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Eileen Gunn overcame her initial doubts. "Several friends told me they'd gotten some great assignments through Freelance Marketplace, but I was skeptical. You get all the best gigs through word-of-mouth, don't you? ... A few months later a book packager who found my listing asked me develop a proposal around a career-advice book she wanted to put together that sounded unusual and very cool ... I did the proposal, got the job, and my book, Your Career Is an Extreme Sport, was released by Adams Media this fall. If it had been the only job I got through the Marketplace (and it wasn't), that one project would still have returned what I paid for my listing several times over.

Stevie Wilson landed a contributing fashion editor gig in California. "The editor found me through her search on Being a member is definitely a worthwhile investment!"
Holly Becker reports, "I've received numerous calls from my ad in the Freelance Marketplace...and landed my own column in's taste and style section. What a great resource to plug into, thank you!"
David Barry was "just about ready to give up on the Freelance Marketplace, having heard nothing but silence for months. Then, a proposal which seems to be rapidly becoming a book contract came in. The same day, a contract to write a twice-monthly column came in. I worked out a deal within two emails, in less than 10 minutes, and now have a writing job that I didn't have before... You just have no way of knowing when the lightning is going to strike. And there is no other conceivable means by which these two employers would have reached me. So, thanks, MB!"
"When I signed up for a year's subscription to Freelance Marketplace, I didn't know whether I was blowing my money and consigning myself to media oblivion or what," reports Kyle Roderick, Los Angeles-based mind/body health journalist and book author. "Twelve months and twelve grand later, I am now a believer. I just renewed my subscription...."
Dann Anthony Maurno just celebrated his one-year anniversary as a full-time freelancer, and he states that the "first (and best) thing I did was join [the Freelance Marketplace].

"In technology journalism, no client wants to pay for a 'learning curve,'
they want someone who knows the basics. The word search feature is vital,
and more clients have found me by punching in a word than any other feature.

"In fact, I haven't had to actively sell or query in three months—mb helped me build a portfolio of repeat clientele, and allows new clients to find me.

"That said, it is what a writer makes of it. After all, the profile is the first writing sample. I noticed that the work started coming after I tweaked my profile a couple of times.

"...Pretty damned marvelous service, and the first thing I recommend when people ask me, How do I get into the business?"

No photo available Hawaii-based Alex Salkever "had listed my services for a month or so with no bites and then out of the blue came a $2,000 gig that would cover the cost of Freelance Marketplace for years to come. It also could turn into a steadier arrangement with multiple ideas getting published in a monthly magazine. It was the easiest $2k assignment I've ever gotten."
Josh Krist didn't waste much time: "I just wanted to let you know that I scored my first freelance gig through Freelance Marketplace two days after I put my listing up. The assignment was a short, last-minute destination piece on San Diego—a place I've written about often and was excited to put something together on. Just with this first assignment, the service has more than paid for itself. Great idea, thanks!"
"I never list on these kinds of things," writes Deborah Reber, "but was so impressed with the previous testimonials that I thought I'd give it a try for a month and see what happened. Just before the first month was up I was contacted by an editor who subsequently assigned me two sweet writing assignments for her publication. The pay was great (more than paid for several years worth of Freelance Marketplace listing), but more importantly, I've developed a great relationship with an editor who I hope to work with for many years to come!"
Through Freelance Marketplace, Melanie Votaw got an article assignment with a new magazine called His & Hers. "They contacted me because of my book, '52 Weeks of Passionate Sex,' and asked me to write a 1,000-word piece at $1 per word. I've already been paid, so the Freelance Marketplace has paid for itself many times over."
Cynthia Graber recently posted a Marketplace listing, "not expecting that my experience matches up with what most people search on mediabistro. Within a couple of months, I received an email from an editor searching for a science journalist who speaks Spanish—and I'm now working on a series of articles that may span two years, and may end up bringing in tens of thousands of dollars. Thanks!"

Carrie Giardino writes that she just completed a contract assignment with International Media Communications, which she received through the Freelance Marketplace. "I reported directly to the Project Director Raffaella Agosti and I want to say that it was one of the best reporting experiences I have had. Ms. Agosti engaged in constant communication and sent great research material. Payment was also received very quickly. The organization was even able to expand my contract during the process of organizing a corporate publication guide they were putting together and gave me a greater opportunity to contribute."

