Are you looking for an alternative to the well-known crowdfunding sites?

Financial journalist Blaire Briody, photojournalist Brad DeCecco, and documentary filmmaker Ashley Panzera are raising funds for a reporting trip (and eventual book) exploring the oil boom Williston, North Dakota. They used a new community funding site called Fairstreet to raise the funds, so we caught up with Briody to find out more about the new platform:

I chose FairStreet because they’re a small startup with a hands-on approach. They’re different because they vet each project carefully and give you a support system – which includes consultation on how to build a successful campaign, sending the project out to their own contacts, and paying for the campaign video. The fact that they believed in my project gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with the funding effort. The video is professionally done and I think that helped add legitimacy to the project, and would’ve been hard to do on my own. Their encouragement and support has been phenomenal so far, and I don’t think I would get that with any other crowdfunding platform.

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