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Archives: December 2007

Father of PR’s Biography on Ebay

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Need a very special, belated gift for that PR executive in your life?

Ebay has an auction for a first edition copy of “Biography of an idea” by Edward Bernays, considered by most to be the father of public relations.

Bernays is known for applying the theories of his uncle Sigmund Freud to shaping public perception and essentially creating the public relations industry. The price of history is $76 bucks (reserve not met) with about 33 hours to go.

Read the wikipedia entry. It’s astonishing and darkly ironic to learn that his ideas were so revolutionary they influenced Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

An added bonus, the first edition copy is signed by Bernays to Hal Stebbins, an advertising expert in the 1960s.


(signed to advertising expert Hal Stebbins)

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The Beast’s Most Loathsome People of 2007; Dana Perino and YOU


The alternative weekly Buffalo Beast has a classic on its hands with its annual “Most Loathsome People” list. The 2007 list (“now 30% more subjective”) includes many you’d expect with a decent dose of equal opportunity hate including Hillary, The Troops, David Gregory from NBC News, and YOU.

If you like searingly brutal end-of-the-year lists complete with art featuring Larry Craig crawling out of a toilet, Michael Vick choking a dog, and Rudy Guiliani emerging from a smokestack like Vodermort from Hell, this is the list for you.

White House Spokesperson Dana Perino came in at #31, a little lower than Tony Snow at #17 last year. The Beast explains why Ms. Perino did so well in her first year on the list:

Charges: In a nation weary of White House press secretaries who feign ignorance, the Bush administration took an innovative step this year, appointing one who genuinely doesn’t know anything. No more lies, America — Dana Perino really can’t answer your questions, honest! This slightly comely, over-promoted office wench not only didn’t know what the Cuban missile crisis or the Bay of Pigs even were; she actually thought it was a funny story to tell on NPR.

Exhibit A: ‘This is an issue where I’m sure lots of people would love to ridicule me when I say this, but it is true that many people die from cold-related deaths every winter. And there are studies that say that climate change in certain areas of the world would help those individuals.’”

Sentence: Sent back in time to ’62; Strapped to bottom of U2 spy plane for extreme history lesson.

PR in 2008: Sports, Scandals, Drugs


(Roger Clemens, unlikely to file suit over his ‘roid use, or throw a broken bat at a PR person)

When we solicited New Year’s predictions and resolutions for 2008, a couple of PR people, and even one coach couldn’t help themselves and weighed in with predictions on their favorite teams, and what’s next in drug scandals. We’ll leave it to you to sort out Vegas odds:

The Patriots will lose before Isiah Thomas will be fired as both Coach and President of the Knicks

I’ll ask Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte for leftover HGH or Steroids to help me heal my torn rotator cuff and will be turned down

Clemens will make a lot of noise but not follow through about filing suit over his steroid use

Clemens will not throw a broken bat at me.

–Douglas Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions. You can find Simon’s vlog at

Oakland Raiders’ owner Al Davis resigns under doctor’s orders that rampant Alzheimer’s is no way to run a football team

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PR in 2008: Forcasting the Changing Media

king of all media.jpg

(No prediction needed here)

Naturally when we asked the PR industry to submit predictions for 2008, we received several about the future of the media. Here are a few choice ones for your enjoyment:

Participating in popular news will continue to make us all collectively more stupid as a nation. From Fox News to GQ, news bites will gloss over, or ignore, what’s really important in life. Man’s search for meaning takes another gut punch.

Gravy will make a comeback at holiday tables across this great nation, healthy hearts be damned. It’s not that hard people – drippings, butter, flour, stir. Related: Rachael Ray will continue her march toward world dominance unless someone stops her. Someone, please stop her!

–Vince Bank, online PR specialist, Optiem

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PR in 2008: The Resolutions


(art from UnLtd Blogs)

New Year’s Resolutions are more fun than predictions–you sometimes get a glimpse through the hairline crack of peoples’ ego. We heard from some very serious business people, and felt the frustration of others expecting another year of the same old crap.