Kristin Bagnato was pleasantly surprised: "When I signed up for the freelance marketplace, I thought it would be a long shot, but worth a try. My first job from it put to rest any doubts. The fee for the story more than covered the subscription to the marketplace, and landed me one of my most visible bylines to date. Money well spent!!"
Cartoonist Dan Rosandich had listed his services for about 8 weeks "when all of a sudden I received an e-mail from a doctor in California who indicated they saw my samples [listed] and that they were starting up a new magazine. After noticing my medical cartoon catalog, the editor asked if she could begin running my cartoons in August and I gave her a reasonable price and we agreed on the payment structure to escalate as the publication gets more subscribers. What began as a $20 or $40 investment in the Freelance Marketplace looks as though it should blossom into $3000 over time. I am extremely satisfied and looking forward to more responses."
TV news writer and producer Jené Luciani shared this good news: "I just wanted to say that the Freelance Marketplace has been amazing. I secured a freelance job this week that turned out to be a great contact, too. Both I and the employer benefited from it and are both thrilled with the results. We wouldn’t have found each other if I hadn’t been listed and she hadn’t been looking. Thanks again!!!"
Donna Halper contacted us with this: "Just wanted to thank you for being such a good service. I am an experienced fact-checker, writer and media historian. Thanks to you, I was contacted by a publisher in New Jersey that needed a fact checker, and when I completed that assignment, they liked my work enough to give me another assignment—this time, doing some copy-editing. We would never have found each other were it not for mediabistro. I'm glad I became a member—I've certainly made back what it cost me to join, and I am hopeful of getting more work in the future. Just wanted to express my appreciation."
No photo available Lilian Dregalla posted in the Marketplace in March and, after a slow start, she reported: "July 21st, I got a call from a New York Post reporter, who saw my listing and needed a local writer to do some interviews for a story he was working on. It was a fast turnaround—3 hours to get to the site, do the interviews, transcribe, and dictate—but it was fun, he was great to work with, and he generously put me first in the byline."
Heather Schwartz had Marketplace success back in December, but just contacted mb again with an update: "I already have a testimonial up on the Freelance Marketplace, but I wanted to let you know about this latest news... I recently got a book deal through my Freelance Marketplace listing, and as a result of that development, I now have an agent! Also, I researched agents using your How to Pitch columns—they were a tremendous help!"

Catherine Rigod recently let us know of "a little success. I was contacted for a freelance position off of for a new magazine that is starting in California, called In Sonoma. (The parent company is the New York Times.) I was able to complete the assignment, and I was also told the article might run in Savor Magazine as well...Thanks, mediabistro—getting me quite a lot of tears!"

Kathy McGilvery reports: "For the first couple of months nobody contacted me but then all of a sudden in March 2005 that completely changed! I am contacted at least once a week by someone I've never met or even heard of. The mediabistro listing allows you to post a few small graphic samples of your work but by far the most important thing is to have a link to your website. Those searching for a designer can get a good idea of your style and specialties before contacting you — no time wasted!

"Previously my work was all by referral or by me answering an ad. In the last 2 months have I completed 4 jobs for 3 different clients who found me through mediabistro and been paid for them. I’m currently in the middle of 2 additional projects from 2 of those clients. So I seem to have developed an ongoing business relationship with at least 2 new clients. And they are REAL businesses with professional attitudes and realistic expectations.

"I am a full-time art director/graphic designer. I have worked for myself for 8 years. Some years are better than others but this is the only thing I do. And this year is already better than last year. mediabistro is currently my only online listing."

Shannon Okey writes in: "My Freelance Marketplace profile has netted me more assignments faster than any other online service I've ever used -- and the best part is, they came looking for me! It takes hours to bid on new assignments at other freelancing sites...mediabistro's built the better mousetrap with FM."

Within a month of listing on the Marketplace, Katrina Olivares was offered a dating column by The Examiner. "That led to an assignment at Marie Claire magazine to go manhunting for the greater D.C. area's best bachelors.
It's thrilling to write for women's interests again, especially after working at Cosmo for years and getting another gig at a Hearst publication. (Incidentally, The Examiner's flagship paper, The San Francisco Examiner, was initially owned by Hearst too. So this really helps me feel I've come full-circle.)"

Wensdy White of Royal Oak, Mich. has already been hired for two jobs via the Marketplace. "Editors from both Modern Bride and Marie Claire called me looking for local angles on stories. I have so far written about wedding trends in Michigan for Modern Bride, and tracked down the Detroit area's most eligible bachelors for Marie Claire. Freelance Marketplace is priceless when it comes to making connections between writers looking to increase their exposure, and editors looking for quality journalists in particular cities."

Anna David happily reports: "I can't tell you how much I've appreciated the Freelance Marketplace! I had been sending my clips to Maxim for years, never hearing a word back, and one day I got a call from a Senior Editor there who'd seen my Freelance Marketplace listing. She gave me an assignment and was so positive in her feedback on my work that she then took it upon herself to introduce me to editors at Stuff and Blender. And even though she's not at Maxim anymore, the positive things she said about me remained and I just did their March cover story."

