Kevin Williamson, roving correspondent for National Review, is a theater thug.

But who can blame him for tossing a woman’s phone across the room while he’s trying to watch a show at a theater in New York? After all, as he explained on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday, he was working. He’s a theater critic and wasn’t watching the show just for his personal enjoyment.

Alyssa Rosenberg. That’s who.

“[M]aking grand statements like Williamson’s is almost certainly more disruptive both to fellow patrons and to the actors on stage than the use of a cell phone in the audience,” Rosenberg wrote in a post for Think Progress. She added that “sending someone else’s phone across the theater at great speed is a much more efficient way to make a martyr of said terribly rude person than to strike a blow for civility.”


On National Review’s “The Corner” blog Wednesday night, Williamson wrote up a post in which he broke the news, detailing how he just went to a theater in New York for a show only to find his experience repeatedly interrupted by phone users. He complained to the manager who said the problem would be amended, only to return to his seat and find the woman next to him on her phone.

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