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City Loan Explains How Using Digital Marketing Tools When Moving Your Business Leads to Success

Understanding the importance of digital marketing is growing increasingly important for companies like City Loan. Long Beach was the title loan company’s first home and has remained their headquarters for several years. However, continued success has given the company an impressive boost of success – leading to expansion far beyond Long Beach. Locations are now in full force in areas such as New Mexico and Texas. And this expansion will continue pushing forward, eventually heading to Missouri and Utah.

Most businesses today have utilized digital and online marketing. After all, let’s be honest – online marketing is the key to moving any business forward. Without an effective online advertising and marketing plan, a business is dead in the water. This imperative nature is even more critical for businesses that have either moved or have expanded.

How can a business either on the move or expanding to new locations hope to make a splash in these new spots? From an online marketing perspective, a number of effective tips can help make the transition easier. And this information serves an especially crucial purpose when a business is first starting out in a new location. Read more

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Social Media 101

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Smart Payment Plan Explains Benefits of Payday Match Plans on All Your Debt

“No one likes to pay bills,” says a representative from Smart Payment Plan. “The process is that much worse when you’re not sure where all the money is going to come from.”
Smart Payment Plan is a financial technology company that is dedicated to automated consumer bill payments, which simplify budgeting, improve cash flow, and aid in paying off debt faster by matching smaller bill payments to customers’ paydays, depending on their pay schedule.
When consumers are operating on a tight budget, it becomes difficult to allot a certain amount of money towards all of their bills, particularly higher cost loans such as mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and student loans. According to the experts at Smart Payment Plan, there are some helpful strategies to utilize when you’re on a tight budget and trying to figure out your finances. Read more

OneTwoTrade Explains Why Binary Option Traders Should Keep Trading

According to OneTwoTrade, a fully licensed and regulated binary option trading platform, many people give up on binary trading far too soon. Traders with the training and talent are giving up on this income-generating potential due to some easily correctable issues. Producing income in binary trading requires more personal discipline than more traditional day trading.

Binary option trading appeals to the beginning trader due to its simplicity. The most basic binary option is the high-low option. In this scenario, if a trader believes that the market in which they operate is growing, they would buy a “call.” If they believed the market was contracting, they would buy a “put.” These options have what is known as a “strike price,” the price at which an option or contract can be exercised, and an expiration date. In order for the trader to make money on a “call,” the option price must be above the strike price at the time of expiration. For a “put” to be profitable, the option price must be below the strike price at that time. Read more

Can Calcium Increase Your Lifespan?

According to new research, there may be a link between calcium consumption and living longer, states a representative from Lane Labs. As a leader in the nutritional supplement industry, Lane Labs understands the important role that calcium plays in bone health and well being.
The study, published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, was based on data from a large-scale Canadian Multicenter Osteoporosis Study that monitored the health of 9,033 Canadians between 1995 and 2007. Female participants who took calcium supplements daily seemed to have a lower risk of death.
Although these are the findings from an observational study and more research remains to be done, researchers believe that the study’s results show an important link between daily calcium intake and longer lifespans. It is certainly accurate to say that calcium is a vital mineral, and does help support a healthy lifestyle. Read more

Avoid Scams When Donating To Charity: Patrick Atkinson, God’s Child Project Founder, Explains How

Kindhearted people are sometimes taken advantage of by poorly run or fraudulent charitable agencies, and figuring out how to tell the good from the bad can be difficult, says Patrick Atkinson. God’s Child Project was founded by Atkinson, and he is a strong advocate for philanthropy. He has several tips to share to help altruistic givers ensure that their donation makes it into the right hands. Read more

The Elderly May Require More Protein than Previously Thought

I am happy to share this overview brought to you by Iovate Health Sciences International, Inc. This cutting-edge nutritional company is reacting to the research that older women may require a larger amount of protein than originally thought. This issue has come to light recently, with various studies revealing the benefits of added protein in elderly people’s diets. Iovate examines the notion here.

A study performed by Megumi Tsubota-Utsugi of the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Japan revealed that the elderly are experiencing a decline in the functions of their bodies because they may not be getting enough animal proteins. After studying 1,007 people who were in their late sixties, it was revealed that men, who typically ate more animal proteins, had a 39 percent decreased chance of experiencing problems. Iovate finds these results intriguing. Read more

Marianna Digioia | 10 Tips for Amazing Portrait Photography

Marianna Digioia understands that great portrait photography depends less on the subject and more on the photographer’s expertise, willingness to experiment, and eye for capturing the subject’s humanness. Many photographers are familiar with the basic rules of portrait photography, but for a photographer who wants to step up the game and make his or her portraits really stand out, these tips can take portrait photography from satisfactory to striking. Read more

Innovators Taking Back The Internet For The Consumer: Dr. Gary Michelson

The Michelson Twenty Million Minds Foundation, founded by Dr. Gary Michelson, has lauded the latest wave of online technologies for their capacity to allow innovators to level the technological playing field by providing individual consumers with technological advances otherwise deemed impossible.

It is with this in mind that Dr. Gary Michelson’s 20 Million Minds Foundation recently partnered with Packback – a startup that allows students to rent digital textbooks, as opposed to purchasing the costly volumes.

Dean Florez, ‎president and CEO at The 20 Million Minds Foundation, is excited by the possibilities of this and similar ventures.

“We recently partnered with Packback Books because the Michelson Twenty Million Minds Foundation supports and promotes innovative startup groups – especially those created by students – that endeavor to lower the cost of textbooks and higher education,” he said. Read more

THIS JUST IN: Cannabis Sales Creating Some High Times for U.S. Business

THIS JUST IN 2If you watch the news, you may recall there was this mild kerfuffle about legalizing the hippie lettuce.

And in Seattle and Denver (where they smoke so much weed that with a good southern and western front, the entire state of Idaho is baked for about 10 days), it was permitted.

People were happy rolling more joints than burritos. Hipsters would sit on the City Hall steps in makeshift Hookah lounges. And the police would just mosey on by, while considering a trip to get some waffles from some reason.

Then, this report from the Marijuana Business Daily (yes, that’s a thing) offers some reasons on why marijuana may be legalized nationwide in a couple of years. In fact, 8 billion of them. Read more

How To Turn Email Subscribers Into Engaged Social Customers

Email marketing has long been an important channel for brands to reach subscribers for their latest deals, promotions, and content. In fact, marketers sent over 838 billion emails in 2013.

But the trouble with inbox marketing is that it happens in vacuum…nobody hears it when a consumer “clicks”.

When you keep a consumer in a private platform to make purchase decisions- you are missing the opportunity to establish a direct dialogue with a potential customer – and their audiences. Thanks to the proliferation of social & mobile platforms, there are now best practices for turning your subscriber list into engaged social customers.

By giving your email subscribers an opportunity to respond publicly via social channels – you can take your silent subscribers and turn them into engaged social participants who then spread your branded message to their audiences. When you give subscribers the ability to respond to a private email offer directly on social media- you dramatically increase your reach and amplification. Emerging technology now allows brands to then directly reach out to those interested consumers with the resources to complete a conversion. Read more