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Archives: July 2009

PSFK’s Good Ideas Salon: Unfiltered, Unsubsidized, Unctuous


PSFK’s announced their upcoming Good Ideas Salon, an event consisting of panels by industry thinkers, practitioners et al. One we’re particularly interested in will include some ad-pros you might know (details below).

The first panel is to be moderated by George Parker of AdScam, who a few weeks back posted a call-out for someone to host a panel of seasoned ad-folk:

“I will issue a challenge to AdAge, AdWeek and psfk… There’s fuck all else out there worth reading… To host an evening with a bunch of gnarly old fucktards who will discuss how fucked up the business has become… And might… Just might, have some insights on how we can correct the ultimate demise of what used to be a great, fun filled, drink your brains out, smoke ’til your lungs turn to leather, and shag yourself silly business. I shall be contacting Jonah (Bloom, AdAge Editor), Alison (Fahey, Adweek Publisher) and Piers (Fawkes, PSFK Editor) to see who will win the ultimate cage match to promote this event. Stay tuned.”

PSFK won. Er, George did. The thing costs $45, which might seem a bit high. Says Fawkes in response to detractors on AdScam,

“yeah &#151 $45 because (a) these things cost to put together and in 2009 there is no sponsorship money to be had to subsidize events and (b) it creates a perception of value in the mind of the audience and (c) it means that an audience who can afford it comes. And I’m sorry if (c) sounds rather elitist &#151 but I want an audience of change makers at my events. There are enough free events in the city where nothing gets done by the people who attend.”

There’s a rather spirited discussion going on about the issue over on AdScam. On what has been an otherwise quiet day, it’s worth giving a read. Hopefully, this lot can figure out how to save the business. See you for drinks after.

Panel 1
&#151 Tom Messener, Bonaccolta Messner
&#151 Curvin O’Reilly
&#151 Helayne Spivak, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Consumer Health+Wellness
&#151 George Parker of AdScam will moderate

Panel 2
&#151 Alain Sylvain, Managing Director, RedScout
&#151 Domenico Vitale, Founder, PIC
&#151 Gill Linton, Founder, The Joneses

Details: 9am to 11am, Soho House NY, August 20; Tickets

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Friday Odds and Ends

-BBDO, former South Park/current BlueRock editor Tom Vogt and comedic everyman Fred Willard have teamed up for a new series of web vids for FedEx. link

-W+K Portland wants to add some paper to your swagger, offering $10,000 for the best user-created spot touting the musty funk of Old Spice Swagger. link

-Anheuser-Busch InBev has put out a call for Budweiser UK advertising pitches, with incumbents DDB and Fallon squaring off against the likes of TBWA\London and RKCR/Y&R. link

-Saatchi & Saatchi, London hired Steve Davies as design director and Martin Buckwell as senior digital creative. link

-While Microsoft and Yahoo made their search partnership and joint battle against Google official, many advertisers are still not compelled to increase spending. link

-Deutsch, New York promoted Eve Kornblum and Guy Williams to EVPs/ co-directors of broadcast production. link

-Most folks still don’t know jack about Twitter. link

-Catastrophic keywords can eliminate Gmail contextual ads. link

-Social media guru/author Dave Evans signed on as strategic advisor to 20:20 Webtech, a firm based in New Delhi. link

-Coca-Cola this week unveiled its awful-sounding sparkling milk beverage Vio. link

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Pepsi’s CMO is Out, So We’ll Read Between the Cans


Everyone’s all over this story about Pepsi CMO Dave Burwick leaving the company. There’s little elaboration given from the company, but CEO Massimo d’Amore‘s quotes in AdAge sort of say it all.

“As CMO of North American Beverages, Dave shepherded the re-launch and re-branding of the entire Pepsi trademark while ushering in the ‘Refresh Everything’ campaign,” Massimo d’Amore, PepsiCo Americas Beverages CEO, said in a statement. “We regret to see him go, but we respect his desire to fulfill his career aspirations in general management elsewhere.”

PepsiCo saw a 9% drop in profit at the end of 2008 and a 2% drop in sales in Q2 2009. Our first (and the most obvious) thought about Burwick’s departure: the campaign that was meant to bring sales up didn’t, so now it’s someone else’s turn.

A particularly interesting point: d’Amore was a big proponent of the branding changes from the onset. Not sure about Burwick.

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Mini’s Cash For Clunkers Add-on: Snarkasmo Sticker


With the government’s Cash for Clunkers program, some auto companies are offering $4,500 for your used car, toward trade-in on a new one. Mini Cooper’s prices happen to be really low right now so if you’re in the market for a tiny BMW, get on it. The added bonus, the sticker above, which Jalopnik claims is legit.


Update: Which Creative Left “The Darling Agency” for the Production Life? (CP+B’s Dave Thomas)


Crispin Porter+Bogusky ACD Dave Thomas left the agency this week to join the team at Austin-based Fueld Films. We hinted at this the other day.

So, now you now. Dave will be working with Director Ben Hurst and EP Brady Anderton. Not that two departures makes a trend, but this is the second in like a week. The other was writer Joel Kaplan, who went to Pereira & O’Dell.

Don’t get your undies in a bunch (bundle?) about the reference to CP+B as “darling.” It’s said with tongue-in-cheek.

Blind Item: Which Creative Left ‘The Darling Agency’ for the Production Life?

