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Archives: January 2009

It’s Not a Snuggie, it’s a WTF Blanket!

The Snuggie commercial, remixed to say all the things you’re thinking.

Via FishbowlLA

Death of Cable: Microsoft Sells off Comcast Shares

Mediabistro Course

Copywriting: Creative Ad Writing

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Judge The Super Bowl Ads


The Denver Ad Club created a series of calls you can use to judge this Sunday’s ads. They’re pretty hilarious. The club is comprised of, you guessed it, local advertisers. There’s even some dudes from CP+B &#151 which isn’t local. But whatever, Colorado is Colorado. Click here to see more.

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Friday Odds And Ends

A message from kwest on Vimeo

- “That’s it. Kanye West officially lost it.” Check the video above. (link)

- Study: More Teens Are Gamers Than Social Networkers (link)

- Cuts coming next week at The Wall Street Journal. (link)

- NYC woman denied job as bikini-clad barmaid sues. (link)

- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan, gives his 10 rules for surviving an unpredictable world with dignity.” (link)

- Pic: Our glorious gaming future? (link)

- 100 corporations that will survive 100 years. (link)

- The internet is total shit. (link)

- Saatchi & Saatchi has taken a satirical look at the early career path of one of its senior members of staff in order to promote its summer scholarships. (link)

- “Agency of Record” is a webseries detailing the inner workings of a the fictional Ad Agency “WTF Worldwide”. (link)

- Following a four-month competitive review, MMG Worldwide has been awarded a three-year advertising agency of record contract with The Barbados. (link)

- Study from Pew: Over half of the adult internet population is between 18 and 44 years old. But larger percentages of older generations are online now than in the past, and they are doing more activities online, according to surveys taken from 2006-2008. (link)

- Nollywood Babylon: The rise of the Nigerian film industry (link)

- $700B bailout impact tough to assess, auditors say. (link)

- 80% of Amazon deforestation stems from cattle ranching. (link)

You Be The Judge: BBDO’s GE Superbowl Spot

From the GE blog: “For any advertiser, being on the Super Bowl raises the creative bar significantly, as the largest television viewing audience of the year stays glued to their sets throughout commercial breaks. With “Scarecrow” we have a positive, optimistic, and engaging spot, that we think is Super Bowl worthy.” Is it worth $3M?

Jimmy Smith, the CD at TBWA & the Man Behind G Explains

The “G” broadcast spot is still being talked about. At least, within the ad industry anyway. Jimmy Smith, a creative director of the TBWA/Chiat/Day group behind the “G” campaign explains his reasons for never mentioning the brand and instead, going for mystery. He’s a bit of a ramble, but he gets his point across. So after all this – has Jimmy swayed you? Do you love or hate the “What’s G” campaign?

Layoffs and the Twitter Feed

Many of you have e-mailed asking why we haven’t posted layoff news about, for example, Leo Burnett. There are countless others that are suffering right now and rather than plaster the site with that news we created a Twitter feed, AdAgencyLayoffs, and that’s where we post the tips we get. We mentioned this awhile back when we first made it, so this is a reminder.

To follow, click here.

Some of you have called it “the most depressing Twitter feed, ever.” Not gonna lie, it might be. But when things turn around, the plan is to convert it to something positive &#151 like adagencyhirings or something. So, there’s hope.

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The Super Bowl Tweet Aggregator


Planning on tweeting your random thoughts during the Super Bowl? So are we! For this special occasion, AgencySpy, Adrants, AdFreak and AdLand have agreed to use the hashtag #sbads09. Use this tag, and your tweets will pop up on AgencySpy &#151 we’re using some fancy-schmancy technology to get your updates on the site.

The conversation will appear on the main page, much like a live blog. We’ll be following the ads (and the game) from our Super Bowl HQ here in Manhattan, so feel free to join us. We apologize in advance for being such dorks.

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The Super Bowl, Baby


The biggest day in advertising will be upon us in 51 hours. Bet you’re wondering if there’s a list somewhere of which advertisers are playing ball and where their work will show up. The New York Times did all the hard work of figuring that out, and even created a handy little chart! Click here to see the who and when &#151 it’s laid out by quarter.

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Love And Communication From Publicis

This short film above, from Publicis Mojo and Radical Media, had me depressed for the first few minutes. The protagonist is a beaten down man in the gray suit type. He goes into his office with its gray cubes, prints out massive reams of data and eats his lunch on the office deck while staring at a beautiful woman he doesn’t have the time or chutzpah to ever get with. Seriously. I thought we were following an ad man until they make it clear that the guy is in finance.

Really though… the film is all about communication. It’s a simple love story. It follows Freytag’s pyramid to a “T”. It’s predictable, but cute. Thankfully, it’s a more subtle promotion for the two agencies than all of us are used to seeing on YouTube.

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Mindshare Paris Rick Rolls Itself

Why do agencies make these things? If you guys just want together and make a video for fun, like awesome. Do your thing. However, why tag your agency name to something that makes you look out of date and down right strange? This latest entry into the misguided in-house promo collection comes from Mindshare Paris.

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