Perseverance finally paid off for Dina Santorelli, who told herself that if she got one freelance assignment from the Marketplace, her subscription would be worth it. "I told myself that every day when I checked my email and there was nothing--not even a note from my mom! I told myself that when I had gotten a few nibbles here and there, but nothing panned out. But today I just landed a regular freelance writing and editing assignment for Family and Salute magazines that, by itself, will recoup my investment five times over. My advice to writers: hang in there! It really can happen at any time, especially when you least expect it."
Sandra Carr placed her profile in the Marketplace last October. A week later, she tells us, "I received an e-mail from an Ink editor (a publication that is based in London, England)...asking if I was interested and available to write stories in Orlando and other areas (the airline's hubs). Plus, I was able to pitch the editor enough stories for a year!" (Ms. Carr has also been contacted to write feature stories for a national publication, review Orlando bars/clubs for Zagat Surveys, and assist a book author with interviewing celebrities.)
Since joining the Freelance Marketplace one month ago, Dona DeZube reports receiving "constant calls from potential clients. I've just finished an assignment from a European Union website that will pay my tab at the 'bistro for the next 52.5 months. What a great return on investment!"
In her few months in the Marketplace, Laura Wise-Blau of Bexley, Ohio, has gained four clients and eight projects. Of the Freelance Marketplace, she states: "1) People who hire really look at it, and 2) It minimizes having to sell yourself, as the editors have a chance to review your clips before they contact you. Thanks again for everything. MB has made a real impact on my freelance career."
Only 5 days after listing herself in the Marketplace, Hillary Easom heard from a magazine editor with a photography assignment. "He needed photos quickly to accompany an article, and I was available. This assignment more than paid my membership dues, and it was a terrific opportunity. I'm eager to see how else the Freelance Marketplace will help me broaden my career. Thanks for providing us with such a fabulous marketing tool."
After about two weeks in the Marketplace, Cheryl Fenton was contacted by "a gentleman at a new beauty magazine in Boston called Mirror magazine. He hired me as his editor on a freelance basis, and the magazine is going strong, becoming a constant flow of editing and writing projects."
No photo available "Finally a place just for freelancers!" Catharine A. Henningsen wrote to us. "Within two weeks, I booked several assignments through the Marketplace and was contacted by several other prospects. Over the past five years, I've joined several services billing themselves out as 'for freelancers' only to receive one full-time job offer after another and no freelance assignments. They were all a colossal waste of time. Thanks, Freelance Marketplace, for finally giving us what we need!"
One week after posting, stylist/writer/editor Michael Cohen was contacted for a quick turnover writing assignment. "The rate wasn't amazing, but it was enough to pay for a full year listing in the Marketplace. I feel validated and confident about my future as a freelancer. Thanks very much for launching the section!"
Debra Gordon wrote in with the great news that she "landed a $15,000 project just two days after posting my information on the freelance directory. That's the fastest I've ever had any business investment pay for itself (many times over)."
David Chiu considers the Freelance Marketplace a great resource because of its far-reaching potential for finding people interested in his writing talents. "Thanks to this, I recently got a very favorable response, which makes all the hard work worthwhile."
When Cal Orey first posted her listing, she says she felt "like a wallflower at a singles' bar. But after one month, I was finally contacted by the founder of an up-and-coming inspirational women's magazine. Not only will I be fine-tuning a wide variety of articles, I will be submitting stories as well. Plus, I will be included as a contributing writer on the masthead. It is a perfect fit!"
No photo available Princeton University found Jonathan Bourland's profile in the Freelance Marketplace and commissioned an illustration from him. "They were incredibly friendly and allowed me a lot of freedom with the project. It was fun, and we were both pleased with the end result. If this is the sort of experience I can expect from the Freelance Marketplace, then I'll be here for a while."
Two weeks after listing on the Marketplace, Lew Harris "got an email from a real-estate developer in Orlando who had just bought a network of magazines--and was smart enough to realize he didn't know what to do with them, in terms of content. We've had a long series of conversations about how to turn them into something truly professional. It could have turned into a great fulltime gig--if I'd wanted to uproot from L.A. to Orlando! Instead we're talking about an interesting, challenging consulting gig while he gets his staff on its feet."
After only a few weeks of registering on the Freelance Marketplace, an editor for a pull-out section of the Boston Globe contacted Jennifer Elise Chase about profiling someone involved in Boston's higher-ed scene. "Being a Bostonian, knowing that an editor actually viewed my non-New York freelancing address as a positive was a huge thrill. My fingers are crossed for more e-mails."
No photo available Steven Viuker has already been contacted twice: once regarding providing online content about jobs and the workplace, and once about writing for a newspaper supplement with nationwide circulation. "I got my money's worth already," he tells us.
Within a day of posting, Laura Galloway "received several queries from fantastic potential clients, and the calls keep coming... The Freelance Marketplace has been like having my own business development person on staff. I'm now convinced of the fact that that next to personal referrals, the Freelance Marketplace is the single best way to increase one's exposure. Thank you, mediabistro!"
Within two days, Kathryn Quigley was contacted by an editor at Modern Bride. "After I told her my sad, sad tale of being a bridesmaid six times," Kathryn reports, "she gave me an assignment."

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