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Tonya Garcia

UN Women Goes Orange to Raise Awareness About Violence Against Women

orangeurhoodYou may have noticed a lot of orange online today.

The UN Secretary General’s UNiTE to End Violence Against Women campaign kicked its “Orange Your Neighborhood” initiative into high gear. The hashtag “orangeurhood” was trending for part of the day today. And the UN Women Twitter handle was filled with photos from around the world of people surrounded by the color in a sign of unity.

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and marks the beginning of 16 days of activism , heading straight to Human Rights Day.

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Howard Bragman: Bill Cosby Should Just “Disappear”

HowardBragmanExperts have advised that Bill Cosby make a personal statement in response to the continued allegations of rape and sexual assault being waged against him. Howard Bragman would like to disagree.

“I don’t see what he can say, and even when he says ‘This is just innuendo,’ why are you doing these comedy clubs?” Bragman tells Business Insider. “You don’t need the money, just go in your mansion and be happy.”

Bragman says that Cosby’s career is basically over, so seclusion might be the best option.

Or to use his terms: “Shut up and disappear.”

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Three Tips For Budweiser In Its Efforts to Market to Millennials

bud tweetMillennials like beer. (So do older people.) But they’re not really feeling Budweiser these days. The iconic American brand has fallen to third most popular behind Bud Light and Coors Light. Moreover, craft beers are making inroads with young drinkers. That category makes up 15 percent of this demographic’s out-of-home beer purchasing.

According to numbers quoted by The Wall Street Journal, 44 percent of adults between the ages of 21 and 27 have never tasted Bud. In 1988, Bud sold 50 million barrels of beer. Last year, it was 16 million barrels.

This 21-to-27-year-old age group is where Bud will be focusing its future efforts.

“That means it won’t trot out the traditional Budweiser Clydesdales for this year’s holiday advertising. It means February’s Super Bowl ads will feature something more current than last year’s Fleetwood Mac. It means less baseball and more raves with DJ group Cash Cash,” said the WSJ. Uh-oh.

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Sting Joining the Cast of his Broadway Show ‘The Last Ship’ To Boost Ticket Sales

sting last shipWhere once Broadway stages were populated by a breed of actor that focused on work in the theater, you can now find some of the biggest names from television, Hollywood and music on marquees all over Midtown Manhattan. Indeed, trying to get a ticket to a show with a celebrity involved will cost theatergoers big bucks. The last time we checked for tickets to see Hugh Jackman in “The River,” there was nothing for less than about $280.

Hoping to turn around the fortunes of his flailing show “The Last Ship,” Sting will headline the production for five weeks starting December 9. Sting wrote the music to the show, which is about a young man who leaves his English shipping community only to return 15 years later to find that the shipyard is at risk and his childhood love is engaged to another man.

To announce the special engagement, Sting appeared on the Today show this morning. And The New York Times ran a story yesterday. So the show sees the opportunity and is looking to make the most of it.

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Scandal Winter Finale: Secrets Are Revealed, Shots Are Fired, Wine Is Spilled

popevspopeAre you ready? You’ll never be ready. We weren’t ready.

Last night was the winter finale for Scandal (and How To Get Away With Murder, if you’re into that), and they left us with quite the cliffhanger. Most notably, we’ve got Papa Pope on the loose. Snipers are looking for him. Jake is on the hunt. And Olivia has joined in, enlisting Mama Pope to help. Remember, she’s been locked up in a hole for the past few episodes, at the very hands of Rowan himself.

When she’s faced with Liv, Mama (Maya? I’m terrible with names) thinks her daughter has come to her rescue.

“Tell them Livvy. Handle them,” says Mama Pope. After all, she’s been locked up without being charged. But Liv has got a few crimes in mind: ”Murder, terrorism, treason,” says Liv. “Charge her and lock her up. As for my father. Find him and kill him.”

Well all righty then!

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JetBlue Unveils Plans To Make People Unhappy

jetblue tweetJetBlue has unveiled the details of a plan that intends to make no one happy it seems, except investors. Starting in 2015, the company will start charging for the first checked bag for certain fares. Also, by 2016 there will be five percent less legroom as the airline plans to add 15 seats to planes. (Though, at 33.1 inches, that’s still more than some other airlines, JetBlue says.) And there will now be different classes to separate passengers: one at a “basic fare” that wll include that aforementioned baggage fee; and then two higher classes that will include the free bag and other perks (but will cost more for the ticket).

Basically, JetBlue is moving to become more like other airlines, which will impact their messaging. How do you stand out when you’re doing the same thing that other companies do?

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CBS Comms Expert: Bill Cosby Needs To Say Something About These Allegations ASAP

The bad news for Bill Cosby keeps coming with TV Land now pulling syndicated broadcasts of The Cosby Show from the air. And, more damning, the AP has released the clip above, which now includes a previously unpublished segment where Cosby not only offers up a “no comment” on questions about the rape allegations, but then proceeds to talk to the reporter about “integrity” and ask that the portion with the “no comment” exchange be squashed. It’s cringeworthy.

The interview was conducted on November 6. The AP spoke with both Cosby and his wife about a Smithsonian exhibit in which the couple donated 50 pieces of African American artwork.

It’s just one more blow to Cosby’s credibility, which some say has been irreparably damaged.

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Anna Wintour Basically Admits That Putting Kimye on the Cover of Vogue Was a PR Stunt

anna wintourAnna Wintour sat down with former CNN reporter Alina Cho on Monday at the Metropolitan Museum to talk about a number of fashion-related topics. Among them: that Kimye cover of Vogue

Quoth Wintour:

I see the role of Vogue to reflect what’s going on in the culture. The first celebrity that I put on the cover of Vogue was Madonna, and that was considered completely controversial at the time, too. It’s such a long time ago probably no one remembers, but she was a very controversial figure. Now she’s part of the establishment. I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us. It’s very important that people do talk about us. 

Anna Wintour speaks the truth.

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Netflix, NBC Dump Bill Cosby Projects Amid Rape Accusations

bill cosbyThe allegations of rape and sexual assault against Bill Cosby keep coming. With each new accusation, it became harder and harder for Netflix and NBC to stand by the projects they had in the works with the comedian. Netflix decided that it would be best to postpone the planned launch of its comedy special Bill Cosby 77, which had been planned to go live the day after Thanksgiving.

Just this afternoon, NBC announced that it too will pass on a planned sitcom with Cosby.

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Urban Outfitters CEO Says Messy Stores Are Costing the Company

urban outfitters1For a minute there, it seemed like Urban Outfitters was making headlines regularly for putting one controversial item or another on its shelves. So when the company comes out and says that it has experienced a seven percent decline in profits for the third quarter, you’d think it’s because all the bad publicity finally caught up with them.

You’d be wrong.

The CEO of Urban Outfitters, Richard Hayne, says the issue is with how messy the stores are. The stores are “needlessly overassorted and piecey, which made the shopping experience more difficult and less appealing,” he said on a call with analysts. He compares the results to those of the company’s other businesses to show where Urban Outfitters went wrong.

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