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The Spies

FreshDirect’s 4-Minute Meals in a Vending Machine


Here’s a random find that caught our attention today. A friend sent us these images from his New York office. The image you see is a vending machine that contains FreshDirect 4-minute meals &#151 something that’s new to us, and new to the building it’s residing in, we’re told. Who knows, maybe this kind of thing has been around for awhile, but to us it’s marketing genius.

Who has time to run out for lunch these days? FreshDirect solves that problem and helps hungry office-folk eat well with the vending machine. Inside are the grocer’s well-known 4-minute meals, ready to pop into the microwave.

Normally, one would buy these little packaged meals online, but presumably FreshDirect wanted to enter the market another way. Forgot to bring lunch today? Don’t worry, we’ll bring the grocery store to you.

As a FreshDirect customer, we’re really pleased with this company. Their prices are comparable or cheaper than the market around the corner and best of all delivery is just a few dollars and always on time. Kudos to whoever thought of this. Now, if we could only get one here in the MB office…

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What’s in a Logo?

SM Arrows F.jpg
(Which way are the arrows pointing?)

Subliminal messaging is our favorite kind of communication. There’s nothing like seeing a beer and thinking about two girls wrestling in a fountain. Is that subliminal?

We’ve done some combing and found a few logos that seem to say more than they let on. OK, so the first is a bit obvi. But you’ll have to look closely at numbers two and three to see what we mean. Click continued to check out our picks.

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Reader Vitriol: “Did Your Panties Get A Little Wet?”


So we got some reader vitriol today by way of a comment on our Honeyshed competition page.

People send us nasty hate mail all the time. It totally sucks, but we expect it. When you’re out there with the gossip and the editorial and the comments section, well, you’re gonna get some feedback.

Usually, people save it for our email inboxes, but the comment below is so misinformed and just um, vile, (why are we talking about my panties?) we had to share. Clearly, the poster never read any of the blog posts where we trashed poor ol’ Honeyshed. That’s the point of the competition numb nuts.

What’s interesting to us is that this guy actually thinks that shops call us! Sure, we get press releases and sometimes, PR directors will holla back to an email, but hey Matt – how many times has GSD&M hung up on you? Oh shit. How many times has Droga5, Crispin, et al. ignored our emails? Please.

Look if you’re going to send us hate mail, at least, for gawd’s sake, be accurate and check what we wrote, yeah? Also, make sure that you recognize that Hot Ad Wo(Man), Boutique Call, No Wukkas, interviews, minority/women coverage, all that shit? We source and write that content to recognize creatives and agencies that don’t get a lot of love from the ad journos. Ain’t no press release, babe. We do it, because we love advertising and we know how hard it is to get ahead.

Ya fuckin’ asshat. Whew. Okay.

You can see the whole post after the jump.

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Tips On Talking To Agency Spy


Matt and I are around. If you want to talk to us, we’re happy to oblige. This way you don’t have to leave questions to us via the tip box, which does NOT give us your email address. That means, we cannot respond to questions or comments (ex. Why did you write this? Or, you should know that…) and generally, we really want to respond. Even if you call us “star fuckers” as someone just did or my favorite from last week, “dick weeds.” It’s cool. I’m still open to dialogue.

Instant message: Matt is at agencyspy . Super Spy is at superspyin.
Or, you can email us: agencyspy at gmail dot com

P.S. We wouldn’t keep explaining this if people were not still confused about how to get in touch.

An Agency Spy PSA: The McCain And Obama Dance-Off

From your friendly neighborhood Agency Spy, we bring you this PSA: Make sure you vote next week! Word.

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Super Spy Is Out In The Cold


The economy is officially in a full fledged, can’t be denied, brain draining recession. And, this week, I’ve been trying to hold my shit down. You see, I’ve been laid off. Just like hundreds of other people in this industry, the axe has fallen on little ol’ me.

Why do you think I wrote the 10 signs you’re about to get laid off post? Ah. Bah. Humbug.

So, as I scramble around (arms flailing, heart racing), bear with me. I shall try not to let the adventures of drinks, headhunters, more drinks and interviews get in the way of my duties here at Agency Spy. Promise.

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Talk To Me, Dance With Me, In The Spotlight

Hit play on the video. You’re going to want a little music for this announcement. You’re going to need a little Hot Hot Heat for this one. It’s a big moment.

Okay, so, listen up. It’s going to be a great Friday! Why you ask? Because you no longer need to register for comments on Agency Spy! I shit you not. Check it out below.

So, yeah, PLEASE FUCKING GAWD comment away. We’ve missed you, like so much.

x Super Spy

Gratuity, Tips, Money in the Bank and Comments


So I spent last night meandering around the AgencySpy party, talking to addies, meeting all of you who have made this site what it is. How cool is that? Some might even say, “boss” but it’s not 19xx &#151 or whenever that term was cool. But last night was.

Major props to everyone that made it out, since it takes a certain amount of risk to be seen among the ranks of the AgencySpy folk. Even SuperSpy was there (sorta). She’s a master of sneakery, so don’t think you even had a chance of spotting her.

All night I tried to get people to put tips in our web 0.0 tips box. It was cardboard, and I guess people had issues with writing secrets in public, cuz we mostly got nil. But have no fear, there’s always the web 1.5 tips box, conveniently placed on the right side of the page.

As for comments, the problem is nearly fixed (we’re assured). Before long you’ll be back to knocking the teeth out of a myriad subjects. It might feel strange at first, to dive back into the world of commenting, but we know you’re chomping at the bit to share your thoughts with us. In the meantime, keep sending us your tips, or just drop a line. Matt@mediabistro dot com & superspyin@gmail dot com. Peas.

Agency Spy’s Personal Problems


The latest on the comments system, due to your kind notes, is that Jupiter Media called Disqus to find out why our shit is so tore up from the floor up. It turns out that Jupiter had a problem in the code. They are now fixing this. Hoorah!

Us Spies are gunning for the site to make the easy upgrade to Movable Type 4.2, rather than languishing and messing around with Disqus. It just makes more sense and takes about a half hour.

So, I ask that you continue to use the tip box and let us know what you think of our comments system. Love it? Hate it? I’ll keep sending them to Jupiter and hopefully, your emails will have them upgrading our system and kicking Disqus’ cumbersome ass to the curb.

- xo Super Spy

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We’re Assholes? Sort Of.


Update: Thank you! Keep them coming! Puhleeze. Seriously. Please.


We got this bit of love from the tips box a second ago. For the record, comments are allowed on ALL Agency Spy posts. That will never change. That said, we do have a bit of the asshole in us. Our comments system sucks. Hands down. As much as we spies have begged, Jupiter Media has yet to take our complaints, as well as our suggestions (like upgrading to Movable Type 4.2, which host comments) seriously.

And so, we turn to you. Use the tip box! That works perfectly. Do you have trouble leaving comments? Do comments disappear on you? Are you frustrated with the commenting system? Do comments matter to you? Do they effect how you enjoy this blog? Or, possibly, do you love the comments system?

All comments will be collected and forwarded to the big bois at Jupiter. If us spies can’t get them to handle this commenting problem, then we ask you to help us out. Your voice is louder than ours.

- The Spies