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How to Make Your KickStarter Projects More Successful: Our Ten Best Stories of the Week

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the most popular AppNewser headlines of the week.

They include great research on successful Kickstarter campaigns, the surge in 2013′s mobile app usage, and an update to mobile brwoser, Chrome, that could save you 50% of data use.

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Horizon Keeps Your Video Internet Cool

A new video app has all the tech blogs excited this week. Horizon, an iOS app that debuted Tuesday, ensures that the user’s video always lands in horizontal, or landscape orientation — even if you’re holding your phone vertically.

The benefit of a horizontal video is well, it looks better, according to the Internet. A vertical video uploaded to YouTube, for example, leaves a good portion of the player empty, surrounding your video by black bars. Read more

What if the Google Search Engine Was a Real Person?

This comedy sketch from College Humor demonstrates the typical day in the life of Google’s search engine – dutifully answering improper questions, silly questions, hard to understand questions, questions that are not real words… basically, the virtual reference librarian that we love so much when researching papers. So thank you, librarians, real and virtual. This video is for you.


Life in Text: A Break Up Film Told Through Phone Texts

Created by Laurence Jacobs, an LA based filmmaker, Life in Text is an internet film told through the text exchange between a couple, and it might make you re-think erasing all of your old messages, photos, and videos. The break up story begins at the end of the relationship and moves backwards through their text timeline, which included videos and photos.

Get ready for a technologically induced nostalgia lane.

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Researchers Using Soundwaves to Levitate and Control Objects

Science sometimes borders on the occult, and this is no exception. The work is from the University of Tokyo, and it’s much more controlled than you think. In the video below, you can see the manipulation of small particulates moving in three dimension using an array of speakers. It’s like Disney’s Fantasia, but in real life.
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Examinging the Secret Powers of Time and Technology

Time is running out for 2013, and if you’re watching time, it’s already 2014 in Australia. But what does that mean really? For most of the time in our lives we are looking at time, but it’s hardly something we examine except for the days around New Year. We count time, we change time, and we are trying to get more of it because it’s never enough despite all of our gadgets and devices.

While we may fool ourselves into thinking that technology will help achieve more and accomplish more things in the new year, it may be a good time to examining the use of technology and our perspective on time. To get us started in the discussion, this great lecture from RSAnimate, featuring Professor of Psychology, Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University.

Video Flashback: One Day, a Computer Will Fit on Your Desk

As the year is nearing its end, it’s nice to rewind and re-watch some of the predictions humans have made about the future. In this one particular video from 1974, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clark makes a prediction that’s not only technologically accurate but also culturally aware. He correctly states that we will have computers that will fit onto our desk, but it will also make us more mobile and flexible in where we live and how we move.

What are your predictions about the next year or the next thirty years? Your Best Five Instagram Images in One Quick Personal Video

It’s hard to miss all of the year end stories on the web this time of year, and it’s no different on Instagram where nearly 40,000 users have been using to create short videos of their best photos from 2013. To get started, visit and connect your photo account. The video tool digs up your five best photos from the year and turns it into a simple slideshow. Due to the site’s popularity, you might experience a delay in getting your video.
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Merry Christmas from Appnewser!

Merry Christmas from Appnewser – we hope you are enjoying a lovely holiday with friends and family. To celebrate, here’s a video of 2,000 iPhones falling in domino fashion. The phones used Near Field Communication (NFC) to pass information to one another, creating the beautiful light show at the end. Enjoy!


Merry Christmas from Tweet Street, Thomas Kincaid Style

If you’re pining for those good old days when Christmas was more Victorian and life was an idyllic Thomas Kincaid painting… there’s Christmas on Tweet Street! Made by the creative folks at redpepper ad agency, it’s a Thomas Kincaid style scene with live tweets about the Christmas season. It’s the perfect ironic combination of grumpy technology and sentimental snow. Watch this video about their fun project and head over to Tweet Street Live to see it in action.