New York April 2-4, 2014
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Maker Summit

at Inside 3D Printing NY

Sessions specifically tailored for the maker community and those just beginning their journey into 3D printing--only $129. Maker Pass attendees also gain access to Inside 3D Printing keynotes and exhibit hall.

April 3 10:00 am - 11:00 am Additive Manufacturing Unplugged This informal panel brings together amateur 3D designers and developers for a spontaneous debate and exchange of ideas on a wide variety of additive manufacturing topics. The presentation books are put away in favor of candid discussions where 3D enthusiasts “speak off the cuff” about their perspectives and experiences in an unfettered atmosphere. Rather than formal stand-and deliver PowerPoint decks, this roundtable conversation directly involves the audience and maximizes the interaction of all participants.
  • annakaziunasfrance Anna Kaziunas France Digital Fabrication Editor,
    Maker Media, Inc
  • duannscott Duann Scott Founder & Designer,
    Bits to Atoms and Shapeways
  • kristenturner Kristen Turner US Marketing Director,
April 3 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Application of 3D FDM Printing Material This highly informative session focuses on the opportunities and challenges related to FDM3D material. Join us as we analyze the reasons behind the rapidly growing popularity of FDM3D, point out the main problems, and explore one standard for FDM3D material. We’ll also provide examples of the PLA and PVA modification process in 3D printing. Finally, we’ll summarize the status of Esun filament as it applies to the overall market and maker community.
  • yangyihu Yang Yihu President and CEO,
April 3 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Meet the Makers: Inspiring Innovation Don’t miss this rare opportunity to interact with the innovators leading the hands-on homegrown revolution in arts, crafts, science and engineering. From budding start-ups to university research lab projects, you’ll learn what drives these entrepreneurs, hackers and hobbyist tinkerers to create game changing designs and cool products. Blending fashion, technology, 3D printing, and DIY product development into the discussion, this panel is sure to spark your ingenuity.
  • toddblatt Todd Blatt Head Maker and VP of Market Direction,
    Tinkerine Studio
  • waynelosey Wayne Losey Creative Director,
    Dynamo Development Labs
  • susantaing Susan Taing Founder,
  • kurtwendt Kurt Wendt Freelance Prototyper
April 4 10:00 am - 11:00 am The Future of Desktop 3D Printing Be the first to hear about new developments that will make desktop 3D printers more accessible and powerful. Get ready to hear from leading developers of new machines, materials and software that will bring 3D printing mainstream. Enjoy a sneak peek at the future of 3D Printing and hear answers to pressing questions on how at-home manufacturing will impact our daily lives.
  • samcervantes Sam Cervantes CEO,
  • bramdezwart Bram de Zwart Co-founder,
    3D Hubs
  • francisrabuck Francis Rabuck Technology Research Analyst,
    Rabuck Associates (moderator)
April 4 11:30 am - 12:30 pm 3D Printing Technologies for Consumer Applications This session will go beyond desktop and discuss how Makers can leverage industrial 3D printers for consumer applications. Get ready to learn about the different technologies and materials available, as well as how to choose the right process for your projects. You will also see compelling examples of finished goods from art and jewelry to hardware cases and toys.
  • jorisdebo Joris Debo Business Development Manager,
    i.materialise and Creative Director,
    Materialise NY
April 4 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Kickstarting Innovation Makers and hobbyists have been a source of numerous innovative products throughout history. We will look at how open source development, the internet, and personal fabrication technologies are improving capabilities and accelerating the pace of innovation for the modern maker.
  • maximlobovsky Maxim Lobovsky Co-founder,
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