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MadMen, The Musical

And Now, Your Wednesday ‘Mad Men’ Rickroll…of Sorts

It took over five years, but the internet meme known as “Rickrolling” has finally breached the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce–well, in a sense. We’re not sure how long this clip took to piece together, but this nifty rendition of Rick Astley‘s timeless 1987 hit  “Never Gonna Give You Up” starring the cast of Mad Men brought a little smile to our faces on this dreary, dazed Wednesday. According to the YouTube page, the video was made for Richard Sandling’s Perfect Movie, a monthly stand-up comedy show about films at The Leicester Square Theare, London. Makes perfect sense now.

(via Gothamist)


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Let’s All Tag the ‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Poster

By now, you’ve probably seen the minimalist posters advertising the March 25 return of AMC’s Mad Men. Featuring only the season 5 premiere date and an image of the “falling man” from the series’ opening credit sequence, all that white space is providing an impromptu canvas for the Sharpie-toting commuters of the New York subway system.

Now, aside from some controversial comparisons to the infamous 9/11 “Falling Man” photo, the ad is no doubt upsetting whoever is in charge of making the subway graffiti-free. Some of the more artistic interpretations of the poster are being erased, stifling the creativity of many seeking an outlet for their ingenuity. Luckily, Gothamist is providing a blank canvas for those skilled in the way of Photoshop, asking that any additional tweaks be sent to and adding,  “if they don’t suck we might run a few here.”

Have at it, art directors and graphic designers among you, and show us that you don’t suck.

Meet Don Draper, the Actual Mastermind of Timeline

This landed in our tips box just a few minutes ago and it’s now already all over the Twitterverse, but yes, here’s Facebook’s newest feature Timeline as interpreted by Don Draper and the world of Mad Men. Draper’s steely, slick slideshow presentation coupled with the music makes for quite the dramatic promotion in what has to be one of the most clever video mashups we’ve seen in a while.

While this brief clip may be enjoyable for the moment, many brands out there may not be doing backflips in the near future as there are reports out now which say that the actual Timeline could spell bad news–though the objective of it seems to be to let brands become more social.

Update: Embed disable on the original YouTube link killed this original post from yesterday afternoon, sorry. Here we go again if you haven’t seen yet, which we doubt.

The Creative Circus Continues Quest to Entice a Don Draper Speech

It’s been a good nine months since Creative Circus first proposed the idea of receiving a graduation ceremony speech from Mad Men star Jon Hamm. After going through Facebook, posting a video of guitar-wielding creative types, etc., it looks like CC might have finally broken some ground as the folks there tell us that they’re now in talks with AMC to get Don Draper himself to preach. Here’s a video above that may be their last-ditch effort to lure the seemingly nice actor and/or fictional ad exec. Good luck, gang.

Jon Hamm is More Sensitive Than You

Everyone’s favorite actor who plays a suave 1960s ad man has yet another Tumblr page dedicated to his awesomeness, this one called “Notes from Jon Hamm.”

On this page, his Hammness reminds you that he is better than you in every way. How? By exhibiting his mastery over wearing clothes from the Gap, his expertise at pleasuring women and his distaste at everything you do. Remember, according to this, Jon Hamm (and probably Don Draper) thinks, “Sleep is for uncreative people and housewives. I don’t have the time. I pour myself a drink. Disappear on an empty couch. And the world goes silent.”

If anything, this is something to give to your creative director when you think his or her ego is getting out of line. No matter what, they will never be Jon Hamm.

…If the Agency World Was Ruled by Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce

It’s a Mad Men world in Frederik Samuel‘s eyes as the art director/digital designer has come up with a pretty nifty idea, that being to convert well-known agency logos to nothing but the AMC show’s Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce. Sure, there are plenty of misspellings of “Pryce,” but at least Samuel & Co. are allowing you to take part in the effort and put your design skills to the test. Hey, at least it’s some sort of consolation while you sit, twiddle thumbs and wait for Mad Men to return to TV next year.

‘Mad Men’ Creator’s High-Paid Deal on Brink of Collapse

Following the news that AMC drama Mad Men would be pushing its season 5 premiere to around the end of 2011, inside sources from the network are reporting to Deadline that series creator, show-runner, executive producer and head writer Matthew Weiner is in jeopardy of losing his unprecedented $30 million two-year deal with the cable channel.

Though most credit critically-acclaimed shows Mad Men and Breaking Bad for saving AMC by garnering a loyal viewership for a channel that generally broadcasts crappy movies that no one likes, the show’s high-production costs and Weiner’s huge salary aren’t quite worth an average of 2.9 million weekly viewers. To put that number in perspective, FOX’s crime drama Bones pulls in roughly 10 million weekly viewers. I only compare the two because I was surprised to find out Bones was still airing new episodes.

The inside sources say that AMC is asking Weiner to save money by adding product placement into the series, cutting two major cast members and cutting two minutes from each episode to allow for more advertising. Personally, I could stand to see Harry Crane and Ken…Cosgrove!…accounts hit the ol’ dusty trail, but I’d be happier seeing AMC release a statement formally apologizing for Rubicon and The Walking Dead (editor’s note: I love The Walking Dead). Perhaps we’ll never know if (spoilers!) Don turns into Roger Sterling after marrying his secretary, if Sally ever beats up Betty and runs away with Glen, what the sexually-tense future holds for new pantyhose team Peggy and Pete or if Joan ever kills her rape-y, horrible husband.

Update: AMC addressed the matter in an official statement saying, “AMC has officially authorized production of season 5 of Mad Men, triggering our option with Lionsgate. While we are getting a later start than in years past due to ongoing, key non-cast negotiations, Mad Men will be back for a fifth season in early 2012.” Early 2012, you say? We’ll believe it when we see it.

Creative Circus Really Wants Don Draper (Jon Hamm) to Speak at Graduation

They might be better served getting Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner to speak, but yeah, we see why Jon Hamm, or as he’s better known, Don Draper, to show up as commencement speaker at the Creative Circus’s graduation ceremony. The young’uns have decided to hit up Facebook and reel in creative directors to talk up the biz in order to get Hamm to speak (probably in character) at the event.  Here’s one example from Baldwin& “lead guitarist”  David Baldwin. So Don-ahem, Jon-you in for the Grad Men gig? Check out more on this effort here.

Don Draper: The Epic “What” Compilation

For those missing Mad Men, enjoy this nice compilation of one of the Don Draper”s most signature, simplistic phrases. The fictional ad man’s exasperated, succinct delivery time and time again offers an enjoyable, albeit brief break from the doldrums of a slow-ish news day–though it sure as hell doesn’t top the David Caruso one-liner montage from a few years back.

via Adverblog

‘Mad Men’ Theme Song Gets Sexy Vocal Upgrade

Nothing like a musical interlude to break the monotony of the work day. By now, most of you know the Mad Man theme song “A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2, but what if there was a vocal twist to it? Well, look no further than the clip above, where the lovely Allison Williams sings the lyrics to “Nature Boy” (made famous by Nat King Cole). We’re very picky when it comes to our mash-ups but the words and voice almost fit perfectly with RJD2′s original track in our humble opinion. According to the YouTube page, this video “was filmed in one take (this one, specifically, happened to be take 29 of the day)…no cuts, dubbing, lip-syncing or auto-tuning.”

(via @shoemakermike)

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