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Myspace Is Trying To Get You Back By Sending You Old Photos From Its Database

myspace tweetMyspace is still around. And they’re still giving it the old college try. Now they’re making everyday Throwback Thursday by sending users old pictures of themselves when they were active on the platform in its latest attempt to lure back once loyal visitors.

According to Mashable, the social network is sending emails with the line ”The good, the rad and the what were you thinking…” and a link to your old profile. The site calls it a “clever” approach to, at the very least, piquing curiosity. But when asked how successful the strategy has been thus far, a spokesperson only reiterated that the campaign is underway and the company wants to reconnect with people.

“Myspace has 15 billion user photos in its database, and still appears to be popular among music lovers,” Mashable continues, comparing that to the 250 billion photos that Facebook has. Last October, the site had 31 million monthly users. It had more than 100 million at its peak.

The question, of course, is why we would want to come back to Myspace, besides nostalgia.

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HBO Goes All in on Hip-Hop Promo with ‘Rappers as Game of Thrones Characters’


“…he is an a$$hole but is also very good at business and things…”

Did you hear that HBO wants to “diversify” the Game of Thrones audience? It’s true—and they didn’t stop at the mix tape.

In order to push the hip-hop/GoT connection as far as it can possibly go, the network’s promo team enlisted writer/watercolorist/man about town Shea Serrano to re-imagine top rappers as GoT characters on…

MySpace “Discover”. (It’s a thing.)

Go ahead and laugh, but Serrano definitely hit the mark on some of these.

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Myspace Returns as Social Launch Pad for Artists

In case you weren’t aware that Myspace does actually exist outside the nostalgic realm of late 90′s pre-teendom (because we weren’t), the reinvented social media site has launched a $20 million campaign to enlighten you.

The reincarnated Myspace, owned in part by Mr. Suit and Tie himself — Justin Timberlake, is now a fully operational social discovery service for musicians, artists, and other creatives, and is celebrating its relaunch with a new iPhone app, radio and digital advertising, and its first-ever TV commercials.

You can watch the full 90-second spot below, shortened versions of which began airing on channels like Comedy Central, MTV and ESPN last night. Myspace owner Specific Media, which developed the commercial, is also having the celebrities who appear in the ad distribute the video via their social feeds. Though Timberlake does not appear in the ad, the spot features plenty of fresh-faced and excited young artists to grab your attention, including Pharrell, Ciara, Mac Miller, Riff Raff, Erin Wasson and Chance The Rapper.

Relaunching a long-out-of-favor brand is always complicated and risky, and while it is far too soon to tell whether the new Myspace will succeed, we think having J.T. at the helm is at the very least a good omen — if anyone can lead the transition from 90′s relic to current success, we’d put our money on Timberlake.

Why MySpace Needs to Change Its Tune…and Fast

The new MySpaceLet’s admit that many of us are curious, if not excited, to see what’s going to happen to the new MySpace.

America loves a comeback story, and now that MySpace’s arch nemesis Facebook has somewhat fallen out of favor with the public by instituting cryptic security settings, encouraging spammers, tinkering with its timeline format and overestimating its stock value, MySpace just may be able to thrive by positioning itself as a digital space for musicians and music lovers.

Enlisting Justin Timberlake, of course, is a strong way to begin a rebranding project. Unsigned artists make up the majority of the revamped MySpace’s membership, and what struggling musician wouldn’t want to have some level of connection—regardless of how remote and digital—with an artist of JT’s cache? He is the perfect celebrity/actor/musician to bridge the established and the new. The public likes Justin Timblerlake. He did that thing with the box.

Yet, in its effort to attract the most impressive new talent, MySpace is also tempting fate by angering established talent–or at least Merlin, a digital rights management group that represents established talents ranging from Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, and DJ Khaled to She and Him and Wilco.

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MySpace Recast as ‘Spotify Killer’

Justin Timberlake MySpace Back in September we reported on Justin “I Don’t Make Music Anymore” Timberlake’s latest role as the public face of the new-and-improved MySpace. A memo that leaked this week offers more details about the company’s future plans; Spotify and Pandora‘s PR teams should take note.

