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Dove Celebrates Fathers with ‘Calls for Dad’

Released this Monday in anticipation for father’s day, Dove’s new digital spot for their Men+Care line, entitled “Calls for Dad” celebrates all that father’s do in an attempt to backlash outdated ideas of fathers as hands-off parents.

Adweek reports that Dove “hired Edelman Berland to interview 1,000 fathers ages 25-54″ as research for the campaign. “Three-quarters of dads say they are responsible for their child’s emotional well-being,” said Rob Candelino, marketing vice president and general manager, Unilever’s skin care. “But only 20 percent see that in media.”

The spot aims to strike an emotional chord with fathers everywhere, as children of various ages in various situations call for dad. “For all the times they’ve answered our call…isn’t it time we celebrate dads?” the spot asks, undoubtedly leading to a few choked up fathers. Adweek reports that “Mindshare and Davie Brown Entertainment are the media buying and creative agencies, respectively, behind the initiative,” which has scored over 500,000 views on YouTube since its debut yesterday. We’ve reached out for credits and will update if/when we receive them. Read more

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Weaver, Mindshare Part Ways

joeweaverWe’re getting some more context/background on the matter, but it does appear that after spending the last two-and-a-half years as global managing director of the Mindshare Trading Desk, Joe Weaver has resigned from the WPP/GroupM agency. During his time running the MTD and its technology/analytics teams out of NYC, the self-proclaimed “digital Yoda” developed private marketing programs and solutions for Fortune 100/200 clients including Unilever, Kimberly-Clark and CVS.

From what we’re hearing, Weaver has left Mindshare to assume a newly created role at eight-year-old, Emeryville, CA-based video platform, TubeMogul. No confirmation on this as of yet, but we’re checking. Anyhow, prior to Mindshare, Weaver helped launch the digital arm of Media Storm back in 2005 and subsequently spent nearly five years at the company serving as director/digital. Following his Media Storm stint, Weaver held the global group director/digital position for 18 months at Omnicom proper, where he worked with various luxury and financial clients as well as on new business efforts.

Sorokin, Epstein Resign from Mindshare

We’ve been told that this was purely coincidental seeing as they served in fairly different roles, but a spokesperson for Mindshare has confirmed that both Scott Sorokin and Michael Epstein have resigned from the agency. Sorokin joined the WPP/GroupM agency four years ago in the newly created role of global digital leader, which initially called for him to handle all things digital for Unilever.

Along with his work for the corporate giant, though, Sorokin (pictured) was responsible for Mindshare’s digital strategy, digital staff, organic/new biz growth and tech development. No word yet on where he’s headed to next, but prior to Mindshare, Sorokin spent a couple of years as president of Aegis Media/Carat and has also worked as global account director on Intel while at McCann/MRM. From what the agency tells us, there are plans to replace Sorokin, but in the meantime, his responsibilities will be handled by GroupM Interaction USA COO John Montgomery as well as Mindshare’s London-based global digital leader, Norm Johnston.

As for Epstein, the exec most recently served as president/strategic resource & client services at Mindshare, where he spent well over 12 years in various planning roles. We’ve been told that both execs parted ways amicably.

Did a Mindshare Press Release Spawn a ‘PR Ethics Battle?’

So, to help fuel your Friday as we watch the clock incessantly in anticipation of the weekend, let’s bring you this interesting tip that came to us overnight. Perhaps someone at OMD might be a little peeved, see below verbatim.


“Seems like a run of the mill story about a ranking has become an PR ethics battle.

Take a look at this release from Mindshare —  hey, we all like spin, but this headline crosses the line between spin and BS.  Mindshare broke the Gunn embargo, putting this out on Wednesday to try and put their spin on it. So far the response from legit media has been underwhelming.

3/2/12 7:11 AM
Mindshare wins creativity battle in Gunn Report for Media 2011 results @GroupMWorldwide

Gee, this is gonna be a surprise to the folks at Gunn  who put out a very different story yesterday.

Not surprisingly, the release  is just on their website – they would never have gotten this past PR Newswire.

And for the record not only is the headline wrong but the math is too –   here are the numbers from released this week and Feb 2010.


1 OMD | 176 points
2 Mindshare | 161 points
3 Starcom | 142 points
4 MediaCom | 87 points
5 Ogilvy & Mather | 83 points


1.OMD/155 pts
2. MindShare/131 pts
3. BBDO/131 pts
4. Leo Burnett/91 pts
5.Mediacom/89 pts

Mindshare wins creativity battle in Gunn Report for Media 2011 results
2 March, 2012

Mindshare, the global media network, has seen its Gunn Report for Media ‘media creativity index’ rise by 46% over the past three reports ( covering 2007 – present and released in April 2008, February 2010 and February 2012), scoring 161 in the 2011 results, with OMD’s ‘creativity index’ falling by 25% over the same period.

Mindshare is now the fastest growing of the two big agencies at the top of the report in terms of media creativity.

In addition to Mindshare’s impressive creative showing, WPP also had a strong result with GroupM topping the Holding Company of the Year tables with 513 points, ahead of Omnicom Media Group and Publicis Groupe Media.”

Denizen Returns with Another Product Integration Suit


We knew this name sounded familiar. Just over two months ago, we reported on an NBC/Bing promo that resulted in a lawsuit brought by Delaware-based agency Denizen against JWT and parent WPP.

