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Archives: February 2009

We hear: Crispin Hijacks Buell Account From Milwaukee Agency Laughlin Constable


Update: A source within Laughlin Constable tells AgencySpy that Buell has indeed gone to Crispin. Representatives from Crispin were unavailable for comment.

On the surface you may think Harley-Davidson, parent company of Buell motorcycles, is all about their home state, Wisconsin. Recently, the cyclemaker opened a museum honoring the all-American motorcycle company in the heart of Milwaukee. And Harley’s engine division is also based in the state. Although it seems like the company is home bred, their advertising work has been rattling lose lately, and a lot of money may be leaving the cheesehead state.

Adding insult to injury, we hear their sportbike division, Buell, may be moving its business to Crispin Porter + Bogusky. This following rumors that the Harley business was quietly being shopped around.

Yesterday, Buell’s current agency, Laughlin Constable laid off a number of employees, reports a source close to the matter. An account loss has not been confirmed as the cause of the cuts.

In August we learned that Harley’s shop, Minneapolis based Carmichael Lynch, would potentially lose the business.

Could Harley, in a move to cut back costs amid stagnant sales, have made a move to consolidate the work to one shop? We can’t imagine that Crispin is cheaper, but if Harley was really looking around like we thought, that may well be what’s happening. Keep in mind that Carmichael laid off 5% of staff in December 2008 – might that have been after getting kicked from a first or second round?

Harley Davidson Looking for New Agency?

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Join The Army And Get Laid

Submitted for your Friday fun approval is the recruitment ad above. The message: join the Ukrainian Army and get girls. Why not? Perhaps the US Armed Forces would get more recruits with such a concept. That and you know, not being actively engaged on two fronts in the Middle East.

According to YouTube the translation goes a-something like this:

Girl 1: Would you take us for a ride on your BMW?
BMW-driver: Even to the end of the world!
Soldier: Hey, i’d like to down some water, girls!
Girl 1: Just a second!
Girl 2: Where do you live?
Soldier: Right here- daytime at work, and at night in the clubs!
Girl 1: Which work???
Soldier: Contract of course!
Blonde girl: Contract?? Marriage contract or what?
Girl 3: Marines contract, silly!
BMW driver: Hey, don’t you wanna ride on my car?
Girls: Forget it, take your grandmother for a ride!
Narrator: It’s about time for new heroes! with contract based service in ukrainian armed forces!”

The Results On Interpublic Are In…


Check it out. Interpublic, which includes shops such as Draftfcb, Lowe Worldwide and McCann Erickson, has reported revenue growth of 6.2% and organic revenue growth of 3.8% for 2008. Just like his doppleganger, John Gotti, said when he was released from jail after six years, CEO Michael Roth’s response was: “It feels great. It feels magnificent.” No, not really, but he did say: “-the latter part of the fourth quarter and the early part of 2009 have begun to show the negative effect that the broader economic situation is having on the marketing-services sector.”

So, we all have the look to forward to. Now, George Parker would tell you it’s all going to be okay for Interpublic, since the company decided to replace DraftFCB’s chief executive, Howard Draft, earlier this month. Draft is now supposedly focused solely on client relationships. You know – where he’s real good at wooing and bribing potential clients.

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Team Obama Likes Coke (the Drink not the Drug), Pepsi Trying to Narc Hope


PepsiCo has got to be concerned that very little of their new campaign has received positive press. Right? Shouldn’t they be at least a little perturbed about the latest straw &#151 after plastering Washington D.C. with “Hope” and “Optimismmmmm” and “This BJ is For You, President Obama” (we made that one up) campaign pieces, Time magazine reported that Obama’s crew are drinks Coke?

Hold on, Pepsi says their new campaign is all about the cultural change that’s accompanying our newest leader’s first term. Fine, and yeah it kinda does. But “Yes You Can” (and yes, the logo), well Pepsi’s borderline begging just isn’t working. Read more about the Obama crew’s love of Coca-Cola, here.

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G4TV’s Exclusive Watchmen Preview Scant of Props to Creator

Warner Bros. action pic Watchmen faced a number of challenges from the start. Most recently the movie was nearly killed when a Copyright feud erupted between WB and Fox. And though that issue (and others) have been overcome, maybe the most disturbing aspect facing the film is the surreptitious brushing-under of the story’s creator, Alan Moore.

