Mike Givens

Boston, MA USA

Professional Experience

I attended an accredited university in Virginia and received two bachelor's degrees (English and Marketing). I then attended a private university in Boston and went on to receive a master's degree in journalism. After graduating, I worked at a metropolitan newspaper as a freelance reporter for more than two years. I then worked at a national non-profit in the social justice field. Working as a communications specialist, I was responsible for assisting in the execution of a comprehensive communications program that included social media, press releases, news/blog posts, and a quarterly news publication. Currently, I am the communications manager for a Boston-area non-profit. My job responsibilities include managing the communications and public relations function of the organization, creating and maintaining relationships with the media, writing/editing communications materials (leaflets, press statements, etc.) web design and maintenance and brand management.


2 Years
Other, Specify
6 Years
Social Media
6 Years


Family, Children & Teenagers
6 Years
6 Years
6 Years


Newspaper - Local/Regional
2 Years
6 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

8 Years

Technical Skills

Photo editiing (Adobe Suite)

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office Application, Adobe Suite, HTML, CSS


Kara Coredini, 617-878-2300


Writing Samples

Article on a 2013 informational picket at Bridgewater State Hospital in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
An op-ed responding to the Virginia Tech school shooting in the spring of 2007.
A press release announcing the organizational endorsement of a Massachusetts congressional candidate.