Matthew Perry

New York, NY USA

Professional Experience

Great writing is a must in your business. But do you have great writing that reflects your voice and mission, and strategically focuses on your goals? That's what I provide. As a ghostwriter, editor and writer, I've created, or helped create, books, articles, white papers, proposals, blogs, and marketing materials for Cisco, O'Reilly media, marketing/PR firms, and a many entrepreneurs and authors. I'm especially interested in Internet technology, smart cities and global finance trends, but I've written a great deal about Italian food and healthy weight maintenance, too. Not to mention a thriller novel or two.


5 Years
10 Years
10 Years


12 Years
7 Years
4 Years


Academia Teaching
2 Years
Online/new media
10 Years
Book Publishing Consumer
7 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

11 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

O'Reilly Media (1-2), McGraw Hill Publishing (3-5), Watershed Post (3-5)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Cisco Systems (1-2), Di Gennaro Communications (1-2), Judi Rosenthal, Inc. (6-10)

Other Work History

Independent work for many private clients. Adjunct instructor, SUNY Delhi

Computer Skills

OS 10, Windows, Excel, Drupal


Caspar Herzberg, Shahd Attar, Judi Rosenthal, Susan Conant,Asgeir Jonnson, Robert Abel, MD,



An insider's assessment of Iceland's rise and fall as an economic power. My role on this project was independent editor assigned by publisher McGraw Hill; I worked closely with the author to complete the project under a tight, time sensitive deadline.


I have edited this thriller for a noted ophthalmologist. In 'Last Sighting', heroine Lauren Chandler, eye doctor and researcher, is working to develop a medical device that may resolve the mystery of how and where the brain interprets information transmitted from the eye. Chandler isn't allowed to work in peace, however; her breakthrough also pulls her into a complex plot that stretches into corporate America and the national security complex.