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Bank Of America Demonstrates How Not To Conduct Customer Service On Twitter

In an embarrassing episode picked up by Gizmodo, Bank of America’s customer service Twitter account @BofA_Help made a downright fool of itself – demonstrating exactly how not to conduct customer relations on Twitter.

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If You Hit And Run, You Probably Shouldn’t Tweet They Deserved It

Scratch that, if you hit and run, you shouldn’t tweet about it at ALL, but tweeting they deserved it is just all kinds of crazy.

And it seems this Twitter user is just that.

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When Will Businesses Learn That Piggybacking On Trending Tragedies Is A Bad Idea?

Repeat after me: I will NEVER use a trending tragedy to market my brand. And I will teach my employees to never do this either – or they’ll be fired on the spot.

Now read this post to see why that pledge is necessary and to marvel at the extreme insensitivity some people demonstrate online.

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FYI: Twitter Will Never Catch On – Just Like The Internet Didn’t

If you go to Twitter first for news, post news to Twitter or retweet news you read on Twitter – you might be a “Twitter obsessive.” And even if you don’t consider yourself obsessed, you’re certainly not in the majority (of adults in the world) and you’re actually kind of cultish. A “Twitter true believer,” if you will.

And just so you know – you’re wasting your time because Twitter will NEVER catch on – just like the Internet didn’t. Or so says this article we’re about to pick over like a starved vulture.

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The Onion Apologizes For Vulgar Tweet About Nine-Year-Old

Did you catch the horrible tweet @TheOnion sent out during the Oscars last night about nine-year-old actress, Quvenzhané Wallis?

Someone tweeting from the mostly-hilarious satire site went rogue and called the little girl (brace yourselves) a c*nt. No joke.

Followers were NOT happy about it and The Onion has since apologized for the gaffe – but is it enough?

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New Service Sends ‘Your’ Tweets From The Grave

What will happen to your Twitter when you die? Have you created a social media will to detail your wishes?

If you’re Twitter-obsessed, you may want to add this new service to your list. It will send tweets from your Twitter for you after you die, helping you completely traumatize those who love you. And isn’t that really what life’s all about?

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Stupidest Idea Ever: MTV And BET Fake Twitter Hacks

So you heard about Burger King getting hacked yesterday – and it was pretty funny, right? The hackers said BK was purchased by McDonalds and posted a bunch of hip hop videos and inappropriate tweets.

Then Jeep was hacked today, by (apparently) the same crew, claiming Jeep was bought by Cadillac. Okay, that was pretty funny too.

And THEN [insert groan] MTV and BET were hacked and the accounts were (mildly) razzing each other for about two hours, till they admitted it was a “joke.”

Ugh. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a “thing.” 

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Five Tweets You Should Never Send

Twitter is a great communication tool, but some folks seem hellbent on ruining it for the rest of us.


By sending tweets that are either better suited for inclusion in those thick coupon mailers or TMI tweets that make us squirm (check out this post to learn the dangers of TMI). And there are more – five categories in all, which we’ll detail below.

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If Your Marketing Director Doesn’t Understand Twitter, Your Company Shouldn’t Be Tweeting

What happens when you combine an intern-created Twitter account, a marketing director who doesn’t understand how to use it and 60 disgruntled employees, some with access to the account and nothing to lose?

You get HMV’s Twitter stream today. And this can happen to you.

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Teen Arrested For ‘Terroristic Tweets’ – Do You Know What YOUR Little Angel Is Doing On Twitter?

If your teen is on Twitter, do you know what she’s doing? Is she posting pics that will damage her reputation for years to come? Is she harassing other people? Or maybe she’s threatening to blow up her school?

Parents would be surprised by how many teens tweet about blowing up their schools on Twitter. And the reason they’d be surprised is surprising too: They’re obviously not checking.

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