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Archives: June 2012

Friday Odds and Ends

-Tecate came under fire for what some saw as “pro-public urination” billboards in San Fransisco. The brand removed the ad, and are claiming in a statement that the billboards were released accidentally. link

-Did you happen to see the over-sized, unusable, sentient Arnold bike at Cannes? It has a blog. link

-Mountain Dew has a brand spankin’ new X-treme website from Firstborn that takes a bit of design inspiration from Pinterest. This is how they Dew. link

-Did your daughter get a black eye at karate practice? Throw some Target frozen peas on it. link

-J-Lo stars in a new “Dancepad” commercial for iPad developer Moonshark. But, does it rip-off a Google Chrome spot from last year? link; link

-TomKat is no more? Oh noes! Alert James van der Beek! link

-I could’ve put something more ad-related in place of the (above) video, but the way I see it, what’s more relevant that serendipitous romance? May you find love this week, spies.

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The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

Oh the advertisements. Next week is coming, and it’s either a four-day week or a two-day week, but either way you’re working. So as this weekend looms, make yourself happy with this week’s best ad-related videos.

5. New York! It’s the birthplace of terrible advertising and home of pizza. Also, NYC be trippin, at least people walking up the subway. New York always takes something from ya, so enjoy watching these people nearly kill themselves.

4. Fish. They’re important. And being “over-themselvesed”. I mean, overfishing is rampant. Learn something about that via this film.

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Gillette Gives Great Starts to Olympians

“On race day, you don’t leave anything to chance,” the gravelly commercial-voice admits in Gillette’s latest series of commercials. Whether swimmer Ryan Lochte is diving into the water, tennis player Roger Federer is spinning his racket in contemplation, or sprinter Tyson Gay is bursting off the blocks, their pre-race/match prep includes shaving with a Gillette razor.

It’s hard not to love focused, determined athletes flexing their muscles, especially as Olympic fever starts to rise. And these men are also blessed with extraordinarily well-sculpted faces. When the distraction of attraction fades, however, the spots feel generally formulaic. Dramatic narration, handsome men, razor-cutting-hair animation…these spots include factors present in every traditional men’s grooming promotion. When the Olympics start and this ad plays for the fiftieth time, I for one will not tell my bar-mates to be quiet, lest they miss some stunning creative work. Nice eye candy, but ultimately these spots are uninteresting.

Check out the other two spots from the campaign after the jump:

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We Hear: Rossman Out as AKQA President and COO (Updated)

We’ve been hearing from tipsters and just received confirmation that Jim Rossman is out as president and COO of AKQA. This news comes alongside a slew of promotions at AKQA in the wake of holding company WPP announcing they were acquiring the agency.

Currently, we have no word on whether Rossman resigned or was let go, .but a source tells us it sounds like the latter (We’re hearing it was not the latter. See update below). AKQA hired Rossman away from Digitas in March 2009, where he was also COO. We’ve reached out to AKQA for an official statement, and we’ll keep you updated as we receive more details.

Update: We’ve received confirmation from AKQA that Rossman is indeed no longer with the agency.

Update 2: We’ve also been told by sources familiar with the matter that from the beginning, it was agreed that he was brought in to handle operations and upon a change in investors, he was to exit.

Most Popular Stories on AgencySpy from the Last 7 Days

Drew Brees Channels ‘Cash Cab’ for Dick’s Sporting Goods

As most of us know by now, Discovery’s recently canceled Ben Bailey-hosted taxi game show Cash Cab was fake. How fake? Well, not quite House Hunters fake, but still pretty damn fake. So, what are the odds that New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is actually picking up actors in this new online video from Dick’s Sporting Goods? Deadspin reckons it’s around 99.5 percent, which sounds pretty accurate.

In “Who Dat Cabbie,” Brees picks up “unsuspecting strangers” on the streets of Manhattan and quizzes them about concussion safety. This is, of course, ironic when you consider Brees’ teammates are currently in the midst of a scandal where defensive players were allegedly paid by coaches to purposefully injure opposing teams’ stars. But, we’re going to decide to ignore that little fact, and instead focus on Brees’ reckless driving, which is played for humorous effect in this video.

After surprising his passengers with pretty astounding concussion statistics, Brees informs the world about baseline tests, which are given online through organizations like Protecting Athletes through Concussion Education (PACE). If you’re currently experiencing concussion like systems, which is entirely possible considering Drew Brees just smacked you upside the head with a book of wisdom, visit PACE and Dick’s Sporting Goods co-branded website here. You won’t get a comically over-sized, unsafe football helmet, but there is a chance you’ll get a neon green rubber bracelet.

