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Twitter VP Of Product Michael Sippey Steps Down

Twitter VP Of Product Michael Sippey Steps Down

Twitter’s Vice President of Product Michael Sippey, who has been with Twitter since 2012, is leaving the company to “figure out what’s next”, he writes on his blog.

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Post IPO, How Many Twitter Employees Are Now Millionaires?

Post IPO, How Many Twitter Employees Are Now Millionaires?

Twitter’s initial public offering (IPO) was, by all accounts, a huge success. The company sold millions of shares at its asking price of $26 dollar a piece and, at the time of writing, has a market capitalisation of $23.96 billion.

Of course, Twitter is still, relatively, a small company, and with that amount of cash being pumped into the firm, a lot of people did rather well. Indeed, by one estimate, some 1,600 Twitter employees are now millionaires or better. That’s the good news. The bad? Collectively, they owe more than two billion dollars in tax.

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A Graphical Look At Twitter Employees’ Interactions On Twitter [INTERACTIVE MAP]

Data visualization is at an all-time high, as graphic designers and web whizzes compute cooler and cooler ways to display the infinite stream of data flying around the Internet daily.

Find of the week: designer Santiago Ortiz created a data visualization examining how all the people who work at Twitter interact on – well, Twitter.

Check it out, below.

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If It Really Wants To Succeed, Twitter Needs To Hire More Female Executives

A study from Dow Jones VentureSource last week looked at how women are shaping modern businesses, and found that startup companies with a high percentage of female executives are generally more successful than those who skew overwhelmingly towards men.

The survey analysed more than 20,000 companies, and Glam Media, a lifestyle content creator which runs a number of websites, was singled out for high praise amongst all startups, as 29 percent of its 28 executives are female.

Which contrasts somewhat sharply with Twitter, which has the heady total of one senior female executive within its roster.

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Twitter Now Employs More Than 1,000 People

1,046 to be precise. Which means that the firm has been on a serious hiring spree.

Back in January, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that Twitter employed “about 900 people”. I’ve been tracking the company’s staff roster pretty closely for a number of years now and, by looking at the rate of employee acquisition since 2008, I concluded that Twitter should have been sorting out the paperwork for its 1,000th employee “within about six months”, which turned out to be a pretty good guess.

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94% Of All Twitter Employee Tweets Are Sent Via Official Twitter Products [STATS]

Last April, I took a look at the products that Twitter staff members were using to send their tweets, publishing the results on our sister blog, Social Times. Back then, some 85 percent of all tweets from Twitter employees came via official Twitter products, with 32 percent of those from

Fast-forward almost a year later, and Twitter’s stranglehold on how its employees tweet has increased – a heady 94 percent of all staff tweets now come from official Twitter products.

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Twitter Now Employs 833 People, Targets 1,000 By Year End [STATS]

Last month Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that the company now employs “about 900 people”. I’ve been tracking Twitter’s staff count pretty closely for a few years now, and while it’s certainly true that Twitter’s hiring spree is on a major uptrend, with some serious growth in the past few weeks, either Costolo rounded up a little, or Twitter themselves are slow to update their own data, because their current roster looks to be set at 833 people.

Impressive, for sure – and by my calculations, Twitter should hire its 1000th employee before the end of this year.

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Twitter Now Employs More Than 700 People

We’ve tracked Twitter’s staff roster pretty closely at AllTwitter over the past couple of years. Back in May 2009 the company’s employment count was just 69 (dude). By February of this year that number had jumped to almost 400, reached 500 in May and 600 in June, when the company hired more than 70 people in a month.

Things have slowed a little since then, and Twitter has let a few key people go, but the company is still picking up new bodies at a decent pace, and now boasts a staff of more than 700.

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Trouble At Twitter? Key Players Leave After $800 Million Funding Round

Following a massive $800 million round of funding, Twitter board members Bijan Sabet and Fred Wilson, two of the company’s earliest investors, have both stepped down.

It’s the latest in a series of big employee changes at Twitter that have taken place since founder member Jack Dorsey resumed control of the company back in March.

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Jack Dorsey Takes Firmer Hold Of His Twitter As Four Key Players Are Shown The Door

Couple of updates from the world of Twitter personnel – TechCrunch is reporting that four key product mangers have been let go: Kevin Cheng, Josh Elman, Anamitra Banerji and Jean-Paul Cozzatti.

It’s currently unclear if they walked or were fired. All have been with the company since way back.

Twitter isn’t saying much (“some people have left the company and we appreciate their contributions”), but there’s some speculation that they were pushed out by Jack Dorsey, as he looks to tidy up anyone still affiliated with the Evan Williams/Biz Stone/Jason Goldman regime, taking a firmer grip on the house that Jack built.

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