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The 2 Guaranteed Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter

Want to get more followers on Twitter for your brand or business? Boy, is today your lucky day, for I am the bearer of some truly excellent news: this article contains all of the secrets you need to help you boost the size of your Twitter network.

You only need to make one decision: how much effort are you prepared to make?

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7 Tips To Get More Followers On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do you get more followers on Twitter?

It’s the age-old question, and while the number of followers that a profile has on Twitter is not always a true indication of status (and certainly quality), brands hoping to use the micro-blogging social network to raise awareness, drive traffic and generate sales will always be looking to proactively grow their audience.

This is particularly true for small businesses. What can and should they be doing to attract relevant followers on Twitter?

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10 Ways To NOT Get More Twitter Followers

Since Twitter launched in July 2006, everyone on and off the platform has pretty much been obsessed with a single number – the follower count.

Despite the fact that Twitter follower counts are a false metric – easily gamed or bought, and not indicative of a user’s actual influence – it would take a major paradigm shift to change the fact that the number of followers someone has on Twitter is the main gauge of Twitter influence right now.

Want insight on how to get more followers for yourself? Read on for 10 things to NOT do.

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How Many Followers Will You Have In A Week? A Month? Next Year? Find Out With Twitter Counter

The obsession with how many followers one does (or does not have) has died down a little bit since the early days of Twitter. Indeed, co-founder Evan Williams recently said that, in his opinion, followers was not Twitter’s dream metric – rather, it was how many people saw your tweet.

Still, across Twitter more than 1,000 users now have more than one million followers, and certainly when you’re new to the network these weighty tallies can be both glittering lures and constant reminders that, try as you might, you’ll probably never reach such heights.

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10 Ways To Build A Large, Quality Following On Twitter

While we’ve said many times that follower count means less on Twitter than influence, followers are still an integral part of a successful Twitter presence.

If you’re looking to grow your follower count in a sustainable, meaningful way, here are 10 tips to get you started.
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Follower Numbers On Twitter DO Matter (Just Not In The Way That You Think)

The number of followers you have on Twitter has always been an ill-advised way to measure status and influence. It looks impressive, but in many cases is not indicative of anything.

If you have 100,000 followers it certainly appears that you’re popular, and that you must (in some way) matter, but virtually anyone can reach that number – all you have to do is follow 101,000 people yourself. The actual value of building a large community via reciprocal following (certainly automated) is often very low – by definition, these kinds of networks are not (and likely never will be) all that engaged.

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Want More Followers On Twitter? Tweet About Just One Topic, Says Research [STUDY]

Stay on target.

Stay on target.

Heinous haircut and irritatingly whiney voice aside, that philosophy worked for Luke Skywalker (although less so for Porkins – may he rest in peace). And, according to new research, staying on target on Twitter might be the key to success, certainly if you define that metric by how attractive you are to prospective followers.

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How NOT To Get Somebody To Follow You On Twitter

Want to know the quickest way to get somebody to not follow you on Twitter?

By asking them in a tweet.

Sounds backward, doesn’t it? If it’s somebody you know, then sure, go ahead, but most of the time openly asking a stranger to follow you on Twitter is the worst thing you can do. I mean, why would they? It’s like going up to somebody random in the street and insisting you both exchange phone numbers.

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HOWTO: Get More Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

For many, Twitter is still a numbers game. Since the platform first opened it doors back in July 2006 a lot of users have been obsessed with accumulating as many followers as possible, often at the expense of basic social media essentials such as engagement and usability.

While it’s true that tactics such as churning and mass-following do ‘work’, inasmuch as your followers number will rise, the value of networks built in this way is at or close to zero, often because they’re made up of thousands of other churners and mass-followers.

And if you’re one of the frighteningly high number of users who fall foul of the many Twitter bad habits, there’s every chance that each time you update on Twitter all you’re doing is putting more people off.

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Twitter 101: Why Use Hashtags?

A hashtag is really just a way of categorizing your tweets so that they are part of a narrowed conversation and they’re easier to find in Twitter search. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that, or else hashtags wouldn’t have been the most popular trending topic in 2010.
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