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Calibre Improves Microsoft Word eBook Conversion Tools

Struggling to convert your Microsoft Word document from .DOCX format to a digital book format?

The free eBook creation and editing tool Calibre has been updated with some helpful tools. You can download Calibre at this link. The 0.9.35 Update contains a host of fixes to help writers converting Microsoft Word documents into eBooks. Check it out:

DOCX Input: Add a markup analyzer that identifies and removes redundant markup generated by Word. This can result in much cleaner HTML and reductions in markup size of up to 50% … Bug Fixes … DOCX Input: Add support for theme fonts. DOCX Input: Fix some manual page breaks being ignored DOCX Input: Fix empty paragraphs not being rendered. DOCX Input: Fix some text being underlined incorrectly. The ‘none’ underline style was being translated incorrectly.

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How To Download Fan Fiction as eBooks

Fan fiction writers and readers can now download their favorite fan fiction works to read later on an eReader, smartphone or tablet. We’ve outlined the simple steps below, with pictures.

Thanks to the simple FanFictionDownLoader plug-in for Calibre, you can make easy-reading copies of fan fiction from the Internet. The program will allow you to find an eBook format that works in all major eReading devices.

Follow this link to see the long list of sites that work with the Calibre plug-in, including these five popular sites: FanFiction.netFiction PressTwilightedFicwad and Harry Potter Fan Fiction.

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Latest Calibre Update Brings KF8 Support to Linux, OSX

Have you been wanting to try Amazon’s new ebook format (but don’t own a Kindle Fire or Windows PC). I have some good news for you. Calibre, the open source ebook management tool, can now read and display KF8 files.

The update just came out this morning, and it includes a number of bug fixes as well as new support for 2 Android tablets. But it does not include the ability to make KF8 ebooks just yet; that will be coming in a future update.

On a related note, there aren’t very many KF8 ebooks available outside the Kindle Store, so you might need to make your own. You can download the Kindle Previewer from Amazon and use that to convert an Epub, if you like, or you can try one of a handful of demos that I have uploaded over here.


Calibre Update Adds Support for A10 Android Tablet

Calibre got another update today, and some tablet owners will be pleased. Alongside the usual tweaks and bug fixes, today’s update adds support for the Pocketbook A10, a new 10″ Android tablet.

The update also adds a work-around for bad data from the Amazon servers and it gives Kindle owners a new option to download page counts from GoodReads and add them to an eBook’s metaadata.

Calibre is the leading open source eBook and eReader management tool on the market. It supports conversion from and to a wide variety of eBook formats, and it will also assist you in organizing your eBook library and transferring your eBooks to your eReader (almost all are supported). Calibre is my preferred management tool, by far. I also like it because it can generate ebooks from a number of sources like blogs, websites, and RSS feeds.

Calibre Updated – Adds Support for Kobo Vox, new eBookstore

Calibre has been updated again, and it brings good news for owners of Kobo’s new tablet.

The Kobo Vox is now supported by Calibre, and that means it’s not going to be a lot easier to transfer your Epub and PDF eBooks to your Vox. Admittedly, it wasn’t hard before, but calibre does make it easier to manage an eBook library across several devices.

The update also adds support for several smartphones, direct downloads from a Polish eBookstore,, as well as a number of bug fixes and tweaks.

I’m sure most readers have read this before, Calibre is my preferred eBook and eReader management tool. I think it’s the best free tool for organizing my eBook library and transferring my eBooks to my  eReaders (almost all are supported). It supports conversion from and to a wide variety of eBook formats, and it can draw content from a number of sources like RSS feeds, eBookstores, and free eBook sites.

Calibre Updated – Adds New Kobo support

The weekly update for calibre has just been posted, and it adds support for some of the Kobo Touch eReader’s new features.

Two weeks ago Kobo updated the Kobo PC app and the Kobo Touch eReader with new annotation abilities. Users can now add typed notes, translate a word or phrase, or look up all the notes attached to an eBook.

And now Kobo Touch owners will be able to protect their notes with calibre. Alongside the usual tweaks and bug fixes, today’s update will enable calibre to backup the notes and annotations saved on your Kobo Touch.

Calibre is the leading eBook and eReader management tool. It supports conversion from and to a wide variety of eBook formats. It will also assist you in organizing your eBook library and transferring your eBooks to your eReader (almost all are supported).


Calibre Tips & Tricks Blog Now Up and Running

A new blog launched a little over a week agothat hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Kovid Goyal, the developer of calibre, has quietly started a new how-to blog for calibre.

The blog is going to cover both basic operation and some of the more subtle features of calibre. Posts will be published on a weekly basis and each will a walk-through on some eBook activity you can perform with calibre as well as a few points that highlight some tricks to do more and get a better result.

We have covered calibre on eBookNewser in the past and it is well worth the attention. It’s the best freely available open-source eBook management app out there. You can use calibre to convert to and from any number of ebook formats as well as transfer your DRM-free ebooks to and from all major eReaders (and quite a few minor ones).


Calibre eBook Library Updated – Now Supports Kindle Print Replica

If you were hoping to be able to use Amazon’s newest eBook format, I have some good news for you. Calibre just got its weekly update and one of the new features is support for Kindle Print Replica files.

Calibre is the leading eBook and eReader management tool. It supports conversion from and to a wide variety of eBook formats. It will also assist you in organizing your eBook library and transferring your eBooks to your eReader (almost all are supported).

Kindle Print Replica is a new format that Amazon quietly introduced last week, and which was first noticed over the weekend. It’s best to think of it as something like a PDF format because (like a PDF)  it was designed to the layout of a print book. Of course, the really fun detail is that a KPR file actually is a PDF file; the only difference is that Amazon wrapped the PDF in its own format. I think they did it because they wanted to use PDFs while still controlling the format.

The update won’t let you make KPR files yet; all you can do is take them apart and get the PDF that is inside. It’s not clear yet when calibre will be able to make the file; the developer who figured out how to take the file apart have told me that there are some technical problems with creating the file.  He’s not sure that he will be able to solve them.

How To Convert PDFs to ePub or Kindle Files

Many publishing professionals, writers, reviewers and readers have a stack of PDFs that they wish they could read on a Kindle, Nook or Kobo.

However, the conversion process is a bit daunting and many converted files end up with unseemly page numbers or headers floating around the text.

If you follow our step-by-step tutorial below, you can convert and clean up his PDF file relatively easily. For instance, let’s pretend your friend Franz Kafka emailed you a PDF copy of his latest novella, The Metamorphosis. Here are the steps…

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Calibre Update Released

eBook formatting tool calibre has updated it platform to version 0.8. The update includes new price comparison feature called “Get Books,” which lets users search for a book by title and author to get a list of web stores that sell it in eBook form.

Here is more about the update from calibre’s site: “calibre has an all new metadata download system that allows you much more control over the process. For example, you can now choose a cover from many different online sources.”

Click these links to see how to use calibre to read the news for free on a Kindle or a Nook or a Kobo Touch.

Via Paul K. Biba.