between 10 AM and 7 PM (and later tonight). They’ve also taken advantage of Twitter Cards to inject photo and video footage into the stream. Those late to the game can also catch up by visiting the microsite for the script, where it is presented in chronological order. This all leads to the debut of Frank Darabont‘s three week television event this tonight at 9. Deutsch NY and TNT will make their last tweet tonight at 8:30, but they’re not giving everything away. To experience the final scene, you’ll have to turn in to TNT tonight at 9 and catch the episode. The cast and crew of the show — including @frankdarabont@miloventimiglia@simonpegg@edward_burns@jonnybernthal – also added their commentary to the feed to keep things interesting.

Tweeting (almost) the entire screenplay of a debut episode is a risky move, but it’s a good way to get people talking about the show before it even airs.“Today, fans are tweeting in real time with their favorite shows, and we wanted to stoke preshow chatter by providing fans with an experience that will invite them in before the show even airs,” explains Kerry Keenan, Deutsch NY’s chief creative officer.

Clearly, TNT is betting that the writing will suck you in and make you want to watch Mob City tonight. Leaving out the final scene is an obvious necessity, as some might wonder why they’d tune in to see a premiere when they know how it ends. I’m curious to see how this plays out, and what kind of effect this social campaign has on Mob City‘s ratings tonight, if any. Head on over to and @MobCityTNT, and let us know your thoughts on this campaign in the comments section. And tune in to TNT tonight at 9 for the show, if you’re interested. Credits after the jump. Read more

#StealBanksyNY Co-Conspirator Returns Yet Again, This Time with


Damjan Pita, the guy responsible for the Hashtag Generator and collaborator on the #StealBanksyNY project, has returned, along with cohorts Leif Abraham and Andronicus Riyono, with a new project called is based on a pretty simple idea; in its creators’ words: “We all want to promote our projects, our latest blog post or just ourselves on social media. helps people to help each other to achieve that, by simply retweeting each other’s tweets.” In other words, it’s a retweet exchange program. The more you retweet others, the more likely it is that your tweet will get retweeted. You can decide for yourself which tweets you do and don’t want to retweet and you’re not mandated to follow those you retweet. The big benefit, according to Pita, is “people that retweet you on are most likely people outside of your own follower base and with that brand new exposure you would not get otherwise.” So if you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a Twitter rut, you may want to give a try.

So how does it work? Just go to the site, sign in with Twitter, choose a tweet that you would like retweeted and a category that you tweet about the most. Then choose a tweet you like, and get retweeted in exchange. Suggested tweets will pop up with the options “Retweet” or “Not this one.” You can retweet as many of these as you’d like, the idea being that the more you retweet, the more likely you are to be retweeted. is one in a series of projects from Do Something Good, which its creators are referring to as an “incubation collective.” Give it a go, and tell us what you think about the service in the comments section.


Hill Holliday Could Put Your Tweet in a Dunkin’ Donuts Spot

Fans who tweet or post to Facebook about Dunkin’ Donuts may find themselves starring in Boston-based, IPG-owned Hill Holliday’s new campaign.

Winners selected from the best posts made using the #mydunkin hashtag will, in fact, already be appearing in a seven-spot web/TV campaign from Hill Holliday, cut by Whitehouse Post editor Adam Robinson and director Tyler Manson.

“Meg’s #mydunkin Iced Coffee” spot is a good example of the campaign. It follows a college student through a trek across campus, iced coffee in tow. She takes the iced coffee to her a capella practice as a voiceover reads her actual tweet: “Every a capella rehearsal needs a dd iced coffee to get me through.” It would take a lot more than an iced coffee to get me through an a capella rehearsal (think some kind of Hunter S. Thompson -inspired drug cocktail and you’ve got the idea), but to each his own.

People like being engaged in social media campaigns, and they love seeing themselves (or their tweets) on TV or the web even more. So, combining the two should work well for HH and Dunkin’ Donuts. There are more stories to tell and there’s one after the jump as well as credits.

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#StealBanksyNY Co-Conspirator Returns with More Hashtag Hijinks


And so, the hashtag-related adventures continue for Damjan Pita, the AKQA senior art director who recently co-created the #StealBanksyNY project that coincided with said artist’s month-long New York City outdoor takeover dubbed “Better Out Than In.” With Banksy’s residency now in the books, Pita, joined this time by West creative director/product experience Leif Abraham and web designer Roman Opalko, has turned his focus to the Hashtag Generator, which the parties involved describe as “the most stupid genius tool.” It’s good Pita and crew covered both the “stupid” and “genius” bases in the tagline as folks could perceive this as either or (or just “meh” as one of our own did).  Whatever you feel, it’s quick and easy to fiddle with as you just type a sentence and watch the # generator go to work and show you if the hashtag is in use, and on which social channels they appear. From what we’ve gathered, this is just one of several efforts that Pita & Co. refer to as an #awkwardhashtag project. Consider yourselves warned.