Well, Denizen apparently isn’t finished with its legal onslaught against WPP as it’s now suing the latter’s subsidiary media agency MindShare on the same basis that Denizen’s program-integrated advertising concepts were stolen. According to the blog THR, Esq., the new suit concerns the integration of Vaseline ads into a Lifetime series called Maneater (draw your own conclusions).

Like the JWT spat, though, Denizen isn’t specifically suing MindShare for patent infringement, but for misappropriating trade secrets, breaching a contract and misrepresenting after the defendant brokered an agreement between Unilever and Lifetime for the integration. You can read the actual complaint here.

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MindShare’s Reverse Mentoring Program


At a little media agency called Mindshare, an interesting program has been put in place to bring the whole shop up to snuff regarding the inter Webs. We call it reverse mentoring, but it’s officially termed Digital Minds &#151 an initiative seeking to get senior leaders within the agency up-to-date in the online game.

So, WTF Does That Entail?
Glad you asked. Since the agency didn’t get back to us on this, we had to do some digging (note: we think it’s kinda ridic that we didn’t get a call back on this, especially since our only intention was to point out this cool thing they’re doing. But whatever &#151 PR is not equal to advertising).

Says our source, “The goal is two-fold: first, to educate senior leaders about key segments within the online space (social networking, gaming, e-commerce, blogs, search tools &#151 think RSS aggregators, etc); second, to challenge senior leaders to “think digitally.”

How to: Think Digitally
“[A]pproaching and using (not only the internet, but) computers with a digital ethos,” says spy. “There is a large quota of senior leadership throughout our industry struggling to fully understand/nurture the digital space.”

No doubt &#151 it was tots awk when my mom Facebooked me, then Tweeted me, within one week.

“Since digital is such a large part of today’s conversation (not only advertising/marketing, but consumer lifestyles in general), nobody can afford to be lackluster in their digital knowledge. As part of Mindshare’s restructuring, senior leaders whose careers have largely been spent as experts of traditional media are no longer granted ‘freebie’ passes on not being experts on things like social networking, online gaming, and e-commerce.”

The Frigging Point:
Our source said it all, “experts of traditional media are no longer granted ‘freebie’ passes on not being experts on things like social networking, online gaming, and e-commerce.”

Yeah, I know it’s hard to take, but this is really important &#151 and something I talk about with seasoned ad folk all the time. It’s about time the true social media experts (get ready to get mad) were given the time of day. It’d be pretty hard to make the argument that anyone over the age of, say, 30 could really be an expert in social media. I don’t mean the people who do it for a living, either. I’m talking about the generation that used social media purely for fun, back before it became part of the marketing vernacular, when it was just this thing you could do online. The ground floor users who played with tools like MySpace and Facebook and AOL’s Instant Messenger and chat rooms &#151 those who had the social desire to interact online for no other reason that social drive.

I talk with seasoned folks about this because they feel left out, and it’s notable that MindShare is investing time into helping the wizened within the shop &#151 the benefits are endless.

Source: “Simply put, the convergence of the way Mindshare approaches media creates an environment where all employees are expected to have a holistic knowledge of media communications.” And that’s important, too &#151 we all have to hustle.

Want to know more &#151 like who’s involved and what’s being taught? Click continued.

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Scott Neslund Out at Mindshare


We’re told that Mindshare CEO Scott Neslund was either fired or let go. Yesterday was his last day. We’re working on the details, but staff were just made aware this morning. Emails are set to you go out in 2 minutes. A press release is to follow.

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Breaking: Ernie Simon Is Leaving Mindshare


Ernie Simon is getting ready to jump a pay grade and not within his agency, Mindshare. Simon is moving to OMD where he will be named the Chief Strategy Officer. According to the agency, Simon will begin in April.

“As OMD evolves its product and services to meet the needs of a difficult economy and complicated media landscape, it has become apparent that this new role is an essential addition to our outstanding management team,” said Alan Cohen, U.S. CEO, OMD.

Simon has been with Mindshare since it’s founding in 1999. He made the leap to what Mindshare calls, Office of the President, in 2005 when he was named President of Strategic Planning. Simon replaced Ray Simko who took early retirement from the WPP owned agency and was involved in the trial of the infamous Shona Seifert who was found guilty of falsifying time sheets on the White House’s anti-drug media campaign run by the federal Office of National Drug Control Policy. Simko was eventually brought up on related charges, and pleaded guilty before the trial was over. Beejesus. Those were the days.

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Mindshare Loses HSBC, Layoffs Possible Plus More Bad News


At a recent town hall meeting, Mindshare CEO Scott Neslund gave the grim news to the media company’s staffers.

There won’t be any raises or promotions until 2010 &#151 though the company had suspended each of those perks as of last summer. Our source tells us Neslund alluded to the possibility of more layoffs, but didn’t say when.

We’re told this news came on the heels of HSBC’s departure from the media company &#151 though we can’t say whether to events are mutually exclusive.

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Mindshare Paris Rick Rolls Itself

Why do agencies make these things? If you guys just want together and make a video for fun, like awesome. Do your thing. However, why tag your agency name to something that makes you look out of date and down right strange? This latest entry into the misguided in-house promo collection comes from Mindshare Paris.

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