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"The freelancer who posted her qualifications in your Film/TV/Video section is EXACTLY the person I need to help resolve a 'sticky' post-production issue for a television project. Within minutes of our first telephone conversation, it was obvious she had an immediate grasp of the nature of my problem. Thanks!"

-Eric Voth

"It was a great experience. I heard back promptly from all the freelancers I'd contacted through marketplace. There's a very good chance one will work out for the project for which we're looking for a writer. It's a great resource, and I'll certainly be using it again."

-DeAnna George, Editor, Orange Coast magazine

"I visited the Freelance Marketplace when I was looking for a graphic designer to update my letterhead, as I'm releasing my new CD, Supernova, and beginning my promotion campaign. I found Charlene Alpay, who contacted me quickly, and was perfect for the job. Not only is Charlene professional, she's very pleasant to work with. I had a printer in mind that I vaguely knew, and she recommended another printer that she had worked with before, which was quite helpful. One of the other great things that came from my association with Charlene was that she also recommended an amazing vet for my cat. That factoid may not be as important to you, but I never would have known about this holistic-minded vet if I hadn't gone to to look for a graphic artist. So I have to say that using your Freelance Marketplace was the best decision, and I'd visit again in a heartbeat."

-Carla Hall, Musician and Music Biz Columnist

"I found the Marketplace very useful and within an hour's time was able to identify and assign stories to two freelancers new to our publication. I was looking for writers with experience and a comfort zone in writing about technology, and it was helpful to be able to include that keyword in my search. And I was pleasantly surprised that the writers were willing to work with a small publication like mine. I love your site!"

-Kathleen DesMarteau, Editor in Chief, Apparel Magazine

"'s Freelance Marketplace was so easy to use! I needed to outsource a project for quick turn around time and the Marketplace allowed me to quickly interview multiple candidates, submit RFP's and complete our project. We met our deadline and that's important to us because it's important to our clients. Thank you, mediabistro!"

-Corinne Goble, Director, Financial Marketing Group, Birmingham, AL

"The Marketplace is great. We don't have frequent needs for hiring freelancers, but when we do, I always seem to find interesting and qualified people. We hired a freelancer last Fall for a book we were writing. When an opening for an editor came up, we ended up hiring him for the position. We were really impressed with his qualifications and professionalism . . .We are only focused on the financial sector, so it's nice to have that as a search feature. We'll definitely use it in the future."

-Maria Slabaugh,

"I am starting up a new type of agency to help companies (and agencies themselves) adjust to the new marketing realities of shifting priorities and consumer control. To make a long story short, I am preparing a book proposal for shopping to agents. I needed help with overall organization, editing and pitch assistance. One of your team directed me to the Freelance Marketplace, where your search tool helped me quickly narrow the field to those with some business non-fiction experience. I put out three requests, heard from two terrific candidates, selected one (Susan Weinstein) and completed the proposal in a matter of days. Great resource, great site, great people."

Michael Westcott, PatternWorks

"I have indeed had success with your Freelance Marketplace. I'm a freelancer myself, but my web design skills were not enough to produce a professional business site in a timely manner. I have hired someone from your listings and we are proceeding, so thanks much--I'll let you know when we GO LIVE."

–Ericka Hamburg

"I needed someone to help us out in New York and I found exactly what I was looking for at (Christina DiMartino). So I'm very satisfied with your service and will try again next time occasion arises. Best regards from Germany."

-Falk Steins, Chefredakteur snaxxMagazin

"I did find a freelancer. I was looking for a writer in a specific part of the country. I appreciated that the site listed the writers' cities. I also greatly appreciated the writing samples, as that was what made my final decision."

-Susan Wagner, Editor, Country Business

"We were looking for an experienced freelance photographer to work with us in Philadelphia on a specific date. Freelance Marketplace helped me easily find a number of qualified individuals. I made contact with one of them by email, got a phone call the next morning, and we agreed on the scope of work and rates. I don't think I've ever found a freelancer so quickly and painlessly."

