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Hiring Lindsay Lohan Is One Way to Get Attention for Your Startup

shutterstock_134672576-252x300“Stop clicking on Lindsay Lohan headlines” has been one of our New Year’s resolutions for nearly a decade now, but for some reason people still pay attention to a serial rehabber who aims to reinvent herself as a tech “person.”

And, as Valleywag‘s always-on-point Nitasha Tiku reports today, one particularly desperate startup is banking on her ability to win media mentions for its product.

There’s a hitch, of course: if Lindsay’s efforts to promote the Just Sing It app—which claims to allow users to “Instagram your voice” but makes no sense to us—work, she and her brother will earn stakes in the company.

We do like the note, which promises (emphasis ours) “an intimate, invite-only launch party” at Pravda complete with “an open premium bar” and, of course, photo ops with the Lindz.

One shameful Photoshop job and Lindsay’s choice to tweet in the third person are a bit more puzzling after the jump.

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Lindsay Lohan Sues Grand Theft Auto V

Art imitating life -- if ever there was an example.

Art imitating life — if ever there was an example.

In what has to be a dire attempt to get back in the spotlight comes teen-star turned crack-ho trollop Lindsay Lohan. She has nothing better to do these days than … well, lines … so I’m sure she and her near-out-of-work publicist are taking in a few video games to pass the time.

And that’s when the epiphany struck and a PR story was born.

Broken by trash diggers and snoop shooters, “LiLo” (as the kids in rehab call her) insists that’s her on the game and no one asked her permission to use her image. There’s even part of a game that “features a mission where a Lindsay Lohan look-alike asks the player to take her home and escape the paparazzi.” So, naturally, the report is the former ‘Mean Girl’ wants to sue Rockstar Games for a truckload of cash.

Rumor is Lohan also noticed GTAV also features a mission at a hotel resembling Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood — a place where Lohan visits often and lived for a period of time. No word on if this mysterious character goes on a cocaine binge in the game, but reporters are digging.

The Friday Dump: Lindsay Lohan Has a Publicist, Not a PR Professional

shutterstock_134672576We were just talking about how publicists and PR people are totally different. And who better to help us illustrate that point than Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay recently told Oprah and anyone else who will listen that she’s totally sober now—pinkie swear! Few believe this claim because she’s gone to rehab more times than Eli Manning has thrown an interception this season and, until recently, she paid some dude $2,500 per day to be her “sober coach.”

But after an enterprising paparazzi took a picture of the actress in which she appeared to be reaching for a bottle of wine while hanging out at a friend’s house, her brave publicist came to the rescue, telling Yahoo or whoever that she “continues to succeed in her recovery” and:

“The photo does not show Lindsay consuming any alcohol and could easily be misleading as her purse is also in the photo (next to the bottle) despite what the photos show.”

That’s not much of a press release now, is it?

The rep obviously provides a valuable service. Being a publicist for celebrities with terrible reputations requires a unique skill set, and we have respect for anyone who can go back and forth with the tabloids without pulling his/her hair out.

But the next time you tell someone that you work in “public relations” and they assume that you spend all day waiting for TMZ to pick up the phone, this stupid story provides a nice way to make the distinction.

Why the Snakehead Fish Needs a Good Publicist

Lindsay Lohan has a hard working publicist. So does Charlie Sheen. So, surely, someone in the PR industry must be willing to take on the poor snakehead fish as a client. Ever since making an inglorious splash in American headlines for being a marauding invasive species indigenous to Asia and Russia, the public has both hated and feared the snakehead fish.

Scientists, reporters and TV personalities have inundated the public with scary facts detailing how the snakehead fish is a voracious predator that can decimate entire species of indigenous fish and wildlife, upsetting the precious ecological balances of entire ecosystems. Oh, and did we mention the snakehead fish can slither—well, more like wiggle—on land and breathe air via suprabranchial chambers? Well, it can. So load your guns and lock your doors. Snakehead fish are coming after your daughters.

Snakeheads do pose a serious and ecologically costly threat to our communities. They’ve proliferated in the Washington, D.C. area, and have even been spotted in New York City’s beloved Central Park as well as in Florida and California. So the public has every right to be both intrigued and concerned. Snakeheads are spreading. Naturally scientists, anglers and environmentalists are all asking the same question: What should we do now?

This is where public relations can play an important role. The snakehead fish, also known as Frakenfish or Fishzilla, has a horrible reputation. And there is no un-ringing the bell on this ecological development. The snakehead is here, and we must deal with it. Perhaps a savvy PR strategy can help contain the snakehead’s expansion by motivating its only natural predator: the public. However, people aren’t too keen on eating anything with “snakehead” in the name. It doesn’t really read well on a menu.

So can public relations help integrate the snakehead into our cultural palate? With a new name, can the snakehead fish be the next Chilean sea bass?

