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VICE Media Insiders Defend Outgoing Creative Director

VICE-logoVice Media may not be a traditional agency, but it does have a lot of clients and, depending on who you ask, some quality creative talent.

Holding companies are certainly interested: you may recall that Sir Martin and WPP bought a stake in the still-growing company in 2012 before Rupert Murdoch could climb on board.

Vice also acquired Carrot Creative back in 2013, and Carrot CEO Mike Germano assumed the chief digital officer position.

There’s no denying that Vice Media does real work: in July we posted on in-house creative studio Virtue’s Spanglish-flavored campaign for AT&T. Based on what we hear from both an inside source and a report in this morning’s New York Post, the company seems to have all the interpersonal drama of a traditional ad agency as well.

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Rooster CCO Takes Leave Amid Possible Boycott Over Transphobia

Yes, everyone has the right to an opinion. Many of them, in fact. And yet, the airing of those opinions in public may have adverse effects on one’s career. Who knew?!

Gavin McInnes, chief creative officer of Rooster in New York, has been asked to take “an indefinite leave of absence” following the publication of a post he wrote on transphobia — or fear of transgender people — and how it is, of course, the most “natural” thing in all the world.

Although the post is still available online in various places, the fact that this is what happens when you click on the main link to Thought Catalog hints at the problem behind McInnes’ post:

CCO Rooster Tumblr Post

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Gavin McInnes Explains ‘How to Do Everything in the World’ for Vans

About a month ago we brought you the sneak peek of “How to Do Everything in the World,” the web series Rooster created for Vans starring creative director/baby fighter/punk rock dad Gavin McInnes. Given some of Gavin’s funny hijinks in the past, we had high hopes for the series.

In “How to Do Everything in the World,” McInnes takes on such topics as how to drink in a bar, what to do if you get in a fight, how to fly the friendly skies, and how to survive prison with an expected dose of absurdity. Unfortunately, the humor misses the mark, occasionally painfully so. There was a lot of potential here, but something about the series just feels off, and not in a funny way. The highlight is probably “How To Fight,” which mostly just sees Gavin coming up with ways to get in a cheap shot and run away. That’s really the only one of these to even merit a chuckle, as they mostly confuse awkward with funny. (Awkward can be funny, but isn’t necessarily in and of itself funny, a mistake on full display here.) Mostly, the series sees McInnes screaming at people for being jerks (especially in  “How To Fly” and the painful “How To Drink”), which is basically one joke stretched over several “episodes” that are each several minutes long. It’s hard to imagine these catching on and getting shared, or even someone sitting through the entire series for its entertainment value. Let’s chalk this one up as a disappointing miss and hope Rooster delivers the goods next time. You can check out “How to Fight” above, and stick around for “How to Fly” and “How to Survive in Prison” after the jump, if you’re so inclined. Read more

Here’s How To Fight A Baby

Gavin McInnes, Vice co-founder and current Rooster NY creative director, is back with more helpful tips for the modern man.

As you may remember, McInnes also starred in Vans’ OffTheWall.TV’s beloved “How to Piss in Public” and another video, “How To Work Out From Home,” which featured him using his children to lift weights. Since being uploaded yesterday, “How to Fight a Baby” has already racked up more than half a million plays. While it’s not McInnes’ funniest video, it’s perhaps his cutest. And, because it’s the Internet, “cuteness” it worth more that BitCoin. (Timeliness rimshot!)

It’s honestly hard not to be a fan of McInnes. The guy is super endearing, a trait that many CDs attempt to exude but fail to deliver on. Any way you see it, McInnes’ (wince) personal brand building strategies continue to make Rooster look like a really fun place to work. And, when was the last time an agency did that this well?

Rooster Gets a New Employee Who Does Not Party Rock

Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka may have LMFAO hair-fluff RedFoo, but Rooster NY has the next best thing: a new employee who may or may not be SkyBlu. Can we just take a second to look at how ridiculous the proper nouns are in that sentence? Enough odd syllables in there to give a linguist a migraine. Anyway, Rooster’s in-house video shows the uncomfortable relationship between SkyBlu’s stunt double (actually Art Director Justin Steinburg) and Gavin McInnes as McInnes tries to figure out if his new colleague is a millionaire pop-rapper who likes, among other things, shots, Miami, champagne showers, bad sunglasses, and even worse hair.

Rooster’s previous side projects always reach for the ridiculous laughs, with McInnes regularly playing the office’s clueless father figure when he’s not getting punched in the face. This is no different. Here’s to celebrity look-a-likes and the hope that Mr. Steinburg gets a haircut.

Ted Baker London Teams Up With HUSH to Promote Autumn/Winter Collection With Humor

Ted Baker London has collaborated with New York agency HUSH to launch, which punily asks visitors to “Spread the Ted” with a “Baker’s dozen” (the last we checked a baker’s dozen didn’t equal five, but whatever) of video shorts, digital “winks,” “Teditorials” and “Fashion Art” (or fart for short) in an effort to promote their autumn/winter collection. (Update: we were told by Ted Baker’s PR folks that they’re adding 8 more shorts before the end of the campaign. Sorry for getting all snarky there.)

Ted Baker London worked with Gavin McInnes (co-founder of Vice and Rooster) to craft the sardonic Redge Blaker persona featured on the site. Brand Communication Director at Ted Baker London Craig Smith commented, “Through channeling Redge Blaker, we have created enjoyable content that is genuinely laugh out loud funny, stylish and still very consistent with our brand messaging.” He elaborated that audiences want to share “something authentic” and for that reason much of the content is kept unbranded. The sites’ disparate content is all unified by a very British kind of irreverent humor.

The featured video short shows Blaker giving a bloke advice on how to stay cool around the ladies. “They’ll know if you’re over-eager or faking it,” he warns. When a cute bird (that’s British for “girl”) walks by, though, Baker’s advice goes out the window. You kind of have to see his reaction to get it, so I won’t give it away here: just watch the video above for yourself. We’ve included a few more of the shorts after the jump as well. Enjoy.  Read more

Rooster Outpunches James Franco…Sort of

I’m the Rooster guy apparently and I’m back to cover some more irreverent Rooster shenanigans. The above video, “How to Take a Punch,” epitomizes what a side project should be: easily digestible, fun to watch, and humorous. A slow-mo gif of James Franco taking a punch to the face has been making the blogging rounds before his Comedy Central roast airs on Labor Day. Vice co-founder/Rooster boss Gavin McInnes decided to join in on the slow-mo fun and take a harder punch to the face. The result is a side-by-side 13-second video comparison of the punches that is probably too stupid for its own good. Something makes me think Rooster likes that. These guys seem to have fun in the office.

After the jump, you can watch a longer video of people getting punched in the face slowed down to 1000 frames per second. It’s violently elegant and directed by Cody Kern, a man who has no relation to Rooster. As you watch, feel free to let the catharsis of watching others get walloped improve your day. Jiggling jowls have the affect on people.

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