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Twitticisms: Funniest Tweets Of The Week

AllTwitter’s Wednesday series Twitticisms is back, featuring the jocular jests and witty wisecracks of Twitter’s funniest.

Cue the laugh track:

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Twitticisms: Funniest Tweets Of The Week

One of the best uses of Twitter, beyond it being a news source, marketing tool and engagement agent, is its guarantee of humor.

Browse through your Twitter stream for a few minutes and you’re bound to read at least one tweet that makes you laugh. (And if not: follow some of the people we feature below.)

As has been widely acknowledged, humor is healthy. So we’re doing our part to lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart by presenting a new feature on AllTwitter: Twitticisms.

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Funny Twitter Account Of The Day: Pictureless Pinterest

Pinterest is the talk of the social media world these days, with its attractive visuals and easy photo-sharing capabilities. But what if you took that all away? Would Pinterest still be Pinterest?

Not so much, really. But it does make for some pretty funny text-based descriptions of a “Dining room table set up on a beach” and “The singer Adele wrapped in a wooly blanket”.
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Michael Jordan’s Twitter Account Is Deep (And Fake)

If you want to “Be Like Mike”, you’d better start tweeting profound observations about your everyday surroundings. Or not.

The latest and greatest account on Twitter is @__MichaelJordan (with two underscores) – an obvious parody, but side-splittingly funny nonetheless.
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Would You Read Funny Man Steve Martin’s Twitter Book?

He’s amassed nearly 1,800,000 followers, has tweeted more than 2,700 times and he’s one of the funniest people on Twitter. Comedian Steve Martin has embraced Twitter more than many of his celebrity pals – and he’s taking his tweeting one step further, to an “offline” format: A book.
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Stephen Colbert To Anthony Weiner: “I cannot say with certitude that this is not part of my body #ivebeenhacked”

Funny man Stephen Colbert is at it again, taking to Twitter to tease a politician caught with his pants down, so to speak, in the media spotlight. First was Senator Jon Kyl’s personalized #notintendedtobeafactualstatement hashtag, and now Colbert is frying New York representative Anthony Weiner with his very own #ivebeenhacked campaign.
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What if “The King of One-Liners” had Twitter?

For those who are unfamiliar with his work, Rodney Dangerfield was known in his day as ‘The King of One-Liners’.   We have a feeling that if he had Twitter in his lifetime, he would have been a king of the Twitter-Sphere, too.  Read more

Not Thrilled That You’re Stealing My Stuff, But I’m Very Happy With How It Turned Out

I posted this up on Twitter over the weekend but it’s so funny I need to share it with you on here. It’s related to Twitter only in content, but believe me, there’s a ton of value.

One thing that’s fairly common for all blogs when they reach a certain level of success and reach is that other blogs start to copy the content. Most of the time this is done by automated scripts that simply leach what you’ve said and republish it under the name of another site. Sometimes they get this right, sometimes they don’t – all too often, the script will make fairly important mistakes like leaving in the name of the author or blog, and silly stuff like that.

I wrote an article on Friday called “Would you pay for Twitter?” If you haven’t read it (and voted), I encourage you to do so, because when you read that and then see what’s to come, it’ll be a heck of a lot funnier.

This blog – Twitter API – decided to steal my piece. But something is wrong with the script that this site is using to process these thefts – very wrong. Twitter API, you see, seems to run stolen content through some kind of thesaurus software to change all the important words, I guess to make it look like it’s their own work. But it’s taken to a ludicrous level, and the results are hilarious. Again, read my article first, then check out their version below.

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