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You Won’t Believe How Quickly This New Old Spice Campaign Goes Viral

Just when we figured the Old Spice guy had run out of tricks…

This video is OK, but the concept behind the campaign makes it great.

If you see a tweet or Facebook message from a friend telling you all about an illegal neck workout machine, a 100% solid gold headset or another, equally ridiculous “bro-tastic” product in the next few days, then you may get punked into watching a clip like the one above. Just click on or or to start.

The campaign includes nine different URLs and clips, and we took a couple of screenshots after the jump.

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NYT Shines Spotlight on Former Facebook Flack Brandee Barker


Of course the entire New York Times staff does not read PRNewser obsessively. It’s just an amazing coincidence that Brandee Barker, former head of PR for Facebook, scored a full Times profile on the same day we included her in our second list of 14 tweeters to follow in 2014.

You’ve probably already seen Sheila Marikar‘s Times piece, but even if you have it’s worth a re-read to remind yourself why Barker currently serves as the go-to PR pro for startups, which all “want her on their side” at present.

Some highlights after the jump.

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The (Other) Real Top 14 PR Twits to Follow in 2014


They’rrrrrrrrre Baaaaaaaaack!

ICYMI: PRNewser rang in the New Year with a list of the people we considered the Real Top 14 PR Twits to Follow in 2014.

It was, by all accounts, an “astonishing” list whose members’ follows “rocketed” toward the stratosphere (See what a PRNewser stamp of approval can do?). Anywho, that list was very difficult to finalize because we wanted to maintain the numerological alliteration—14 and 2014, for those scoring at home—so we had to get picky and put on the cap. Nothing personal if you were excluded; we’re just OCD like that.

Whelp, after reviewing our rules for what makes a “real PR twit” and realizing how many social media studs we couldn’t put on our initial list because numbers, we threw caution into the wind and decided to write a sequel. So, break out your Twitter feed and get ready to follow everyone on this “hotly anticipated” follow-up.

Here are the other 14 Twits for your review, flacks.


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Sheryl Sandberg’s PR Team Doesn’t Handle Criticism Well

Today in Classic PR Infighting news: we’ve all heard of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg‘s book Lean In, which is all about how women need to assert themselves more aggressively in the workplace.

Of course Sandberg’s been making the media rounds to promote the book. This week Kate Losse, an early Facebook employee who once wrote speeches for Mark Zuckerberg and published a memoir about her experience there, posted a critical review of the book in Dissent magazine.

Here’s how current Sandberg rep and former Facebook PR chief/Losse coworker Brandee Barker responded:

Alright then!

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Facebook’s PR Head Stepping Down

Brandee Barker, Facebook’s director of corporate communications, is stepping down from her post effective December 10. She was with the company for four years.

In a portion of Facebook‘s statement published on AllThingsD, the company confirms Barker’s departure, saying that she’s stepping down “to start a communications consulting business focused on early stage tech companies.”

Barker was on maternity leave earlier this year, only recently returning.

“I had a pretty deep evaluation when I was away from the company that what I am good at and what I like is working with early-stage companies and the teams,” she told AllThingsD.

OutCast Communications Co-Founder Leaves Agency to Join Venture Capital Firm

margit wennmachers.jpg

Margit Wennmachers, co-founder of Outcast Communications — a mid-size agency that handles high profile clients including Facebook and Yahoo — is leaving the agency to join venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz as a partner.

Reports Kara Swisher of AllThingsD, “The move will make her one of a handful of women at high-profile venture outfits.” Outcast co-founder Caryn Marooney will now run the agency, which was acquired by holding company Next Fifteen Communications in 2005.

UPDATE: PRNewser just spoke with Marooney, who said, “We are always looking for great smart people at every level, but we’re not looking to replace or add a partner at this time.” She also sees opportunity in the move. “Being close to the venture community is something we’ve always done. As long as we can provide the best service for [companies] it can definitely be a fun win win situation,” she said.

The agency continues to see growth, recently picking up work with online music portal Vevo. Facebook director of communications Brandee Barker is also very happy with the agency’s work. “Facebook loves Outcast,” she said this past November.

Andreessen Horowitz is an Outcast Communications client.

Facebook Privacy Changes Make Next Week’s TIME Magazine Cover


You know an issue has gone mainstream when it hits the cover of TIME magazine. Facebook’s privacy issues are front and center in the magazine’s next issue.

