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Kickstarter Removes Successful Seduction Guide Project

Kickstarter posted a long blog post criticizing a controversial seduction guide project by Ken Hoinsky that raised $16,300  on the site. Many readers had complained about violent content the author had posted on Reddit.

UPDATE: Hoinsky has issued a statement about the controversy.

Kickstarter has decided to ban seduction guides “or anything similar” on the site. They also donated $25,000 to RAINN, an anti-sexual violence charity. Here’s more from the post:

First, there is no taking back money from the project or canceling funding after the fact. When the project was funded the backers’ money went directly from them to the creator. We missed the window. Second, the project page has been removed from Kickstarter. The project has no place on our site. For transparency’s sake, a record of the page is cached here. Third, we are prohibiting “seduction guides,” or anything similar, effective immediately. This material encourages misogynistic behavior and is inconsistent with our mission of funding creative works. These things do not belong on Kickstarter.

Pocket Tripod for iPhone Conveniently Transforms into Thinness of Credit Card

Not many iPhone Accessories have the stamp of approval from Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, but this is what he had to say about this iPhone Pocket Tripod:

Great project. Never would have come about without a great deal of creativity and desire to do something different…it’s perfect for me. You can count me in. I never had thought that something like that could be done.

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Surv Kickstarter Seeking Funds to Map Surveillance Cameras Based on Your Location

Outdoor surveillance cameras are nearly everywhere, but you can never find them when you need them. When my friends were victims of hit and runs, we did our best to source camera footage to find the perpetrators, but it’s nearly impossible to locate cameras just by walking around the city. These are the kinds of public investigations that can be aided by a map of surveillance cameras – the kind that Surv is seeking to provide.
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Create and Control Your Own Cockroach Cyborg With RoboRoach Kickstarter

Do you or your phone want to be a part of the world’s first commercial cyborg? Lucky you because RoboRoach is coming via Kickstarter to a mobile device near you. Pledge $100 or more and you’ll get a miniature communications backpack to attach to a cockroach of your choice. An additional $50 will get you a small cockroach colony, but you can catch your own roaches for free!
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Activist is Building App That Maps Public Access to Malibu Beaches

Despite the fact that the shoreline in Malibu, California is public, it is difficult for the public to access much of the beach. Private homes and gated passageways keep visitors out, even though beachfront homes are only entitled to own a portion of the beach that their house sits on, and not where the sand hits the water.

Jenny Price, a writer/activist in the area worked with Escape Apps to create an app that helps the public find their way past these walled public beaches. Price has raised more than $32,000 through Kickstarter to fund the iPhone and Android versions of the app, which are expected to launch this summer. Here is more about the app from its Kickstarter page:

We’ve made an app that’ll show you exactly where each public access point is up and down the Malibu Coast. It helps you park – ID those fake cones and fake garages. It tells you which signs you can smile at and ignore. It even walks you down each beach – house-by-house – to show you where on each beach you hang all day on the dry sand.

Mutator Headphone Plug Completely Silences Your iPhone with a Simple Twist

If you have an iPhone, you’ve discovered that the mute button doesn’t actually mute all sounds – and that’s annoying. To deal with iPhones and their inconsistent audio behavior, Ron Adair created the Mutator, a small plug that connects to the iPhone via the headphone jack. The Mutator assures that all of the sounds from all of the apps are silenced. The end.

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StorySticker Lets You Create Personalized Readings For Children’s Books

Can’t be there to put your child or grandchild to bed? StorySticker lets you do create audio recordings of yourself reading their favorite book so that they can listen to your voice at bedtime.

The StorySticker audio book works through the combination of an app and a unique coded sticker that attaches to the inside of any children’s book. You can buy the stickers at a book retailer and paste it into your child’s book. Then you can download the free app and follow the prompts to record your reading. The recording is linked with the sticker and your child can hear your recording by scanning the StorySticker code or by selecting the book within the app. will introduce the StorySticker product line at BookExpo America in New York this week. “The joy of reading a physical book with a child is universal,” stated Mike Newman, president of  “StorySticker creates that joy for out of town grandparents and traveling parents – anytime, anywhere. With StorySticker, any children’s book can become a personal audio book.”

Parody Video for ‘iNotRacist’ App Makes Fun of Kickstarter Projects


AboveAverageNetwork has created a parody video making fun of Kickstarter projects. The video is for a fake new social media app called iNotRacist.

The app lets users prove how “not-racist” they are by awarding them points every time they do something nice for someone of another race and then compare their points to their friends and family. Opening doors, dating and even voting for people of another race earns users points.

The video is the first in a series of Thingstarter videos produced by Broadway Video’s Above Average Network.

Kickstarter’s Melon Headband and App Tracks Productivity by Sensing Brainwave Activity

The Melon headband is a brain-sensing device that monitors brain activities while you are studying, dancing, or just doing yoga to help you track your progress and productivity.

At Melon we are really interested in the idea of Understood Self, which we are trying to add to the movement of Quantified Self. We want people to have a great feedback system for the data we’re capturing, so it can help with the activities users already do day-to-day, go beyond numbers and scores, and move towards insights and understanding.

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Kickstarter Project Creates Inexpensive Hardware to Make Every Object Wi-Fi Enabled

Spark Core is an inventive project for hackers and makers – the device is a small Arduino-compatible, wi-fi enabled module. This means that for as little as $39 you can connect practically anything to the internet. All you need is some imagination.
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