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Google Offering Google Glass to Everyone for One Day Only

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on Google Glass, you can join the Explorer Program at 6 a.m. ET on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. You’ll still have to pay $1,500 for the fancy eyewear, but Google is going to throw in a free set of frames or shades.

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TinkerBots: Modern Legos to Help Your Child Develop Robotic Skills

TinkerBots are like Legos - they even snap to, and jive with Legos. All you have to do is snap together pieces to make creatures, machines, and moveable creations that can repeat functions that you. And as we’ve mentioned, you can also add your old Legos pieces to make the creatures more elaborate. It’s made for kids, but we think it’s good for all ages, even adults who are a kid at heart.

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Google’s Modular Smartphone Project Gives New Hopes to Terrible Batteries

ara-diagramGoogle’s Project Ara is the latest development in phones using modular components. Conceptually, it allows users to create infinite variations of their desired device, but let’s be real, it’s going to be very difficult to make this work like Legos. There is however, some glimmer of hope in the project’s first trajectory: batteries. Read more

The Latest Tool in Mobile Security: Your Identifiable Gestures

iphoneAs it turns out, not all smartphone users are made alike. researchers can detect and identify users simply comparing gestures and usage of each individual. The findings are based on a study by cybersecurity researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Called LatentGesture, it’s capable of an accuracy 98% of the time on smartphones. Read more

Warning: Do Not Use iPad Chargers to Recharge E-Cigarettes

explosionA bartender got a fiery surprise when her co-worker’s e-cigarette exploded in a show of flames. Luckily, no one was severely hurt, but we think this is worth mentioning: iPad chargers should not be used on e-cigarettes.

In fact, we think it’s wise to charge items within view. If possible, charge your devices while you’re awake and can be alerted of dangers if there’s smoke or explosion. Electronics are not fool-proof. Even in your pocket with the right kind of pressure, iPhones and other powered electronics can melt, catch on fire, or explode. Read more

Mobile Orchestra: Celebrating 30 Years of Mobile History

South Korea’s mobile network, SK Telecom created this entertaining K-pop video using an orchestra of mobile phones.  Advertising videos are not usually this fun. In fact, they are about as exciting as taking out the trash. It’s also worth mentioning that South Korea has the fastest mobile network in the world. This video demonstrates that speed is not the only thing SK Telecom is celebrating – the company just really likes to have fun.

Amazon Introduces Grocery Ordering Wand

Amazon Fresh has a fresh new idea – magic microphones for ordering groceries. It comes with a barcode scanner as well, and if you talk sweetly enough, it’s likely to bring you whatever your heart desire by the very next day.

The new device is named Amazon Dash. It’s free and available by invitation only. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, or LA, you can sign up to be a lucky Dasher on Amazon’s website. Once you get your free Dash wand, you can scan items to make your daily grocery lists, or, you can use voice commands on items without barcodes. Once you have a list of items, you can use Amazon Fresh’s website or app to place your order. It seems a bit superfluous unless you really enjoy scanning things.
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How To: Turn a 3D Printer Into A Digital Tattoo Artist

Here’s an innovative way to give yourself tattoos if you’re good at digital graphics: just use your 3D printer! The project is on Instructibles, from Pierre Emm and Johan Da Silveria – French students with a penchant for technology and tattoos.

The genius idea came from a workshop at Parisian design school ENSCI les Ateliers, where the French Ministry hosted a creative workshop to get students to re-create items in the public domain – a “mashup” of sorts. The tattoo team went completely outside the box by creating away to create tattoos pulled from a bank of public images. What begin as a pen tattoo operation became a real digital tattoo artist capable of printing real inked tattoos – whatever images you can dream up or find. Check out their video here:
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Warning: Mobile Phones May or May Not Cause Erectile Dysfunction

phone in pocketRing the alarms! Phones are linked to erectile dysfunction (ED) , aka, men’s greatest fear. The correlation was discovered by medical teams in Australia and Egypt who looked at no less than 20 users  suffering from ED symptoms for at least six months and 10 users who felt great.

On average, the men spent about 4.4 hours carrying around their turned-on phones in their pockets – no pun intended. That’s a lot more than the average 1.8 hours of the ten who showed no symptoms. The study, which was not peer-reviewed, was actually published in the Central European Journal of Urology.  It tested positive for being inconclusive, but since it’s a pilot study, it’s still worth mentioning: man purses are great.

Via Independent UK

Europe Outlaws Roaming Charges, Introduces Net Neutrality Laws

Big changes are coming to European wireless carriers. The first is a law from the European Parliament that will remove all roaming charges by December 15 of next year. Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda said, “consumers are fed up with being ripped off.”

The law comes after last year’s data cap of 45 centers for MB, down from 2012′s 70 euro cents. These reforms come in a long line of net reforms, which sets out to defend net neutrality across the continent. From here, the laws will be sent to the May Parliament session for final approval. Read more