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Archives: April 2008

Aegis stock skyrockets — Yo Vince — listen to the board….

Aegis shares have risen 4% today on the LSE after it issued a trading update showing its revenues have grown by 24% year on year.


Aegis’ Board has a message for Vincent Bollore

The performance was helped by acquisitions and the weakness of the pound, but Aegis, headed by chief executive Robert Lerwill, still demonstrated strong organic growth at 8.3%.

Its share price rose 4.3% to 122p, giving the group a market capitalization of £1.41bn (about $2.8 billion USD.)

All of this is not going to be good news for “Vinny” — Vincent Bollore for those not in the know — as he continues to make fruitless efforts to stack the Aegis board.

It is believed Vince is planning to combine Aegis Media with Havas media agency MPG if the takeover ever materializes. The aegis board keeps giving him the smackdown — expected to be for the fifth time in a row at the next board meeting.

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Tonight’s The Night, The Niiiiight


That’s right kiddos. Tonight is the Andy’s and yes, I will be in attendance. No, I will not be blogging, but I will be gaping and doing my whole gadfly routine wherever possible.

The event is being held at the notable downtown super studio (pictured above), Skylight at 275 Hudson Street NY 10013. Right now, the Addy’s event staff is probably plugging away to turn this raw space into an advertising playland. Whee!

Award Schmards. This is where like, actual cool people hold their events such as The CFDA, The Whitney, Dom Perignon, Adobe, etc. The location, the free booze, the food… looking forward to it! Will I see you there?

Breaking up with the ex is sometimes the wrong thing to do…


Levi Strauss & Co (home of generic, but comfortable, jeans and khakis — the excitement of DOCKERS!!!) is due to transfer its media and creative business back to BBDO Korea in June, ending an 18-month sentence with TBWA.

The pitch also included Lee DDB. While the reason for the review has not been confirmed, Levi’s’ brand leader in Korea So Hee Kim commented that the Omnicom agency had demonstrated a sound understanding of the fashion industry and of the brand’s target consumer group (what else did you expect him to say?)

BBDO held Levi’s Korean account for four years before the brand appointed TBWA as its agency of record.

Because Ad People Are Addicted To Twitter


Ad folk are addicted to Twitter. Me? I prefer to just use it when there’s something really big about to pop off, but otherwise, I prefer to stay on the down low and read other people’s Tweets.

That’s why I’m psyched about my fav new time waster! PSFK points us to Twistori, a new social/art experiment by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs “that distills the thoughts, feelings, and hopes expressed in twitters around the world, running them in an ongoing ticker on”

Fascinating stuff. Go play.

DraftFCB: Ideas Are Moving

Draft Italy is moving to a new office and so, they posted this little video to announce the news.

Yes, yes.. ideas are moving. In big, square, clunky brown boxes, which staffers can’t see out of. That sounds about right for Draft, no?

R/GA Is Driving At Full Tilt


Gawd bless R/GA. While other bigwigs are sucking their thumbs and whining, Bob Greenberg is talking action paction baby. Brian Morrissey over at Adweek reports that the shop has expanded its emerging media practice to focus on mobile applications that play on social media with their newly named Mobile and Emerging Platforms Group.

Someone had to do it and it looks at those R/GA is going to be the leader in what is arguably, one of the hottest tracks out there – mobility.

Mobile is a serious focus for R/GA, CEO Bob Greenberg said, since the launch of the iPhone points to the medium leaping ahead in terms of functionality. Eventually, it will be “bigger than the Web,” he believes.

We loved R/GA’s campaign for Nike Plus, which allowed runners to record their mileage and then, upload it on a social networking site. This concept provides a service to the consumer, which is now an important and extremely valuable concept for any brand to decode. Nike is making the consumer’s life easier, while further weaseling their way into their lives rather than just peddling sneakers with some nice footage. And through mobility? And social networks? How many trends are we going to nail here?

Nice work. Nice work.

Bring The Revolution. Bring The Noise.