We gather that overall Facebook PR is actually somewhat pleased with the article, as it does little digging into new issues around privacy, but instead brings forth information that is mostly already public to a larger audience.

Facebook director of communications Brandee Barker, now on maternity leave, “liked” the article on her Facebook account.

However, there was one minor PR snafu that made it to print.

Author Dan Fletcher included in the story that a company spokesman “got tripped up trying to explain to me why my co-worker has a shorter privacy-controls menu than I do.”

“Ultimately, very little that’s new is revealed in the article,” writes Nick O’Neill at our sibling blog AllFacebook.

Just About Everything That Could Have Gone Wrong For Facebook’s PR Did; But Will It Affect Their User Base?

elliot schrage.jpg

Lets review. In response to the endless drumbeat about privacy concerns, The New York Times posted a Q&A with Facebook PR Chief Elliot Schrage [pictured], where he came off as condescending and arrogant — PC World called it, “the most egregious display of corporate doublespeak this side of Microsoft” — but also admitted to communications mistakes:

“It’s clear that despite our efforts, we are not doing a good enough job communicating the changes that we’re making. Even worse, our extensive efforts to provide users greater control over what and how they share appear to be too confusing for some of our more than 400 million users.”

The Times also posted a large info-graphic outlining the social network’s massively confusing privacy settings and noting that their privacy policy document is longer than the U.S. Constitution.

One blog posted a college era IM exchange from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in which he called Facebook users “dumb f*cks” for uploading their info to the site. Regardless of the context of the exchange, it forced the company to publicly respond.

Three New York University students created their own “private Facebook,” raised $100,000 so far to support it, and received a ton of press.

Also, a security hole with partner site Yelp, “would allow a malicious site to immediately harvest a Facebook user’s name, email, and data shared with ‘everyone’ on Facebook, with no action required on the user’s part…”

Their have also been new privacy complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which Facebook addressed by hiring former FTC Chairman Tim Muris.

Oh, and the government is still looking into the social network.

Meanwhile, some bloggers, PRNewser included, are offering up free PR advice to the company.

We can only imagine things are more than busy at Outcast Communications, Facebook’s PR agency of record, and that Facebook director of communications Brandee Barker is still glad she picked the perfect time to go on maternity leave.

However, our guess is that this won’t have a drastic affect on Facebook’s user base. Our latest PRNewser poll, albeit with a small sample size, shows that zero percent of PRNewser readers have deleted their Facebook account so far, although 58 percent of respondents said the social network’s privacy changes, “have definitely made me consider deleting my account.”

What’s your take? Take the poll, or leave your thoughts in the comments.

Facebook’s Privacy PR Problem: Three Things The Company Could Have Done Better, And Three Things To Do Now


Facebook has been facing heat lately over a number of privacy issues, from integrating user information with third party websites, to inadvertently exposing chat logs, to drawing ire from consumer groups.

The negative feedback included a recent A1 New York Times story, titled, “Facebook Glitch Brings New Privacy Worries.”

Ethan Beard, director of Facebook’s developer network, dismissed the much of the noise as media chatter.

“There’s been a lot of interest from the media, from organizations and officials. But to be honest, the user response has been overwhelmingly positive,” he told Computerworld, without citing any specific feedback or data from Facebook’s more than 400 million users. Also, Ethan, here’s one big lesson in PR: don’t blame the media.

Certainly, Beard believes in some sort assemblance of privacy. When one visits his Facebook profile, the following message is displayed: “Ethan only shares some of his profile information with everyone. If you know Ethan, send him a message or add him as a friend.”

An interesting tidbit to note in relation to all of this is that Facebook Director of Communications Brandee Barker happened to go on maternity leave this week.

Taking all of this into account, we asked a a few technology PR pros for their opinions on the matter. After the jump are some thoughts from Chaim Haas, Senior Vice President, Technology & Emerging Media at Kaplow Communications. Specifically, Haas lays out three things Facebook could have done better, and three things they should do moving forward, from a PR perspective.

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Facebook PR Chief Brandee Barker Expecting Baby Boy

brandee barker.jpg

Facebook’s director of corporate communications Brandee Barker is on maternity leave until mid-October.

“I’m expecting a boy, my first and a welcome diversion after nearly four years of PR at Facebook!” Barker told PRNewser today.

Don’t worry, reporters. The Facebook PR team will be picking up the slack. “There are a number of people that will be assisting in her coverage while she is away,” a Facebook spokesperson told PRNewser.