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Location: West Chester, PA US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 8/15/2018)
Reporter, Editor, Copy Editor
A 25-year media veteran with a solid grounding in reporting and editing for outlets large and small, media new and traditional. Fluent in the literary potential for long form magazine work and the quick-hit realities of social media. ...
Location: Detroit, MI US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 8/13/2018)
Content Editor (online), Writer, Reporter
My natural curiosity and love for storytelling led me to a career in journalism. I interviewed the two mothers who exposed the Flint Water Crisis in 2016; profiled actor Jeff Daniels; an all-mom rock group for People magazine. I ...
Location: Stockholm, US
Experience:18 Years
(Updated 8/10/2018)
Writer, Editor
Since going freelance in 2003, I have written profiles (of, for example, Minecraft designer Jens Bergensten, NHL goalie Henrik Lundqvist and Iceland soccer manager Lars Lagerbäck), I've covered hockey World championships and the Olympics, and I've written ...
Location: Bangkok , NY TH
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 8/29/2018)
Editor, Writer
An accomplished writer, editor and cross-format thinker with 15 years’ experience quickly and vividly creating compelling lifestyles content for magazines and digital outlets. Also skilled at solidly improving and effectively managing content created by others, with three years' experience ...
Location: Chicago, IL US
Experience:29 Years
(Updated 8/24/2018)
Editor, Writer
I am a Chicago-based journalist who has covered health care for more than 25 years, first as a reporter, then as an editor and now as a freelancer. My specialties are policy reporting, health care quality, hospital issues and ...
Location: Charlotte, NC US
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 8/28/2018)
Writer, Book Author
I am a writer working in Charlotte, NC with an expertise in education, parenting, and travel. Specifically, I have 10 years of experience as a teacher and instructional coach and a PhD in special education with a focus on literacy ...
Location: Jersey City, NJ US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 8/26/2018)
Graphic Designer, Production (print), Graphic Designer
Good Day My strong background ion the print production side, includes managing a diverse range of projects from … catalogues … consumer FSI’s … complex magazine advertorials … financial workbooks … direct mail … vitamin and supplement nutraceutical labeling and sales collateral promotion / marketing materials. ...
Location: Atlanta, GA US
Experience:13 Years
(Updated 8/19/2018)
Writer, Editor, Content Editor (online)
A 13-year journalist with experience with community newspapers and magazines. A self-proclaimed 'foodie,' my interestes include food, travel and entertainment -- mainly movie/event reviews. ...
Location: Alexandria, VA US
Experience:27 Years
(Updated 8/27/2018)
Copy Editor, Reporter, Editor
My background as a reporter, editor and copy editor equips me to produce clean, accurate, well-researched and well-written copy on any subject, and I'll meet your deadline. I'm a versatile career journalist with 27 years of ...
Location: ,
Experience: Years
(Updated 8/5/2018)
Location: Boston, MA US
Experience:28 Years
(Updated 7/13/2018)
Writer, Promotions, Content Editor (online)
Dick is a widely published copywriter and marketing communication professional who writes about technology, financial services, financial technology, cybersecurity, international trade and commercial real estate development. He has arranged for news and feature article coverage for his clients by The ...
Location: Chicago, IL US
Experience:13 Years
(Updated 7/15/2018)
Content Editor (online), Editor, Writer
Matt Alderton is a freelance writer, editor and reporter who specializes in narrative journalism, branded content and feature writing. He is a subject-matter expert in business, association management, media and marketing, and — in addition to those subjects — writes frequently ...
Location: Bridgeport, CT US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 7/23/2018)
Book Author, Editor, Writer
Experienced staff writer, editor and columnist with advanced business training. I've written about everything from cars to steroids to drones for some of the largest sports magazines in the world. Elite ghostwriter with 24 published books and more than ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 7/8/2018)
Graphic Designer, Production (print), Illustrator
Accomplished Illustrator, Designer and Production Artist with over twenty years' experience in the fields of publishing, both educational and trade; and not-for-profit arts. Able to multi-task and work successfully in an environment that requires multiple skills Organized, ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:6 Years
(Updated 7/12/2018)
Copy Editor
I work with ad agencies, marketing departments, and education companies to produce professionally polished and error-free text, always delivered on time, to help these businesses succeed while saving them headaches, time, and money....
Location: Ojai, CA US
Experience:0 Years
(Updated 7/23/2018)
Location: Atlanta, GA US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 6/19/2018)
Editor, Reporter, Writer
Paige Bowers is a nationally published news and features writer and the author of THE GENERAL'S NIECE: THE LITTLE-KNOWN DE GAULLE WHO FOUGHT TO FREE OCCUPIED FRANCE (Chicago Review Press, 2017). Visit her website at
Location: Woodstock, NY US
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 6/20/2018)
Editor, Reporter, Writer
A writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience in print and online media, I’ve written for Salon, The American Prospect, Good, Men's Health, The Fiscal Times, and others—my work also has been picked up ...
Location: Exton, PA US
Experience:35 Years
(Updated 6/1/2018)
Producer (television), Copywriter, Photographer
Very experienced LIVE EVENT and BREAKING NEWS producer. I can show you how to make money broadcasting live, local events. I can also teach your producers how to do breaking news the right way. I am also an experienced aviation ...
Location: NY Metropolitan Area , NY US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 6/14/2018)
Copy Editor, Fact-Checker, Writer
A bit about me... Having worked on staff at national magazines such as Family Circle and Body Mind Spirit, I have a good idea of what editors are looking for. My number one job as a freelancer is to make ...
Location: ,
Experience: Years
(Updated 6/4/2018)
Location: Montpelier, VT US
Experience:35 Years
(Updated 5/29/2018)
Copy Editor, Writer, Editor
I have more than 30 years' experience writing and editing in the seemingly unrelated fields of health care and music. As a freelancer, I have done production editing for medical and science journals and book copy editing on subjects such ...
Location: Summit, NJ US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 5/31/2018)
Editor, Reporter, Writer
Need to cover the latest beauty and lifestyle trends online or in print? Look no further. Whether it's reporting on hair trends for SELF, BRIT + CO or INSTYLE MAKEOVER, organizing my office on a budget for WOMAN'S DAY, ...
Location: Milwaukee, WI US
Experience:33 Years
(Updated 5/9/2018)
Book Author, Reporter, Writer
Writing about health and psychology is my passion. A prolific journalist and author, I focus on health, medicine, mental health, psychology, and the mind/body connection. Along with extensive experience, I have a master's degree in psychology. My byline ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:14 Years
(Updated 5/10/2018)
Art Director, Graphic Designer, Production (print)
Forward thinking, competent, inspirational, and engaging individual – experienced in turning business briefs into effective and high-impact design solutions....