-Russell Perkins, InfoCommerce Group

"I am really pleased with Freelance Marketplace. As an editor, I find it a rare resource. [I] found two freelancers, both of whom are getting assignments. Will likely be looking for more as Attache departs this world in December of this year. We're doing a new US Airways magazine, and it's a different beast from Attache. Thus, I've been using to scan for writers in particular geographical areas and with particular areas of expertise. is a great resource."

-Lance Elko, Editor

" is a wealth of information for anyone working in the media. As the managing editor of a B-2-B publication, I am constantly searching for writers capable of tackling the subject of manufacturing. No other website has given me as many freelance writer leads, and they manage to do it in an easy-to-navigate, engaging setting. I'm a fan, and will continue to use their website as a multi-faceted directory of resources."

-Jill Sevelow, Managing Editor, Today's Machining World

"We did have some luck and have been using two writers we found through your helpful service. (You can see the results here and here.)

"...One of the things I liked about your service is that we did not have to post an ad, which would have meant sorting through many unsuitable resumes."

-Martin Wolk,

"I am a fashion publicist and was seeking someone to pitch TV for one of my clients. I found her. Jené Luciani was great and landed me a great gig in just 1 day! Thanks."

-Jodi Lin, fashion publicist

"I found mediabistro extremely valuable. It enabled a search for a freelance journalist who I eventually hired for a project. What amazed me, especially, was the well-organized and reliable information, including references."

-Leora Skolkin-Smith, author of Edges: O, Israel, O Palestine

"I was going crazy searching for a freelance publicist for a new project we were doing. I had heard about mediabistro before this, but a friend told me about their Freelance Marketplace. Before I knew it, I saw resumes for many qualified people, and in the end, it was a hard decision to pick one! The freelancer we chose has been great, and we look forward to continue working with her."

-Lauren Bailey, Marketing Manager, Miller Theatre at Columbia University

"In a nutshell, I'm amazed at how easy it was to locate a writer that is a perfect match for my project!

"[My] company...will produce and distribute short-form (2 min.) daily features to public radio. I've been struggling with how to get these scripted, since I have some writing skills, but to ensure success, I feel that I really should have a professional write the scripts. This would also enable me to focus on coordinating production, lining up stations, and securing underwiters.

"I came across your site...narrowed [the search] down to eight candidates and emailed them outlining my project. I received five responses and now have three candidates. I think any one of these candidates will be able to meet my needs. My task now is a difficult one: determine which one is the best fit.

"I can't believe how has simplified my search for a writer. I accomplished in days what was taking me months to do...and with significantly better results!"

-Robert Bogart, SFG Radio

"I used the Freelance Marketplace for the first time to hire freelancer Masha Zager to write a feature article for Call Center Magazine and just wanted to let you know that she did a great job--on time, very thorough, and insightful. I would highly recommend her to other companies."

-Jennifer O'Herron, Managing Editor, Call Center Magazine

"It's funny... My Freelance Marketplace career has come full circle. I became the executive editor, on a freelance basis, of Family and Salute magazines through the Freelance Marketplace earlier in the year, and now I'm using it to find good writers to work with me. I actually found a great writer, John Allen, who has already written two stories for the publications. Using the search feature, I was really able to pinpoint specific qualifications I was looking for. And, as a freelance writer myself, I continue to get freelance jobs from the Marketplace."

-Dina Santorelli

"Your Freelance Marketplace is a godsend! I not only found a fantastic writer for the book Stonesong is packaging, I also came across dozens more writers I would use in a heartbeat for future projects. Thank you for providing a wonderful and much-needed service."

-Alison Fargis, Stonesong Press

"I was really impressed with the quality of work displayed in the freelancer's portfolios. I found three writers in the Freelance Marketplace and they're now getting steady work contributing to a print magazine with a large paid subscriber base. I will continue to use this database as the first place I look when I need writers or photographers for my magazine."