Ever since the Watchmen graphic novel was released nearly 25 years ago, the story’s author has said he would not take part in a Watchmen movie. Moore’s piece contains six story arcs, each with its own unique contribution to the big picture. One arc, called “The Black Freighter” will only be included in the Director’s Cut (which will be released later this year &#151 Watchmen debuts March 6). Another, the New York City street cornet, has been reformatted. As any fan knows, recreating the entire story in movie form is impossible &#151 and that’s why Moore wanted no part in the film. But that doesn’t mean his name should be hidden away.

Even the novel’s grand finale was changed from an audacious spectacle to…well we won’t spoil it for you, but it’s not true to form.

The whole situation was capitulated on Wednesday night when G4 aired an exclusive preview of the movie. A promo is posted above. We watched it and were stunned by how little Moore was mentioned. Yes, he wanted out of the picture, fine. But the audience watching the preview consisted (we’re safe guessing) primarily of Watchmen fanboys whose allegiances are to Moore.

Yes, the film makers say they have done everything possible true to the novel. However the exclusive preview (read: marketing strategy piece number 11 million) should have paid more homage to the man behind this amazing story.

During the course of the preview, Moore’s name was mentioned twice &#151 and even then, only in passing. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s just another way in which the Watchmen allure has been tarnished but what may seem to some a minute lack of foresight. To us, it was a big slap in Moore’s face, and ours as fans who want to see full respect paid.

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Today’s Illegal Ads Are Hot Hot Hot!

The top video is a never before seen (so they say &#151 it’s the first time we’ve seen it) spot for the first ever touchscreen Blackberry. Yeah, this can’t be new. Whatever &#151 it’s a smack to Apple, so check it out.

The second video is sexy/creepy. The visuals of this Agent Provocateur spot make the face warm, but the audio gets a little…screechy? You be the judge.

Via Illegal Advertising

More Illegal Ads

That Old Lady Fallon Has Got Her Groove Back

Well, well, well… that old gal Fallon seems to having her ninth wind. This is the fourth win in a row for the Minneapolis agency, which has clearly come out on the other side of some hard times. The shop has expanded their Nestle business from dog food to include the beverage accounts.

The Publicis agency has also recently added Boston Market Corp., Alpo and Totino’s frozen pizza products. Sure, you’re thinking – “please… how much can that really amount to in dollar bills?” Hold up just a second, yeah? Consider that 1) Fallon has been wandering around in the dark for ages. Let’s just let the lady have her day in the sun and say congratulations okay? 2) We’re in a terrible recession and the agency is on a winning streak.

Although, I’m not sure anyone should be surprised. Fallon was born during the recession of the 1980s from grit and $100,000. Fred Senn, Pat Fallon, Tom McElligott, Irv Fish and Nancy Riceauspiciously marketed their new shop under the banner of “outsmart” rather than “outspend.” It worked then. Why shouldn’t it work now?

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Today, We Break Into Firstborn


It’s been awhile since we’ve sneaked out of the office for a day frolicking about New York’s agencies. The last time we did, we hung out at R/GA where we noticed the crazy three-wheeled motorcycle thing (that we still haven’t had the opportunity to drive…). Today that ends, because we’re going to Firstborn, the design and technology shop that makes things like M&Ms Egg Hunts and wins OMMA’s Creative Agency of the Year Award.

We’re stoked to meet SVP, Executive Director Dan LaCivita because he promised beer at lunch. What, it’s Friday.

A reason you should be excited: we’re bringing our fancy new Sony DSLR (with HDNA, bitches) in hopes of snapping every last inch of the shop for your viewing pleasure. One day we’re going to sneak into the new O&M, too. We’ll also be packing video, so as long as we don’t down too many beers there should be a lot to see. Nobody tell the boss.

This also means we’ll be dark for a few hours. We’ll post as much as we can before then. Happy Friday y’all.

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Take That Coal Industry: Coen Brothers Make Anti-Clean Coal Spot

Genius! The Coen brothers were tasked by The Reality Coalition (whose agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky made the connection) to make the ad above. Well, they probably were like, “Hey Coen brothers, you’re good at making things people like to watch. Howbout it?” The bros said “yes”, and now you should click play and learn how harnessing the great power of the word “clean” makes the continued use of coal AOK!


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McCann SF Cuts Today

We’ve received numerous reports indicating that McCann’s San Francisco office has laid off some 70 people today. Recall that in early August 2008 the agency was hit with massive cutbacks from Microsoft. We will update this story as we hear more.

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