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Archives: November 2006

Garden Grove To Get Theme Park–But What About the Casino?


Curbed LA, the blog for all things real estate, picks up on a LA Times story about theme parks being sold (Magic Mountain) and theme parks being built (Garden Grove):

In a remarkable case of theme park karma, despite sketchy details, it looks like Korean and Hong Kong-based investors are willing to pour about $8 billion into a town known until now, for its strawberry festival.

Garden Grove has been trying to steal Anaheim’s tourist wealth for years, and was all hot for casino gambling, but those dreams were squashed.

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VIDEO: Oh, (Media) Baby

Click image to play video

WARNING: Video contains explicit oatmeal consumption that is not suitable for those with sensitive stomachs (NSFTWSS)

Because we don’t discriminate against spit-up from those under the age of two, we bring you this clip of the ‘bistro’s first media baby going to town on some oatmeal while shielded in style by her bib. She goes by Lily Simone Hibbard, and proud parents Elena Vega and Justin Hibbard were introduced back in June 2000 by CEO Laurel Touby at the company’s first-ever San Francisco party.

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Eden Unlocks Mystery of Drew’n'Fab

dawneden.jpgLoose rock journo-turned holy roller conservative blogger Dawn Eden submits to an interview with Radar. She lays bare the truth behind bagging musicians, while writer Peter Hyman strives to keep the beat:

Did you sleep mainly with drummers or guitarists?
The thing about drummers is that they are easier than guitarists. There is less competition for them, and they are easier to please and not used to the attention.

I used to play drums. What’s the difference between celibacy and chastity?
Celibacy is static. It’s a state of grace, where nothing penetrates you.

Off the Media: Turkey, Elections and Repeats

On the Media this week couldn’t resist the post-Thanksgiving pun, when Bob Garfield (do we have to call him co-host every week?) went slightly outside the usual Mideast sphere for a visit to Turkey, where he revealed that the press still isn’t completely free — though things are better.

Ana Marie Cox (still funny for us to hear the Wonkette referred to as expounded on the nuance behind the election headlines: some of the Dems elected were conservative, and the all-important “swing voters weren’t thinking so much about the Iraq war; they were thinking about wanting a change for a lot of different reasons,” like corruption (which you already know if you paid attention).

And a couple of reruns, one on the create-a-pundit industry of media coaches by John Solomon, and a another from New Yorker Jay Rosen, speaking about “legacy media … saddled with an outdated or heavy infrastructure in an age when to be nimbler and lighter might be a lot better.”

Creative Director Lowe Leaves Life & Style

lifestylegetout1.jpgJossip has word that Life & Style creative director Tom Lowe has left the building. This comes a mere day or so after general manager Mark Pasetsky was called on to replace editor-in-chief Debra Birnbaum, who was all sorts of ousted on Tuesday for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. Are still more on staff considering heading for the hills? Will the shuffle up top delay the launch of L&S‘s upcoming shopping site? For all the comparisons and dispute over how much Life versus Style fueled the moves, will it just wind up being another way to disseminate Kitson merchandise, the crack rock of the celeb-obsessed set? Stay tuned…


  • Life & Style Editor Change: Insider Says ‘Missions Collided’
  • LA Times Editorial–Hazing is Bad, LAFD is Bad, Trial is Good


    We got our wish, but as they say, be careful what you wish for. The LA Times has an editorial on the Tennie “Big Dog” Pierce affair, but rather than championing the Mayor’s common sense or condemning the City Council for its lack of same, the unsigned editorial gets all fluttery at hazing, pranks, and frat-boy behavior in the Fire Department.

    Don’t these people watch Rescue Me? Firefighters, like cops and soldiers go to work everyday expecting the worst–death, maiming, permanent injury. At the LA Times, a writer can expect a paper cut. People–and let’s be real here–men seek ways to allieviate stress, and invent rituals, rites of passage, practical jokes and so on. Because these people aren’t sensitive young poetesses, the humor is coarse and physical. Frat boys imitate this, not the other way around.

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    LAT in 90 Seconds — The Apology Edition

    gibsonrichards.jpgMichael Richards: A Seemingly Jewish Guy Mel Gibson Could Love: Mel weighs in on the Richards’ brouhaha in Entertainment Weekly. And we hear Cookie is going to run Michael Jackson’s single-parent parenting tips for Britney Spears. We’d be terribly jaded journalists if we pointed out that Gibson’s defense of a guy people only think is Jewish runs in the Dec. 8 issue of the magazine — the same day that his new movie happens to premiere.

    ojpix.jpgSidebar: The breaking Mel piece runs with a pretty funny study in celebrity confessionals.

    spearsmomma.jpg‘Toxic’ Friendship: Following the proliferation of Britney Spears’ crotch shots (no, we’re not linking to it) all over the Web, an AP writer urges Brit to dump her bad-influence-pal Paris Hilton, put some panties on and book an appearance on Oprah before her career fizzles completely.

    Entertainment Weekly magazine executive editor Lori Majewski (what is it with EW in the LAT today?) says: “The public can be very forgiving and, you know, if she were to go on Oprah, the court of public opinion could quickly turn.”

    ANTM Drops Actual Model, Retains Diversity, Picks Elderly Trolls


    FBLA is so disgusted that we must vent. ANTM has jumped not just the shark,but the whole seafood buffet. Call us dim, but we just figured out that the producers and judges (aka Tyra) have no interest in actually picking a young woman who could have any sort of legitimate career in modeling. The three superannuated types who are left after Amanda (and her twin sister Michelle) were sent home, could maybe get work as
    (1) local anchor at KXGN or
    (2) posing for action figures or
    (3) booth babes for AARP.

    One of the prizes is a cover (and a fashion spread) in Seventeen. Meaning the winner should be able to recall being 17.

    Video: Screw‘s Al Goldstein: ‘I Was Very Sensitive to Exploitation’

    WARNING: The above video contains language that is extremely explicit and so not suitable for work (SNSFW)


  • Video: Screw‘s Al Goldstein: ‘This Is What a Washed-Up Pornographer Looks Like’
  • No Talking at the Talkies and No Pictures at the Picture Show

    camphonedenier.jpgIn a funny and sometimes scathing blog rant, a freelance movie reviewer for E! Online went off on the bane of press-screening reviewers everywhere: Theater Security. For all the swank junkets and lavish swag they give to reporters, studios still haven’t figured out that they shouldn’t hire goons to annoy the hell out of journalists right before herding them, cattle style, into the theaters to see their pics.

    This particular scribe, who goes by the name Absinthe, said he was nearly denied entry to Turistas because his Sidekick sports a poor-quality camera phone. When he tried to solicit a Fox PR person for help, she could only offer: “Dude, you’re supposed to lie. That’s what I do. I just hide it in my bra, they never take it.”

    Absinthe tells FBLA this isn’t the first time a theater goon suggested he planned to commit movie piracy with his shitty phone, but it is, hands down, the most inane. And to commemorate it, he took that yonder photo of the goon before returning his Sidekick to his car like a good boy.