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Saturday, Jun 09

Our Roland Martin Interview Electrifies The Web

This exclusive interview made headlines on Politico and Huffington Post, and kept readers buzzing about Martin's stance on objectivity and the controversial tweets that caused his suspension from CNN. What do you think?

Read the interview and share your comments.

@loldarian Apparently, Roland Martin hasn't learned anything from his CNN suspension. Remorse doesn't exist in his world.

Claudia King In his statement, I see no taking of responsibility by Martin for his offending statement. Saying, "It happened," sounds like his statement was stuffed in his mouth by someone before his utterance.

guyb99 As somebody who trained with the BBC -- this attitude is the anthisesis of journalism. Opinion, fine, but not straight reporting.

Colinkillian Roland is right when he says objectivity is really not possible. What journalists should strive for is fairness, and prejudging an issue such as the Trayvon Martin case is anything but fair.

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