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Disney to Make Princess Leia Toys Thanks to #WeWantLeia Hashtag

leiaBack in May, Disney announced it would be rolling out a new line of Star Wars themed toys, which will be available for purchase in Disney stores. As excited customers browsed through the soon-to-be-collectibles, they quickly noticed the lack of products featuring female characters — Sure, Luke and R2 and Han and Vader were all represented, but where was the no-nonsense heroine Princess Leia?

A mother shopping for her daughter asked Disney that exact question via Twitter, to which the brand responded:

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Disney Breaks with Boy Scouts Over Gay Ban

boy_scouts-300x198In another sign that anti-gay policies can lead to bad press for brands and organizations, Disney has decided to withdraw all funding from the Boy Scouts of America over the org’s policy prohibiting openly gay men from holding leadership positions.

If you’ll remember, the Scouts took half steps to resolve the issue in 2012 after businesses like Intel and UPS pulled their sponsorships due to its policies; the org now officially welcomes openly gay scouts but not scout leaders.

The group’s National Council reached out to Disney after the company made clear that its policies violated internal standards, but it seems the decision had already been made.

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Disney Withdraws from Pro-Fracking Elementary School Tour

n-ROCKING-IN-OHIO-large570Upon hearing that Disney was bringing an educational program to Ohio elementary schools, a few possibilities of what the program might look like came to mind: Princesses preaching the power of love? Talking animals touting the importance of friendship? Nope; this was three representatives from Radio Disney explaining the importance and benefits of the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

Last month, a program called Rocking in Ohio, which was led by three Radio Disney staffers and entirely funded by the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (a lobbying group paid for by oil and gas companies), performed a series of events at 26 elementary schools across the state, educating students about the process and benefits of fracking.

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Disney Loves to Kill Parents and Make Your Kids Watch

Whelp. Only if that dream is to see your Mom and Dad die for the holidays.

Whelp. Only if that dream is to see your Mom and Dad die for the holidays.

I’m done. Out. The next time there’s a Disney animation film, my beloved children are going to have to wait for Netflix or Redbox because I’m not wasting another dime on Mickey’s prepubescent brainwashing and parental genocide again.

Have you seen Frozen?

Yeah. Yeah. (Way too much) singing. A cute snowman and reindeer. Pretty artwork. Princess saves the world. Blah. Blah. Blah. I have always joked about this to my family and anyone who will listen — Disney hates parents! They must. It’s a running theme in its movies that parents have to die. And my question is, “For the happiest place on Earth, where the hell is this sinister mom and dad ire coming from?” 

More importantly, where is the PR on this?

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Lots of Animals Were Harmed During ‘No Animals Were Harmed’ Movie Shoots

shutterstock_143067433Here’s some great investigative reporting via The Hollywood Reporter that should inspire more diamond tears from Miley’s digital kitty: turns out that the “no animals were harmed” disclaimers you see on so many blockbusters might just be dramatically inaccurate.

Big reveals include:

  • A monitor for the American Humane Association tried to downplay injuries suffered by animals on the set of Life of Pi (presumably due to her personal relationship with one of the film’s production managers)
  • A member of the AHA’s advisory board also happened to be CEO of a media company broadcasting movies about animals
  • A former AHA member was fired for pushing the now-cancelled HBO show Luck to be more careful with its horses
  • The AHA “covered up” the death of a horse on the War Horse set “to protect Steven Spielberg”

So it’s terrible publicity for everyone mentioned in the story.

Key quotes below:

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Ads for Catholic Girls’ School Take Feminist Approach: ‘Don’t Wait for a Prince; Be Able to Rescue Yourself’

mercy-ads-2First the pope admits that the Catholic Church has been too focused on policing what goes on in people’s bedrooms, and now an all-girls Catholic school is promoting female independence and empowerment? Oh, what is the world coming to?

This awesome, stereotype-shattering campaign for a small, all-female Catholic college-prep academy in Kentucky sends a necessary and feminist message that girls may not hear often enough: “You’re not a princess” and “life’s not a fairytale,” so “don’t wait for a prince; be able to rescue yourself.”

The fine print of the campaign goes on to say that while girls may not be wearing tiaras, they can “still rule the world” by getting an education and “preparing for real life.”

Hey, Disney: It looks like American Catholicism might just manage a progressive re-branding faster than you. In which case, all we can say is this: when the Catholics are calling you out for being stuck in the dark ages, it might be time to reevaluate.

