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‘W+K 12′ is Now a League of Shadows

W+K’s recruitment efforts for its W+K 12 program have taken a darker, stranger turn with this year’s installment dubbed “12 is Everywhere.” Inspired perhaps by the Illuminati or the band Sunn O))), what you see above is just one portion of the agency’s efforts to hype W+K 12, which 13 brings creative types–gamers, designers, musicians, apparently RPG fans, you name–to take part in a yearlong creative training session at the agency’s Portland hub. Not sure if W+K has being doing this all to hype the 12 during its seven-year history, but this is news to us and leaves us both intrigued and puzzled.

If you go the “12 is Everywhere” site, you can read about the 12 facets of the program and unlock a passcode to watch a guy who looks like a cross between Mr. Kotter and Zach Galifianakis break down the application process for W+K 12. As you can see above, you only have until Saturday, Oct. 20. To give you some inspiration perhaps and refresh your memory, here’s one girl’s efforts from last year to make it into the seemingly exclusive group.

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Thursday Morning Stir

-Zach Galifianakis executive produced a documentary about a man who made his living off of Craigslist ads for a month (trailer above). link

-Milk West, a new partnership comprised of Alberta Milk, BC Dairy Association, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba and SaskMilk, appointed DDB Vancouver as its AOR.

-Amsterdam Worldwide created a “social music app” for Olmeca Tequila called NightTag, which is specifically tailored for  Facebook Timeline. link

-MEC was named media AOR for audio company Harman.

-Business Insider ranks the top 20 brands on Twitter based on customer influence. link


Damn, Our ‘Bro-File’ Apparently Could Use Some Slim Jim, Bro

As you can see above, the folks at Slim Jim aren’t giving us the best results when it comes to “Male Spice Score,” which is the centerpiece of a new app from Venables Bell & Partners for the beef jerky brand called “Bro-File.” Yes, it’s another Facebook history-collecting effort that stars a guy who’s not a doctor (nor Zach Galifianakis) but plays one on the social network.  The doc gives you a virtual exam and will base your final “Spice Score” on criteria including having friends with strange names, checking into “cool” places and using, *sigh*, “brocabulary” words in your status updates.

The Facebook component, which is an extension of VB&P’s “Man Medicine” campaign for Slim Jim from last year, lets you get second opinions after adjusting your profile and earn your place on a Bro-File leaderboard. To be honest, we think we’re just fine with our score, thank you. Now, is it just us or does this remind you a bit of Amalgamated/Stink Digital’s “Social Life Audit” for Ultimat Vodka from last fall?


APPA Suggests You Get Your Dog a Dawg

Your dog may love you, but that doesn’t mean your dog particularly likes you. Sure, “Demetrius” (or whatever particularly awful name you’ve chosen to call it) is extremely loyal, protective of you and your family and enjoys joining you for a good jog around the neighborhood. But, believe it or not, this undying loyalty means your dog is probably pretending to enjoy your terrible habits with you. That look Demetrius is giving you while you camp out on your couch for marathons of Storage Wars or “The Kardashians Saves Christmas” isn’t one of happiness or respect; it’s a look of sorrow and pity. Of course, you don’t realize this due to a difficult communication barrier. In conclusion, it might be time to get Demetrius a friend of the same species.

Above is a new spot from agencies EVB and Impetus for the American Pet Products Association that will run online as part of the “Pets Add Life” campaign. A series of spots directed by Daniel Strange, the man behind the lens of Zach Galifianakis‘ bizarre web interview series “Between Two Ferns,” attempts to remind viewers that despite the love you give to your pets, they spend their lives yearning for some enlightened conversation that their owners can’t supply. If FX’s Wilfred has taught us anything, it’s that nothing can beat a grown man relaxing in a dog suit, especially when he’s discussing butt-sniffin’ (it’s the B-E-S-T).  So, if you’ve decided to take the leap and add a pet to your household, consider adding two. Nice work, EVB. Credits after the jump and two more spots (with kitties and lizards) after the jump.


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Secret Weapon Rounds Out Client Roster, Kicks Off ‘Useless’ Campaign

Dick Sittig‘s Santa Monica-based agency Secret Weapon Marketing, which does work for Jack in the Box and SoCal Honda dealerships, has made good on its “three clients at a time” policy by teaming up with 1-800-DENTIST to round out its roster. Here’s one of three spots for the 25-year-old brand that’s part of a campaign called “Useless.” In a statement, Sittig says, “We rarely pitch, but this was a client the agency really wanted. [1-800-DENTIST founder] Fred [Joyal] and his team are savvy, intuitive, decisive and pleasant, which is always a big plus.”

So, does this campaign starring a Zach Galifianakis lookalike measure up to other Secret Weapon efforts including the Facebook-based $11K giveaway from last year?