Instinctively, something has always told us that any place offering unlimited shrimp and steak for around ten dollars must be too good to be true. Most unfortunately for national buffet chain Golden Corral, a disgruntled employee recently released a self-made video that proves — at least in one case — that such wariness might be warranted.

The video, made by Golden Corral cook Brandon Huber, exposes some gag-worthy food-storage methods employed by the Port Orange, Florida location. In an effort to avoid a poor health inspection rating, Huber says that employees were instructed to temporarily hide food outside the restaurant beside the dumpsters (oh, the irony).

Before releasing the video online, Huber reportedly attempted to address the issue with management, but his concerns allegedly fell upon deaf ears. After his story was passed over by local media outlets, Huber decided to try his case in the court of public opinion.

In response to the video, which has now been viewed on YouTube over 2 million times, Golden Corral posted the following in the comments section: Read more