Interactive Media Holdings (née Specific Media) purchased the property from News Corp last summer, jazzed it up and prepped it for a sorely needed relaunch: Despite the fact that traffic on the site went up by 36% over the past twelve months, MySpace is on pace to lose approximately $40 million in 2012–and organizers expect it to lose at least another $25M next year.

According to the leaked pitch materials, the folks at IMC are “holding out” for another $50M in capital so they can officially re-launch MySpace as a Spotify competitor by making use of what they call the “worlds largest music library of 42M songs and 100K music videos” and its “direct relationship with 5M artists”. How do they plan to do it? By starting a subscription model in 2013 and offering users not only streaming mp3s but music downloads, “artist merchandise” and “event ticketing” services. In other words, MySpace looks to become the one-stop shop for all things related to pop music.

It’s true that MySpace already has more members in the US than Pandora or Spotify, because most members never bothered to delete their profiles. The company also appears to have a cost advantage over its supposed competitors:

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Can MySpace Rise Again?

Today brings the return of a familiar face to our computer screens. No, we’re not talking about Justin Timberlake, though he is a wise choice to play the role of public representative for the brand new MySpace.

This new video dropped on Twitter yesterday, and we have to say that we are somewhat impressed that MySpace has so obviously improved upon its famously awful interface!

Hmm…that was more of a tease than anything, but the new MySpace seems to combine elements of Facebook, Spotify and especially Pinterest (the visual layout is all but a carbon copy). This change is a wise move:

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Facebook Has Nowhere to Go But Down

General impressions of Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at yesterday’s TechCrunch TC Disrupt conference have been mixed with good reason: The Zuck called his company’s post-IPO performance “disappointing” and hinted vaguely at the profit potential of mobile ventures that the public is obviously way too dumb to understand while acknowledging that Facebook’s mobile apps aren’t as good as they should be; still, investors have confidence in his ability to stay atop the social flock, and stock prices rose nearly 5% after his speech.

The Zuck tried very hard to convince all interested parties that he knows exactly what he’s doing. The key quote: “For me it’s not about fun, it’s about mission. I’d rather be in the cycle when people underestimate us.”

While considering whether smartphones like the brand new iPhone 5 will save Facebook, we figured that now is a perfect time to re-pose the perennial question: Has the social network already reached its peak capacity and influence?

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Facebook + Spotify = Goodbye iTunes?

Photo: Facebook

Oversharing on the Internet went in to overdrive today, after Mark Zuckerberg and Co. at Facebook redeemed themselves from Wednesday’s worldwide backlash against its revamped news feed.

Facebook’s “clean” design of Timeline pages, music streaming, and more connectivity through an open-graph feature is garnering a lot of praise in the blogosphere. Zuckerberg introduced the changes Thursday morning at f8, a Facebook developers conference, and it wasn’t long until there was positive reaction all over the Web about new partnerships with Netflix (not in the U.S., so they can’t even use that to do a little damage control) and music service Spotify.

Musicians should pay attention to this Facebook transformation.

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Tools Round Up: Facebook and Skype; Radian6 and Twitter; JT and MySpace

Facebook has announced a partnership with Skype that will bring video calling to the social network’s 750 million users. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Skype for $8.5 billion and has been a Facebook partner for some time. Today’s announcement also included a new chat design and the addition of group chats. More info is available on The Facebook Blog.

Perhaps you heard that the President hosted a Twitter Townhall today? Radian6 will be working with Twitter to analyze those tweets. Pre-townhall research conducted by Radian6 yielded a number of findings, like national security and financial security are two topics that drive tweets. Additional findings are available here.

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Tech Round Up: MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, and More

About six companies, including private equity firms, are expected to bid for MySpace this week. According to The Wall Street Journal (both the Journal and MySpace are owned by News Corp.), a Web company based in China, online music company Vevo (Vevo says this isn’t true), and private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners are among those considering the purchase. The fate of MySpace is unclear, but there’s talk of integrating it with existing websites.

Friendster is deleting all of its content next month says Gawker. Wouldn’t be fun to see your old online profile one last time (if you can remember your password from 15 years ago)? Not gone: the typewriter.

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