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Human Interest

The Kindness Of Strangers: Little Boy’s Lost (Plushie) Dog Returned Thanks To A Tweeting Cop

The Kindness Of Strangers: Little Boy's Lost (Plushie) Dog Returned Thanks To A Tweeting CopNeed a little restoration of your faith in humanity? We’ve got a feel-good story for you that will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, guaranteed.

It’s the story of a little boy, his lost plush pup, and an intrepid tweeting police officer. A story of loss, love and 140-character salvation. A story of tears turned to joy. A story of how Twitter was used to make one little boy’s day. What’s more feel-good than that?

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Twitter And Everyday Health Launch Global Real-Time Content Partnership “HealthBeat”

Social healthcare is the hot button topic of the year, and Twitter is scientists and sociologists’ dream as a petri dish of research data.

Twitter has helped track flu outbreaks, source vaccine research, and fight obesity in kids.

And companies are paying attention. Twitter and Everyday Health, Inc., a comScore Top 50 media company creating original health and wellness content, have announced a global content partnership to provide real-time health information and breaking news to the Twitter community.

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Female Journalists In India Being Abused On Twitter

A recent story out of Delhi has the Twitterverse up in arms (thumbs? pointer fingers? whatever you type with).

Kavita Krishnan, a prominent Delhi-based women’s activist, was attacked viciously during a recent online chat on violence against women on, a leading news site in India.

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Teen Crime Commissioner Resigns Over Tweets – But Is That Fair?

It’s a sad day for teens everywhere – and many of them don’t even know it. This week, one of their own has faced harsh judgment and severe consequences for (relatively) harmless tweets.

This case will undoubtedly be the first of MANY instances where young people find their online identities coming back to haunt them IRL (in real life).

Are we setting a standard that’s too high and possibly treating these kids unfairly – or do teens just NOT belong on social media sites?

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Tweet Saves Kindergarten Class Caught In Tsunami

Social media can come in handy during emergencies. It’s a fast and easy way to reach millions of people at once, from a government standpoint – and it’s also one of the few ways TO communicate when other traditional forms of communication aren’t available.

And from a “you and me” perspective, tweets can save your life. Tweets saved a carjacking victim in South Africa and now we’re about to tell you about how a tweet saved an entire Kindergarten class caught in a tsunami.

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#ShoutingBack About Sexism On Twitter

If you’re a female and you’ve never experienced sexism, welcome to planet Earth. There’s a Twitter we’d like to direct you to, to get you up to speed: @EverydaySexism.

And there’s a hashtag you can use to share your own stories should you decide to join others in #shoutingback.

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German Journalist Ignites Anti-Sexism Debate On Twitter

Laura Himmelreich tweeted her discomfort with the alleged sexual harassment she faced and German citizens are going berserk.


The person she accused was just named chief candidate for Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) . . . and she waited a year before saying anything.

Oh and because a good number of German men (and women) seem to be pretty damn sexist – if Twitter is any indication.

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Help @IRememberBetter Fight Alzheimers With Art

This week’s Pay It Forward Friday features an account that strives to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and how the creative arts help to improve quality of life for those with the disease: @IRememberBetter

They’ve been nominated for a Shorty Award 2013 in the Charity category and we think once you learn a bit about them, you’ll click here to help them win.

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Twitter-Initiated Food Stamp Challenge Is Happening Next Week

Think you could live off of food stamps for a week? Think anybody should? (Take that however you want.)

Regardless of how you approach the program, whether for it or against it, most people would agree that the amount folks get on food stamps is too low to live on each month.

And in case you didn’t know that $133 month for food was likely insufficient to live on, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker plans to get a TON of PR for himself by driving home this fairly obvious fact.

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Twitter Might Be Changing Our Children – And Not In A Good Way

Teens may be using Facebook more than Twitter, but there’s still a decent amount of them bopping about – and the way many of them use Twitter is . . . disturbing.

Is this just expected teen behavior, acting out and such, or is it something more? Has online participation permanently changed our children?

Jesse Miller at the Huffington Post thinks so, and he draws a dark picture.

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