Jennifer Rainville didn’t have a lengthy or legendary career in TV news, but it helped lead her  into her true calling as a full-time author.

Rainville worked behind the scenes at WNBC in 2001, and got in front of the camera at Time Warner Cable’s NY1 from 2002 to 2005.

Rainville has just published her first book—a novel—Trance of Insignificance—weighted heavily on her own personal experiences.

“Much of the settings and many of my experiences served as the inspiration,” Rainville says. “But the characters are invented. It’s fiction.”

Much of Rainville’s professional (and personal) life is portrayed using the protagonist Jules Duvil.

Along with her own personal experiences, Rainville incorporated several “muses” from working in news.

Early in the fictional Duvil’s career, she gets swept up in a torrid love affair with a seasoned New York TV anchor. The duo would hook up, sometimes planned, sometimes spur of the moment, for several years. It is easy for the reader to feel the electricity between the passionate news professionals.

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