Windows Phone Tweets ‘Instant Costumes’ Courtesy of T3


It used to be that if you forgot a costume on Halloween you had to find and rob some guy with an eye patch or wrap yourself in toilet paper. Now, thanks to T3 and the Windows Phone, that won’t be entirely necessary.

T3, no stranger to Twitter campaigns for the Windows Phone, has unveiled a new “Halloween Reinvented” social campaign.

The idea is simple: go here and choose from a variety of “instant costumes” to download; then share your pics with the #HalloweenReinvented hashtag. Instant costumes include a vampire, pirate, creepy clown, mummy, and mustache dude. It’s a fun little idea that shows off a novel use of the Windows Phone. If you need another reason to get behind the instant costumes idea, know that @BrandWriter Brian Thompson, the man responsible for Passive Aggressive Notepads, is on the case. So go get your digital costume, share your pics on Twitter and in our comments section, if you feel so inclined. It will save you a lot of toilet paper. Happy Halloween everyone.

St. Louis, Boston Agencies Throw Down in World Series Bet

They take their baseball pretty seriously in St. Louis and Boston, and that includes at each city’s respective ad agencies. The ad agencies for each team –Boston based CTP and St. Louis based HLK — have thrown down for the Beards vs. Birds challenge, which includes some unique betting terms that you can read below.

1. The losing team donates to the winning team’s charity. CTP would donate to Cardinals Care a “non-profit foundation providing assistance to children’s agencies through efforts such as building baseball fields and supporting youth baseball teams,” while HLK would donate to Red Sox Scholars, a program providing “mentoring, enrichment activities and college scholarships to 220 Boston Public School students.”

2. The losing agency’s CEO will intern for a day at the winning agency. 

3. The losing agency serves the winning agency dinner. If the Red Sox lose, CTP will bring Harpoon ale, Fenway franks and clam chowder to HLK. If the Cardinals lose, HLK will bring Budweiser, toasted ravioli and pork steaks to CTP.

4. The losing agency will turn over their website and social media sites to the winning agency the day of the victory parade. The winning agency will also get to re-write the email signatures of the losing agency. Plus the losing agency’s receptionist must answer the phone, “Congratulations to the World Series Champion (Boston/St. Louis), you have reached (HLK/CTP).”

5. The losing agency will rename their softball team in honor of the winning team.

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Fiber One Turns Bad Tweets into Great Theater

Nobody wants to read your food tweets. If you’re on Diet of the Week, it’s best to keep the passive-aggressive self-loathing to yourself. However, if a brand were to recycle your bad tweets and make them into funny commercials, that might be worth our attention.

Fiber One, fresh off of the ridiculously catchy “Total Eclipse of Your Heart” spots from Saatchi & Saatchi, returns with a new and very creative “Snack Drama” campaign (still waiting to see if the agency’s involved with this one). Real tweets about diets are read aloud and then acted out in purposefully bad/awkward theater. For example, a dieting girl who doesn’t want to eat a friend’s cheesecake is seduced by a personified cheesecake man dressed in white tights (above). There’s also The Kale and I, about a girl who brings socially awkward kale chips to a party. The writing is solid for a campaign that could’ve easily hammed up the execution with corny jokes. Aside from negatively portraying healthy foods like kale, the only other critical aspect is that the videos lack the pulse of Fiber One’s previous campaign. Humor is good, but what exactly is Fiber One saying about their own brand? I don’t know, and that’s something for them to work on in the future.

The Kale and I and credits after the jump.

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Carmichael Lynch, Denver Museum of Science Warn, ‘Tweet, or the Plant Dies’

MythbustersCarmichael Lynch and the Denver Museum of Science are testing the myth that talking to a plant helps it to grow healthier and stronger to support Mythbusters: the Explosive Exhibition, and they need want your help.

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibtion, which runs from October 10th-January 6t, offers exciting ways for visitors to interact with the mythbusting process. “We wanted to extend that experience online for people who can’t get to the Museum in person, or who just can’t enough,” explained Marty Senn, executive creative director at Carmichael Lynch. To do so they’ve enlisted the help of an online audience to help debunk (or not debunk) the myth that talking to plants helps them grow healthier and stronger.

The Denver Museum of Science is asking people to help by going to and tweeting what you’d like to say to the plant. Tweet about whatever you want, from the government shutdown to the MLB playoffs to this incredibly depressing news about West Coast starfish. Custom tweet-to-speech technology developed by Carmichael Lynch will then read the tweet to one of the two plants in the experiment. The other plant just sits in silence, the control plant. Poor control plant.

Both plants run on 12-hour light cycles and are watered by an in-house technician, in case you’re worried about all that. Water showings occur every Wednesday over the lunch hour. You can tune in to the live stream over the next couple of months to see if the myth is busted. Will the myth be debunked? Tell us what you think in the comments section. Credits after the jump. Read more