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Photograph of the Day

Photo of the Day: The Moment Mitt Romney Realized He Lost the Election

Surprisingly, it was actually on Election Night, not weeks before, as you might expect.

Still from the documentary “MITT” by Greg Whiteley.

(h/t to Business Insider)

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Click Bait: Actress’ Boobs Embrace Obamacare


The Daily Caller’s Entertainment Editor Taylor Bigler recently published a short piece about the brave, kind, and intelligent actress, Nina Dobrev, and her noble efforts to spread knowledge about the advantages of Obamacare to the masses (especially to the boob-loving part of the masses). In case you didn’t know, Dobrev posed topless in an effort to raise awareness for the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. that thing that everyone’s yelling about right now that really has nothing to do with boobs).

More on Nina baring it all for Obamacare after the jump…


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HMOW: Camera Phone Edition

Three D.C. media types were out on the town at a bar on P Street Thursday night and thankfully ran into this, our Hot Mess of the Week. Please journos, don’t try this, even while off the clock.

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Photo Wars: Breitbart News Villifies Holder

Is Attorney General Eric Holder really this mean? Does he regularly scowl like this?

Tough to say. But in continuing with our “Photo Wars” feature, in which partisan news outlets purposefully depict their political foes in the worst of ways, here is yet another example.

Congratulations to! There’s more where this came from.


Mike Allen’s Hoarding Problem: The Photo Evidence

That’s a picture someone sent Gawker of Politico reporter Mike Allen‘s office when he worked at Time Magazine.

Gawker’s John Cook issued a call for the photo after The New Republic’s interview with co-founders John Harris and Jim VandeHei was published earlier this week.

“Our hope is that the photo above will help readers understand, holistically, how a crucial component of the Washington, D.C., media environment operates,” Cook wrote.

Indeed. It was just last earlier this month we were writing about Politico’s Jonathan Martin, who has a bit of a hoarding problem of his own. Judging by these pictures though, Allen could bury him—literally.

Project Fishbowl: S.E. Cupp and Who?

Yesterday WaPo published this photograph of MSNBC’s “The Cycle” co-host S.E. Cupp. But lurking in the background is a certain nugget of a reporter, Matthew Boyle, who works for So we thought we’d have some fun with some captions in a feature that takes after “Project Runway” with a fishy twist.

Peter Ogburn: 1. “I don’t think anyone has the heart to tell Boyle that it’s S.E. Cupp, not C-Cup.” 2. “Luckily, Cupp didn’t noticed the disheveled homeless man behind her.” 3. “Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket looks pretty good for his age.”

Betsy Rothstein: 1. “How YOU doin S.E. Cupp?” 2. “Hey S.E. have I told you about all those stories I did on the Dominican prostitutes? Impressive, right?” 3. “Hey S.E., it’s you and me and fast and furious, all night long.”

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TWT’s Welcoming Committee: Toilet Paper

The Washington Times really knows how to welcome visitors to their humble abode off New York Avenue. Known for having snakes in their newsroom as well as showers, Murphy Beds and mirrors in some of the executive offices, the place isn’t the classiest of joints. But toilet paper in the grass?

Before conjuring up dreams of an all-new building, Chief Operating Officer John Martin might want to concentrate more on keeping the current surrounding grounds more picked up, which they’ve been known to do in the past. His hands must be full with current duties to overlook the mess of impending layoffs.

Nonetheless, this is the impressive first impression… Read more

CNN’s Burnett Nails Clinton (So to Speak)

Someone over at CNN has a wicked sense of humor. CNN’s Erin Burnett show captured former President Bill Clinton to a tee Thursday night with the above picture and chyron. “Self explanatory,” mused a FishbowlDC reader, who sent it to us.

Burnett interviewed Clinton in Kigali, Rwanda. It was a stop in Clinton’s one-week Africa tour to visit various Clinton Foundation projects. In this segment, Burnett and the former President visit a soy factory, which is part of the Foundation’s efforts to enable sustainable development for families.

Burnett asks Clinton about Chelsea and Hillary in the interview, which makes literal sense with the above chyron. She asks the expected question about the pleasure of getting to travel with his daughter. And then she asks more personal questions about what life will be like with Hillary after she’s no longer Secretary of State:

Burnett: Well, she’s gone all the time, you’re gone all the time. Soon she’s gonna be home a lot, you’re both gonna be home a lot. That’s a big transition in any marriage. (LAUGH) But let me ask you this question. Do you think that –

Clinton: Yes, I’ll be bored — she’ll be bored with me.

Burnett: [LAUGH] Do you have a big vacation or surprise planned for her when she’s done this fall?

Clinton: Well actually I haven’t made a surprise. We do get — we’re takin’ two weeks in August and our family’s goin’ out to Long Island and we’re gonna bring our relatives in and our friends in and just veg out. But when she gets out I want her to go climb Mount Kilimanjaro with me. And I’m working on that.


Photog Hopes Tiger Has a New Girlfriend

Our favorite member of Washington’s pap Colin Drummond hunted down Tiger Woods this week. Drummond, who has an internal GPS on where stars are hiding when they come to town, suggested that Tiger won’t be hanging out much in Washington this week even though he’s playing right in Bethesda. So Drummond ventured up to Bethesda to find him.

“I couldn’t believe that he actually signed over 50 autographs for fans at the 9th hole, so unlike Tiger,” Drummond remarked. “Maybe I’ll get lucky and he has a secret new girlfriend down here that he’s debuting.”

Photog Spots Yankees Pitcher in Georgetown

D.C.’s intrepid paparazzi photog Colin Drummond checks in this morning with a picture  of New York Yankees Ace pitcher CC Sabathia walking around
Georgetown with his son yesterday evening.  “Guess all the Yankees and their kids will be hanging in DC this weekend for Father’s Day, hope to catch A-Rod with his kids and wrestler GF,” says Drummond, whose work can be seen at