Taking photos and videos and loading lots of apps onto your phone or tablet can slow down the performance of your device. To help you manage your media and keep your iOS device give its best performance, we’ve created a lists of apps that specialize in cleaning the memory from your device. These apps will help you free up space on your device so that they will work better. Got an Android device? Check out our list of 5 Memory Cleaning Apps for Android Devices.

5 Memory Cleaning Apps for iOS Devices

1. Memory Status: “Memory Status provides the following functions: 1. Memory Status (“Memory”) screen 2. Running User Processes (“Processes”) screen 3. Cleaning Memory (“Cleaning”) screen.”

2. iFullStat: “The best program that shows the most important data on your device! Performed in the usual style of turning pages SpringBoard! Supports all the devices on iOS and Retina Display! Available in 7 languages, such as English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese!”

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