Friday’s Illegal Ad: Your Pitchman-in-Chief

Now that the beer has been imbibed and racial harmony is forever at hand, our Prez can turn his focus to more important matters like this spot for UK automotive parts specialists Kwikfit. Of course, this type of ad comprised of mashed-up press clips is as fake as Jeremy Piven‘s hair (and has been done ad nauseum), but at least the message of change is being emphasized in some fashion.


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Intern Insights: American Sports Leagues Consider Advertising on Jerseys (Plus Editor’s Notes)


Faceless intern ryan’s last article on Wheaties rebranding towards men was such a hit, we let him write another one. Dude’s an econ major from Long Island who’s interning at a half-rate blog &#151 his future is bleak &#151 so we’ve decided to kick him while he’s down with sarcasticy (not a word) editor’s notes. Sucker.

Starting this season, the NBA is allowing teams to sell ads on their practice jerseys. NBA deputy commissioner, Adam Silver, added that the league is exploring the idea of allowing ads on game jerseys. He noted, “(The sponsored game jersey) is a well-established practice in other countries. Ultimately, I think our fans will come to accept it.” (boredom in 57 words or less: check)

And he’s right; it’s not like fans have revolted against over advertising in the past. Take the college football bowl games for example: The Capital One Bowl, and the FedEx Orange Bowl. These names are ridiculous, but accepted nonetheless (are you still talking?). If a baseball announcer said, “This AT&T call to the bullpen is brought to you by Verizon Wireless,” I don’t think viewers would even think twice about it.

So of course this begs the question, what would be the most preposterous, inappropriate, and entertaining brands to see represented by your favorite teams? (this blog is no place for big, fancy words like preposterous. you’re fired)

Any MLB Team: brought to you by Balco Pharmaceuticals, with a little syringe and Balco logo above the team name. Ok I’m sorry, that’s redundant…they already are. (ha ha, a juicing joke. this is me not laughing :| )

NFL, Atlanta Falcons: brought to you by Science Diet Dog Food, precisely balanced nutrition to meet the special needs of your special, nonviolent pup. (fuck you ryan)

NFL, Detroit Lions: brought to you by Wheaties, Gatorade, and anything else geared towards helping athletes. Get it? (you disgust me)

Golf, John Daly: brought to you by the Four Horsemen, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker, and Jose Cuervo. (alcoholism is a disease ryan, like being a tall white kid from long Island)

NBA, LA Lakers: brought to you by Women on Guard, women’s self defense products such as pepper spray, tasers, and stun guns. Or as Kobe calls them, “mandatory obstacles”. (from alcy-bashing to homocide, you’re a sick bastard)

NBA, Phoenix Suns: brought to you by Copper Tone Sun Screen. It is ludicrous because sunscreen is the Sun’s mortal enemy! I’m sorry that was corny. (ugh)

NFL, NBA, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburg Steelers, Chicago Bulls: brought to you by Harley Davidson. Every player gets a free bike! Except of course, Kellen Winslow Jr., Ben Roethlisberger, and Jay Williams… I think they’ve all learned their lesson. (harsh, Jay Williams’ career = overs)

NFL, NY Giants: brought to you by Colt Firearms and Impact Guns. Keeping players safe in the club since November of 2008. (no comment)

NFL, New England Patriots: brought to you by Kodak. Because Tom Brady should have his picture taken early and often. There is no joke here; I just think Brady is dreamy. (he does, his cube is littered with shirtless Tom pics…dark, “ryan was hiding in the bushes for 8 hours,” Polaroids)

Any NBA Team: brought to you by Sallie Mae, providing student loans. Achieve your educational dreams. (oh, double entendre! nice)

On a significantly less important note, the WNBA has already made the leap to selling out their team names and replacing them with marginally recognizable labels like LifeLock, which advertises with the Phoenix Mercury. (I would have gone with a “boxing out perpetrators” gag here, but I heard the LifeLock guy got hacked and the joke kind of writes itself)


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Friendster Resigned to Booking DIY Ads


Times have been tough for Friendster, once the social networking figurehead that now like hair metal bands is finding its biggest audiences in places like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Despite flagging business, the site, which comScore still ranks as a top 20 global entity, is launching a Do-It-Yourself advertising platform for small businesses. According to the report, advertisers with whatever budget have full control of the messaging and creative in the ads, the ads can be optimized, are in the standard 300×250 web size and can be linked to Friendster profiles and outside blogs or websites.

While Friendster is targeting the DIY ads in both North America and Asia, something tells us one’s creative efforts will likely find a more captive crowd overseas.

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Perfect Fools Feign Rat Pack in Sponsored Vegas Retreat


While fellow digital company Firstborn will spend its Vegas vacation grinding it out on the b-ball court, the creatives at Perfect Fools took full advantage of new client Cold Method, a Dutch fashion design firm that outfitted the 40 or so Fools in shirts and jackets for their Sin City sojourn.

The goal of PF’s trip, besides toasting recent work for H&M, K-Swiss and Umbro, was to show that tech geeks and digital laborers can match the sartorial style of their agency contemporaries. The whole arrangement wouldn’t seem so ridonkulous were it not for the photo shoot, which goes to show that despite some fresh new duds, these dudes are still better suited to play the lower stakes tables with Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn.

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Leo Burnett Thailand’s Non-Trad Outdoor is Neat-o


That’s right we said it &#151 this ad for Proctor & Gamble’s Rejoice Conditioner is neat-o. It’s different, OK? Feel free to dispute effectiveness all day long.

Gizmodo via Business Week (And the beautiful Paola)