What would you rename the snakehead fish? Let us know.

Thoughts on Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes Speech

Confession: we kinda missed the Golden Globes last night on account of our unwillingness to put up with the hosts on the free PopSugar stream. But we are aware that everybody is talking about Jodie Foster‘s very personal “coming out” speech and that many fellow actresses (and Mel Gibson) were predictably moved to tears, so we figured we’d examine it from a PR perspective. Here’s the full clip in case you didn’t catch it:

Well, she certainly did it with style, didn’t she? We love how she danced around “the question” while letting everyone know the answer.

Next issue:

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Do We Really ‘All Love Teachers?’ (No, We Don’t.)

When it comes to the 2012 presidential debates, we have to agree with Lindsay Lohan for the first and hopefully last time: we’re “so relieved that it’s over.”

Both candidates showed up to last night’s event armed with zingers and insults, but moderator Bob Schieffer may have scored the evening’s best line when he expressed his frustration with domestic policy squabbles by asserting that “I think we all love teachers.

Do we, though?

Ask a teacher whether the public truly appreciates the work they do and you might get a different answer. (Hint: the average American teacher’s job satisfaction level is lower today than at any point over the last 20 years.)

Based on recent events, we’d say the teaching profession has something of a PR problem—especially when its members form groups and dare to make (gasp!) collective demands. For example, The 44th annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools found that, while a vast majority of Americans still say they have “trust and confidence” in the men and women who teach our children, we remain deeply divided on individual issues–and many of us think that teachers have too much power.

Based on the popularity of aggressive charter school advocates like Michelle Rhee and films like Waiting for Superman and Won’t Back Down that convey strong anti-union messages, we’d say Americans don’t love or trust public schoolteachers much at all.

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Goodyear Offers Lohan and Bynes Driving Lessons

It’s been a bad year behind the wheel for troubled starlets Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Both the authorities and the paparazzi have taken notice of their…um…mishaps, which have included Bynes’ recent hit-and-run allegations and Lohan’s arrest for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident in New York last week.

Now, it seems someone else has taken pity on these driving-deficient young ladies and decided to offer them the guidance they so desperately need. The tire wizards at Goodyear just wrote a letter to each actress, offering a “private 1-on-1 lesson with our professional drivers — no paparazzi allowed.”

The letters express the company’s concern for the actresses’ safety and that of the unsuspecting motorists who have to share the road with them, urging both former child stars to take Goodyear up on its generous offer (which even includes free transportation to company headquarters in Akron, OH).

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Lindsay Lohan Is Trying to Make a Comeback

So Lindsay Lohan wants you to know she is getting it together and would like to be an actress. She’s going to host Saturday Night Live this weekend and to promote her return to the stage she did an interview with Matt Lauer for the Today show in which she talked about doing what she loves, not being a slave to love, and how much she loves going to movie premieres (especially when she’s in the movie).

The Hollywood Reporter has pulled seven quotes from the interview that they think are the result of perhaps too much media training. We have to say, there’s a point (4:05 in the video after the jump) where she talks about how much she misses “sharing” what she does with viewers, and she seems completely sincere. Basically she’s saying she likes it when people watch her movies, which is a) what movies actors thrive on, so it makes sense and b) kind of vain. Nonetheless, she sounds earnest about wanting to get on the movie-making path.

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Publicist: ‘Party Train of Denial is Over for Lohan’

Lohan - court.jpg

L.A. power publicist Michael Levine is, not surprisingly, always happy to provide his opinion on news of the day, especially when it relates to the entertainment world.

Therefore, we weren’t surprised to see this statement hit our inbox after Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90-days in jail and 90-days of rehab on Tuesday for probation violations.

The party train of denial is over for Lohan and her potential employability will be devastated for years to come.

It’s unclear if Lohan has PR support at this time. Last we heard, she was working with Leslie Sloane-Zelnik of BWR, but Lohan “went on hiatus” from Sloane-Zelnik in March. BWR and Sloane-Zelnik did not respond to PRNewser requests for comment.

If anything, she could use some social media/PR counsel. Her Twitter feed is currently citing the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and comparing herself to an Iranian woman who faced stoning for adultery.

[Image: David McNew, AP]

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Lindsay Lohan “On Hiatus” From Publicist


Maybe this explains all of the bad news around Lindsay Lohan lately. She is “on hiatus” from her publicist, Leslie Sloane-Zelnik of BWR.

The scoop comes courtesy of our former FishbowlNY blogger Amanda Ernst, now at

We reached out to BWR and while Zelnik was not available for comment, a BWR staffer confirmed the hiatus, and that Zelnik “hasn’t been booking her or dealing with [Lohan].” When asked why, the staffer would only say “no specific reason.”