ariela rossberg

Jerusalem, Israel

Professional Experience

I'm a best-selling children's author, with a passion for travel. Freelance topics have ranged from outdoor adventure, to family life, and life in a war zone. Also covers food allergies, and develops allergy-friendly recipes. Currently based in Israel, returning to US in winter 2014.


Book Author
1 Year
1 Year
Social Media
3 Years


Entry Level
1 Year


Newspaper - Local/Regional
Entry Level

Total Media Industry Experience

3 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Pink Pangea (6-10), The Times of Israel (3-5), Go Overseas (1-2)

Other Work History

Click Me In: Content Writer Jerusalism: Social Media Manager/Outreach Self-published children's author, imagination workshop leader in schools.

Technical Skills

Final cut, photoshop

Foreign Language Skills

Beginner level Hebrew

Computer Skills

Word, excel, windows, HTML, wordpress


Laptop, iPhone, iPad

Work Permits & Visas

Permitted to work in Israel


Rachel Sales: Pink Pangea Founder



Unlocking the beauty of Prague.
Discovering the beauty, and meaning of family traditions.
A courageous story of leaving everything behind, and taking chances.
Israel's desert landscape serves as a backdrop for adventure, self-discovery, and a surprise snow storm.
A tasty nut-free, egg-free fall dessert!
Allergies don't have to hold you back! This is piece is an overview on how to travel safely with life threatening food allergies.
A first hand account of what it's like to hear a Code Red Rocket Siren, in Israel, for the first time.
An intensely spiritual journey during the High Holidays in Israel.
An introduction to the blog, which is a survival guide for life with allergies (and a foodies worst nightmare.)
A critical look at the common core, and standards of education sweeping through schools in the US.