While you were working your ass off to meet those deadlines while desperately trying to fend off an irate brand manager, your bosses were at the 4A’s Conference trying to get over themselves. From Stuart Elliott’s New York Times piece today:

“speakers at an advertising conference urged the industry to stop wallowing in self-pity and get on with the challenges ahead.”


“Stop whining,” Mr. Clow told the estimated 380 attendees. The new realities “shouldn’t be scary,” he said, because they offer “a huge opportunity for us” to become far more useful to marketer clients as they seek more effective ways to sell products.

Okay. Like, seriously… how many ad staffers do you know who have a brilliant idea for the company or a client. They pitch it in one of those long ass meetings where the same ideas rattle round, round the cage while everyone stares at half eaten sandwiches and sips from lukewarm cans of Coke. The idea flashes into the room like a bolt of heat lightning. Co-workers sit up a bit, wipe their blurry eyes and stop text beneath the table. People, actually begin to pitch in an build on the concept be it creating content strictly for the P2P networks (let’s call that the new P2P viral) or figuring out how to get some IP dollars from the latest campaign for brand XYZ. And then… what happens? The boss, the big deal “I-make-200,ooo-plus-a-year-but-I’m-tired-beat-up-and-run-on-fear” boss shakes his head. He looks at the floor. He considers his words and says, “What Bittorrent?” or “I don’t think we can change the nature of the relationship with brand XYZ at this point in the game.”

Sigh. So many folks inside agencies are sitting on their genius and tucking it back between their legs. You can only get shot down so many times before you just take the paycheck and shut the hell up.

The revolutionary change you these big bois are looking for is right beneath their Mont Blanc pens.

That’s it. Revolution! What do you think? Hmm… I think I have an idea. More to come…

The Oglivy, GroupM Entertainment Mash-Up


Irwin, big balls, Gottlieb said at the 4A’s Conference yesterday that:
<blockquote."In order to achieve any kind of success, we — meaning media agencies and creative agencies — are going to have to cooperate and collaborate in a very different way than we have in the past."

Well, here is the future. It’s knocking down your door. Today, Ogilvy North America and GroupM Entertainment announced a venture that is 100% collaboration create and distribute brand-funded entertainment content on behalf of shared clients. Doug Scott, President of OgilvyEntertainment will work with representatives from both GroupM Entertainment and Ogilvy operating units who are focused on brand-funded entertainment content.

Y&R Hobbles Into The Green


“Has The Power To Change Life On Earth As We Know It!”

That’s the tagline for the Y&R created superhero called, The Green Man. The site, nay the one page web page, features a carbon calculator, as well as a closer look at the presidential candidate’s green stances. Oh! And let us not forget the annoying Green Man who is wearing Birkenstocks and clothes that don’t fit and is generally, one of the most unlikable super heroes ever created. Staffers also got email signatures to place at the bottom of outgoing messages (see below).

Who is this site for? Is this so Y&R can tell its clients that is involved in the “greening” of the earth? L.A.M.E.

That said, can someone please find out why, why, the agency thought that shifting the responsibility of sustainability to a “super hero” figure, rather than making it a real world issue was a good idea – I’d be very much obliged.

OMD bags another one…


So much for earlier (incorrect, lying bastard) reports — OMD didn’t even pitch the business due to client conflict.

Your true winners:

WPP Group’s MindShare, which adds U.S. duties, and Omnicom Group’s M2M, which retains the business non-U.S. territories

Disregard everything below here….

Omnicom media network OMD is kicking some major ass this week as Estée Lauder has consolidating its US$400 million global media planning and buying account into the agency after a marathon eight-month review.


OMD fought off competition from a field believed to include the usual global suspects of GroupM, MPG and Starcom to take on a consolidated account worth US$75 million in Asia Pacific alone.

The focus will be on three “driver” markets: China, Korea and Japan. Estée’s biggest brand in Asia is Clinique, but Aramis, Origins and the eponymous brand will also receive media support this year.

This after OMD latched onto the $300m Intel account earlier this week — John Wren’s panties are probably a bit moist at the moment.