Jennifer Grossman

1077 30th Street NW Apartment 704 Malibu, DC 20007 USA

Professional Experience

Widely-published feature writer, whose articles have appeared in publications as diverse as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and hundreds of local outlets. Have also written speeches and opeds for national politicians, corporate CEOs and media celebrities. While I've covered topics ranging from plastic surgery to regulatory reform, my deepest experience is in medical, nutrition, and food, having published a nutrition newsletter and several cookbooks.


Content Editor (online)
11 Years
1 Year
5 Years


12 Years
12 Years
5 Years


Academia Other
2 Years
Newsletter - Consumer
10 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
10 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Arianna Huffington (3-5), LifeZette (10+), MSNBC (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Dole Food Company (10+), Forstmann Little (10+), White House (10+)

Foreign Language Skills

French, some Portuguese and Spanish.



Computer Skills

Word, Wordpress, Google Drive.




Upon Request



Intro: My father took the Torah from the rabbi and proudly passed it to my brother, Edward. Hefting the great scrolls onto his shoulder, my brother then turned and handed them to his son, Zev, my nephew. "Yasher koach," I whispered, smiling. May you have strength......
Do you believe that the present tax system is impossibly complex, outrageously expensive, economically destructive and manifestly unfair? This book makes the case that we ought to throw out the present mess of tax laws and regulations and replace it with a simple, fair, single-rate tax system.
Intro: On popular games shows, like Jeopardy, you've got to be both quick (hit the buzzer first) and right (have the correct answer) to win. But when it comes to charisma, being quick may be more important in winning friends and influencing people.
Intro: Voters seek a presidential candidate with a vision, values and experience. Speechwriters keek the "Voice": A candidate who knows how to project presence, modulate pitch, pace tempo and create drama. Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy Jr. all "gave good speech.".....
Being sick can be a bummer, but can being bummed out make you sick? The answer is yes, according to new research that suggests a link between a lower mood and higher rates of infection.