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Video Infographic: Who Really Invented the Internet? Why?

It’s easy to take the internet for granted. When was the last time you heard that Al Gore invented the internet? Like most other complex inventions of multifarious technology and hardware, the internet’s history is complex and interesting. Want to hear the whole story?

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Video Infographic: An Illustrated History of Twitter

Mashable’s in-house illustrator, Bob Al-Greene, created this amazing video depicting the history of Twitter: Eight years ago, Jack Dorsey let the world know he was setting up his “twttr.” How did Twitter go from a 140-character experiment to trading on the NYSE? Follow the social network’s growth over the years.

Yesterday, Twitter celebrated its 8th anniversary with a great tool that allows users to find their first tweet as well as the first tweet from any other user. Check it out. 

Infographic: The Most Expensive Gaming Apps

expensive gaming appsMost games, like Candy Crush and Flappy Bird have made millions from in-app advertising and purchases, but that’s evidently not the only way to make a profit from mobile games. Today, we’re sharing an unusual list of high-priced apps – the kinds that are absurdly cost-prohibitive.

The top of the list is a notable $349.99 football, aka soccer, app that’s called Barcelona vs. Madrid made by Alina Avdeeva. The game was released in September of 2012 and has yet to be updated. Meanwhile, two customers have left interesting reviews, one stating that the app has the “usual graphics” and the other admitting that the app is a “little TOO expensive.”  With just nine ratings, the app comes in at an average of 2 out of 5 stars. It’s evidently not doing very well. Adeeva’s other $349.99 game, Perfect Penalty 2012, is suffering a similar fate with plenty of 1 star reviews that reads like this: This is a stupid game.  Read more

Infographic: How Long Does it Take to Build an App?

app timelineCreating an app, or mobile website, can be as complicated as you want it to be, thus, making the execution of such apps to be as fast as you want it to be. Depending on your budget and project requirements, app design and development can vary from project to project. In fact, it can take just one day (Flappy Bird) to years to design and maintain an app.

However, when considering the rule, and not the exception, most apps can be made within a few months to a year. If you’re considering creating your own, Crispy Codes breaks it down for us: Read more

Infographic: The Growth of Mobile Advertising

going mobileFor the first time in December of 2013, mobile users were turning to their smartphones more than their desktop computers to browse the web.  With that kind of growth it’s no surprise that mobile advertisement is growing equally fast, especially the in-app variety.

Just last year, US consumers saw mobile ads at an estimated $8-$10 Billion spending rate, and that number is expected to reach $18.3 Billion in 2015, propelled by ads for both tablets and smartphones. There are about 4.5 Billion mobile subscribers in the US, but only 25% have internet access at home. That’s a very ripe market for mobile advertisement. Read more

Video Infographic: 40 Years of the Cellphone

According to recent surveys from Pew, cell phones are essential for at least 44% of adults. Surprisingly, 28% surveyed said their landlines would be hard to give up, potentially leaving a small number of users who can live without any type of phone altogether, which sounds pretty crazy to the rest of us.


Read more

Infographic: How Smartphones Hack Your Life

hack your lifeWe’re all pretty aware of the constant spying by advertisers and secret government agency, but we’re just not really sure exactly what all that spying does. It’s fairly obvious how advertisers would like to use our information, but what is malware are how does it harm our devices?

According to the infographic below, 32% of malware will collect user data for profit, like advertising while 23% is intended to disable a device. Only a small margin, 2%, is intended to be used for ransom or blackmail.

Read more

Infographic: What Happens in Just One Internet Minute?

internet minuteEvery minute, approximately 1,300 new mobile users start accessing the world wide web. In doing so, they join the rest of us in downloading 47,000 apps each minute. We will all listen to 61,141 hours of minutes every minute while sending out 2+ million search queries to Google.

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling $83,000 in products, apps, and books. These numbers are just the beginning. Today, the number of smart devices equal the number of humans on the planet. By 2015, that number will be twice the global population. Luckily, our internet speeds are improving. Read more

Infographic: Sochi Olympics Sharing and Viewing Habits

Winter Olympics-FINALIt’s hard to avoid the Sochi Olympics on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s likely impossible on television. This is not surprising since research by Arnold Worldwide indicates that 8 out of 10 people are planning on following the games with 62% planning on sharing it via social media, especially Facebook.

As far as how to consume, 74% of users have indicated that they will be using multiple devices to see Olympics news with 53% of those using their mobile devices. It appears that the second screen is good for watching  live events? Read more

Video Infographic: How Much Money Do Mobile Apps Make?

infographicIt’s hard to predict viral success like that of the Flappy Bird game app, and given the large number of app possibilities, it’s just as easy to lose money making apps. Even for Flappy Bird, success did not come immediately and it required some marketing ingenuity. The game only took one day to make, but months to actually find its viral success something other developers may never see.

Of course, there’s still a chance to make revenue off of ads, and this is where this infographic comes in. This video breaks down the average download numbers, the amount of revenue each download will generate, and how much money each developer will be paid according to each app’s OS. Not surprisingly, Apple’s iOS dominates the revenue. Read more