MRY Leads the Pack in Top Ad Agency Internship Poll

Through a recent contest, Internship King may have collected the most comprehensive ranking of advertising internships yet. With over 60,000 votes and nearly 2,000 internship reviews, their “Top Ad Agency Internship” competition will come to a close tonight.  NY-based social media agency MRY (formerly known as Mr. Youth) leads the pack with 17,500 votes at press time, with Campbell Mithun and Erwin-Penland trailing a few thousand votes behind.

Visitors get to vote 25 times (per day!) from a top 40 list decided by Internship King’s industry panel. This bizarre voting system means maybe MRY just has the most friends and the biggest families, all of whom they mobilized to bring the agency gold home. But that’s valuable in itself—the company’s got social clout, and they’re not afraid to leverage it.

Contest intricacies aside, this effort has given Internship King some solid publicity. As the year-old company grows, students seeking agency internships will have an increasingly informed research tool, and companies will have to do a better job of creating educational, enticing work experiences.

Keep track of the contest as it nears the end. I hope the prize is a champagne and ice bath, so I can live vicariously as Manhattan’s temperatures rise. More likely, MRY (or a dark horse candidate) will just get the simple honor of sweet victory.

(via Business Insider)

NASCAR Taps SapientNitro for a New Digital Platform

NASCAR is officially getting a digital facelift courtesy of the folks at SapientNitro.

In a press release, NASCAR announced today that SapientNitro will be in charge of redesigning and creating interactive experiences for the brand on mobile and tablet devices. Though it doesn’t explicitly say it in the press release, it’s safe to assume that SapientNitro is now NASCAR’s digital AOR, and the auto sports brand that should fit nicely in Sapient’s portfolio right next to their work for WWE.

And now, here are some tips for SapientNitro for bringing an authentic NASCAR experience to fans via digital platforms:

  • When the website 404′s, users’ laptops explode in a ball of flame.
  • When the mobile app crashes, users’ tablets/phones explode in a ball of flame.
  • Website visitors must wait for the Apple beach ball to complete 200 rotations before the homepage loads.
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd auto-plays on every web page.
  • Users have the ability to choose what mobile app icon displays on their device. Icon suggestions: Confederate flag, Busch Light can, bald eagle, pickup truck, Dale Earnhardt sunglasses, canister of SNUS, etc.
  • Users automatically get arguments for why NASCAR is a “real sport” sent to them via mobile notifications throughout the day.
  • On race day, iPad users live-stream the race through a camera in the passenger’s seat of their favorite driver. Online voting will dictate what song plays on the driver’s car radio, and users can message the driver in real-time to make suggestions/critiques about his or her racing strategy. Actually, that would be pretty cool.

Best of luck, SapientNitro, and we hope we helped!

Friday Morning Stir

-Coca-Cola Japan invents a vending machine that can keep drinks cool for over 16 hours without using electricity. link

-Gatorade matches Nike with its own tribute to female athletes, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX (above).

-If you have an extra $3.5 million laying around and want to move to Malibu, you can now buy this real-life replica of the Flinstone’s home once owned by Dick Clark. link

-R&B singer Mary J. Blige on her portrayal in that controversial Burger King chicken TV spot from Mother: “It hurt my feelings and crushed me.” link

-Raleigh, NC-based shop Baldwin& hired Emily Kissee as account supervisor, er, “Hot Sauce” on the agency’s Burt’s Bees account.

-A little video to get sports fans into the 4th of July spirit. Firework to your head! link

-It’s time we stop blaming the world’s problems on bath salts, apparently. We should probably just blame Florida instead. link

Mother Creates a Zine for Euro 2012

If you like European football and/or steel drum renditions of Joy Division’s 1980 hit “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” then treat yo’self this Friday morning to the above video from Mother London.

To celebrate the kick-off (pun very intended) of Euro 2012, Mother and British style magazine The Rig Out joined forces to create Paszport!, a one-off fanzine in the style of such famed publications as The End and Boys Own. If you’ve heard of either of those two magazines and are not from Europe, congratulations on earning +3 hipster gold!

The above video, which we assume has plenty to do with Beck’s judging how many times the bottles are shown on camera, captures the release party of Paszport! as a slew of stylish individuals praise the zine’s writing and dedication to football tradition. Yes, blogs do indeed lack the tangible nature that fanzines have, and we’re working on creating one called Ajenseespi!, which you will soon be able to pick at your local agency under a pile of unread issues of Adweek.

So, will it be Spain or Italy who will emerge victorious from Euro 2012? Buy your copy of Paszport! here, and leave your pick for the new ruler of all Europe in the comments section. And if you want to talk NFL or the new BCS playoff system instead, we won’t fault you for it.