For those of you who resolve to make this your final day of Media Snacking, we’ve alternated the funny and the serious to help you speed read:

We all decided to make our one business resolution: To Make Our Clients Brag About Us! If we can do that across the board, 2008 will be a breeze…

–Jeff Cannon, TheCannonGroup

I resolve to not miss one more f*@^ing editorial calendar opportunity… doesn’t that sound nice?

–One of those small tech PR firms in NYC

Land a few larger accounts and hope they last at least one year before they get acquired.

Help our industry move the needle forward by redefining and reinventing PR through integrated communications.

Stay fresh, be alert, no rest for the weary (is there ever?)

Never stop asking, “Why?”

Keep a sense of humor.


–Sabrina Horn, CEO, Horn Group

(Disclosure: Horn Group is my co-editor’s employer)

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CES is Almost Here!


That sound you hear? It’s the sound of thousands of publicists scurrying about the office, making sure those business cards, product demos and other swag is ready to go for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual tech orgy, which this year takes place January 7-10 in Las Vegas.

We can only imagine the many tactics journalists take to stay off the press list for this event, and therefore spare themselves of inbox sabotage.

The Seattle Times reports:

With less than a week to go before the Consumer Electronics Show throws open its doors to the tech world, the PR pitches have passed their peak. They came like a deluge earlier this month.

One of the most extravagant pitches we received came from Goldmund Media Room, a high-end Swiss home-theater company that took a different course to separating its products from the crowd: It offered to fly reporters on a private jet from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, where they would get a look at a $300,000 home-theater setup.

Are you going to CES? Let us know who stole the show, who flopped and who had the best “booth babes.” Send in your news, before, during or after the show to prnewser at, or via our anonymous tips box.

PR in 2008: Industry Predictions


(PRNewser resolves to find a new image to denote predictions, and convince BadBitch blog to do the same)

We decided to take industry tool Profnet out for a spin to collect our PR industry predictions for 2008. We heard from a couple of usual sources promising continued dominance, and received thoughtful, fun, and even offensive ones from a gaggle of others.

We chose a number of them to inspire and rankle, and saved others about the media, sports, and social media for further posts. Not knowing how to categorize the ones about jet packs robots, we’ll leave those to your imagination. Let’s start with a hot one:

I predict that idiotic PR people will continue to mass email pitches to reporters with little thought as to what effect it has on both them and the entire industry.

–Bob Zeitlinger, Managing Director, B To Z Communications

Special thanks to Kevin at the BadPitch Blog for getting the ball rolling with his post about our Profnet request, and his own prediction:

In 2008, hard-earned advice, well-written books and forward-thinking conferences will be heaped upon the PR industry. AGAIN. And most PR people will continue to ignore it. AGAIN.

–Kevin Dugan, Director of Marketing Communications at FRCH Design Worldwide, and BadPitch blogger

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Philly PR Shop: We Hired 100 People Last Year


The Philadelphia Inquirer published an interview today with Linda Rosanio, head of the Star Group of Cherry Hill, NJ. According to the Inquirer, Star Group is, “one of the largest advertising and public relations agencies in the Philadelphia region.”

The integrated agency hired 100 people in 2007. A few excerpts from the interview:

Q: Is it a good time to be in the advertising and PR business when there is uncertainty about the economy?

A: Some people will cut marketing back or they will become a lot less aggressive in that area. . . . It only hurts their business more. I couldn’t say we are seeing a downturn at all. If anything, things are holding or increasing.

Q: Do you have an advantage competing against larger firms or global advertising and PR companies?

A: We really just answer to ourselves. We can turn on a dime. We can make decisions faster. We have people knocking on our door every day who want to get out of multinational agencies.

Read the full version here.

Pitchin’ Through the New Year

As our sister blog FishbowlNY noted this morning, NYE is a slow media day. It’s also a bit slow for PR.

A quick look at the wires shows – gasp – up to 20 minute breaks in between press releases, in contrast to the several a minute volume on a normal day.