Here are a couple more of the ads:

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Horror Movie Filmed at Disney World Without Permission is Due to Hit Theaters

We always knew there had to be a darker side of Disney, we just hadn’t realized it was horror movie-worthy.

Escape From Tomorrow“, a horror movie that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, was shot ‘guerilla style’ on location at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Because the movie was made without permission from The Walt Disney Company, most assumed it would never be shown outside the film festival. Surprisingly, however, Disney has not yet taken any legal action against the filmmakers, and so “Escape From Tomorrow” is scheduled to hit limited theaters on October 11th, just in time for Halloween thrill-seekers.

The film’s plot is described by its creators as follows:

“An epic battle begins when a middle-aged American husband and father of two learns that he has lost his job. Keeping the news from his nagging wife and wound-up children, he packs up the family and embarks on a full day of park hopping amid enchanted castles and fairytale princesses.

Soon, the manufactured mirth of the fantasy land around him begins to haunt his subconscious. An idyllic family vacation quickly unravels into a surrealist nightmare of paranoid visions, bizarre encounters, and an obsessive pursuit of a pair of sexy teenage Parisians.” Read more

‘Disney’ Retracts Made-Over Merida After Public Backlash

Princess Merida, the young Scottish girl who broke tradition and took a decidedly feminist stand against being married off to the winner of an archery competition in Disney’s “Brave” (by using her kick-ass marksmanship skills to win her own hand) has officially been inducted into the sacred sisterhood of the Disney Princesses, taking her place alongside the likes of Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel.

But before Merida could join the ranks of her more mature counterparts, she had to undergo quite a makeover. First, her dress — a functional frock, suitable for her outdoor adventures, was replaced by a much brighter, frillier, more low-cut number, reminding young girls that looks trump comfort. And because there’s nothing feminine or damsel-like about packing heat, her beloved bow and arrows were apparently confiscated.

Equally disturbing were the changes that were made to her previously young-girl-like figure: her waist had clearly been cinched and her bust noticeably increased, she was given flirtatious lashes and rosier cheeks, and her adventurous, slightly defiant-looking smile gave way to a sultry smirk. After critics lambasted the made-over Merida for over-sexualizing what was supposed to be a young girl to whom real young girls could relate, Disney quietly pulled the image from their website and replaced it with the Pixar original.

We’re not surprised the backlash was so intense, because while we agree that the over-sexualization was a major problem, we think it went beyond that. Read more

Garment Industry Opts for Makeover After Bangladesh Disaster

The factory collapse that killed more than 1,100 people in Bangladesh this April is by no means the first tragedy to strike the garment industry in recent years—but it does look like the culmination of an ongoing PR challenge that could reshape the way major clothing brands market their products. The earliest evidence of this change comes on social media, where companies that had operations in the factory have already begun responding to the demands of consumers and labor activists.

The New York Times reports that many businesses and industry groups now plan to follow the food industry’s example by offering the public more detailed information about how and where their clothes are made. H&M and Zara have agreed to sign a new “factory safety accord,” and major names like Disney, Nike, and Walmart may follow with campaigns designed to appropriate the “green,” “organic,” and “fair trade” themes favored by food and household goods marketers in recent years. The purpose of this material, of course, will be to highlight the brands’ corporate social responsibility efforts and distance them from horrific accidents like the one in Bangladesh.

It’s nothing new for fashion: upstarts like American Apparel began using their own “fair trade” practices as key selling points some time ago. Yet, despite AA’s success, retailers like Maggie’s Organics and Everlane (tagline “Luxury Basics. Radical Transparency.”) remain few and far between.

Not for long.

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Disney Turns a Common Sense Policy Change Into a Potential PR Problem

Ugh, we hate to see brands like Disney suffer the consequences of not providing the public with the “transparency” it demands. Pleasing millions of finicky fans seems so simple on the surface: it’s all about respect and communication, right?

Well, not even the most well-intentioned communicator is successful all of the time. Just ask your significant other. Also: when a person or brand forgets to mention certain important details, the public has a dangerous and instinctual tendency to fill in the blanks on its own.

That’s how conspiracies are born. By not providing enough evidence to prove your case to the public, you leave the door open for wackos and well-meaning but misinformed “advocates” to take control of the narrative. Case in point: Disney’s recent decision to require all children entering any of its parks to be supervised by someone at least 14 years old. Said parks will continue to be “the happiest place[s] on Earth”–for kids traveling with legally viable guardians.

Wait…how was this ever NOT a rule?

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