-Jennifer Santiago, Editor-in-Chief, Texas Family Magazine

"I contacted a few freelance designers from the website...One of them, Simone Tieber, piqued my interest over the others for her ability and understanding of where I was with my publication. Suprisingly, it only took a few months for us to have a complete prototype, over 100 pages. Not suprisingly, her work was fantastic. Each original spread was close to exactly how I envisioned it and when she put her own spin on things, I was very pleased.

"Working with Simone was not only a breath of fresh air, but also gave me confidence in presenting the prototype to possible investors. She brought a creative, friendly atomosphere to our business relationship and wasn't afraid to put her two cents in. Finding Simone through the Freelance Marketplace was the best thing that could have happened to the magazine. I hope to work with her in the future and would recommend her to anyone."

-Ari Ratner

"I've met with two freelancers and was very impressed with both! When I need more people I'll certainly go to your site first."

-Creative Director, Time Inc.

"The Freelance Marketplace was a lifesaver. I was able to find a great writer to do a last-minute market profile on the state of Hawaii--a writer who lives in Hawaii and knows something about the industry as well!

"The strength of your site is its ability to sort by expertise and location. Our magazine is in a specialty trade niche--the default mortgage industry--so we are in search of a special breed of writer who is able to write to a special kind of audience in an industry that is not very well known. The fact that you provide a built-in means for contacting the person along with the means for them to post samples is absolutely glorious."

-Dave Cumming, Editor, REO Magazine

"I did contact two writers on the Freelance Marketplace and I plan on using both. One already published an article with my magazine, Urbanite, the second may publish a piece in the summer. I found the site extremely useful and I think you guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!"

-Elizabeth Evitts, Managing Editor, Urbanite

"I was looking for a freelancer in Southern California who could write a profile of a marine scientist. I was specifically looking for someone who was facile in scientific jargon (the subject was a research coordinator for a marine sanctuary) who could also write an engaging, creative piece. I'm the editor of an award-winning college alumni magazine, and our readers expect smart, well-written pieces, but the stories have to be as accessible (and interesting) to curious readers as it would be to those with an expertise in the field covered.

"Through the Freelance Marketplace, I found Ashley Padgett, a freelance writer in San Diego. Through her clips and resume, I learned she had advanced degrees in environmental science and literary journalism--a perfect combination for the story I wanted to assign. She also was within a few hours of Santa Barbara and was available to accompany the subject on a research trip to the Channel Islands.

"Ashley turned in a very good story, which ran in our fall issue. I wouldn't have found her without the Freelance Marketplace. I haven't had the occasion to use the freelance marketplace again, but I wouldn't hesitate to do so."

-Matt Jennings

"I am launching a new magazine, and initially I did not know how I would solve the problem of finding good writers. Eventually I found your site. I offered work to about 10-12 writers, and I have already hired six of them. For my purposes, your site has fulfilled my needs and expectations 100%. The quality and diversity of the writers is fantastic. Please continue to encourage writers to have links to their work, because with the number of writers you offered, I simply didn't have time to contact people who didn't have samples."

-Simone Gold, MEDICALife Magazine

"We used [the Freelance Marketplace] recently to find a writer to cover the lighting design for Cirque du Soleil's latest production in Las Vegas. While the writer we originally contacted was too busy to do the piece, she hooked us up with another area writer who ended up doing a great job for us.

"As far as suggestions go, as a technical theater magazine, we are always looking for good writers to cover smaller theaters in cities that are not necessarily known for their abundance of writers (cities like Lincoln, Neb., Dayton, Ohio and Baton Rouge, La., come to mind) so anything you can do to get people in smaller cities to register with FM would be a big help to all of us."

-Keith Pandolfi

"I found a great freelancer through the Marketplace. He now writes our 'Rides' column every month. I'll definitely use the Marketplace again."

-Articles Editor, Muscle & Fitness

"As I'm always on the lookout for writers not based in NYC, the Marketplace is a fantastic resource for me."

-a bridal magazine

"I used a great copy writer from mediabistro and I still use her. The [first] project was a huge promotion project involving Canon, the NFL and Visa. The copy writer I used rocked! (She was totally professional and great to work with.)"

-Stephen Friedson Design

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