Lauren Peck

Oakland, CA USA

Professional Experience

Hi there, I'm a San Francisco Bay Area based copywriter and editor with a strong background in marketing, creative, and advertising writing. I have 7+ years writing creative and effective digital and non-digital copy, and I'm proficient in a variety of software, including Adobe InDesign. I currently work as a Contract Marketing Researcher/Writer for Sephora, where I research and write reports on market trends and creative advertising for the beauty company. I also craft copy for product packaging, mailers and Web content, and I edit web and packaging copy.


Copy Editor
7 Years
7 Years
Technical Writer
5 Years


Arts & Humanities
10 Years
Books & Literature
10 Years
Consumer Products
4 Years


Advertising, client side
7 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
7 Years
2 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

7 Years

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

AT&T (10+), Cost Plus World Market (10+), Sephora (10+)

Other Work History

Project Coordinator, Quest International (nonprofit); Creative Writer, AT&T Creative Writer, AT&T

Technical Skills

Basecamp, Adobe InDesign CS5 (basic), WordPress, Adobe Photoshop CS5 (basic), FilemakerPro

Computer Skills

Microsoft Suite, Operating Systems (Windows XP and OS 10), Macs & PCs


Mac laptop; PC desktop; Microsoft Office Suite; printer/scanner/fax/copier; mobile phone; car

Work Permits & Visas

Citizen of the United States


Cost Plus World Market, Oakland, CA


Recipient of Sidney Lanier Scholarship, 2001-2005; Poet Laureate at Oglethorpe University, 2002 and 2003


Candles & Lighting Web Product Copy

Filled candle product description
Filled candle product description
lighting product copy description
Candleholder product description
Pendant lighting product description
Candleholder lantern product description

Website Content (Product Stories)

The story behind the Indonesian art of creating pieces from rattan coil
Behind the story of the invention of the light bulb and it's use in present day design
Backstory on how Nepali felt is made and its uses
Backstory on UNICEF and Cost Plus World Market's partnership with them
The story behind tree-free paper and its uses
The story behind mulberry paper and its uses

Home Decor Web Product Copy

Console table product description

Apparel Accessories Web Product Copy

Spring handbag product description
Spring hat product description
Spring scarf product description

Food & Drink Web Product Copy

Food & Drink product description for Arnott's biscuits

Furniture Product Copy

Dining furniture product description
Dining table product copy
Product copy

Home Storage Web Product Copy

Storage basket product description

Tech Accessories Web Product Copy

Headphones splitter product description
Earbuds product description

Hair Accessories Web Product Copy

Spring hair pins product description
Product description for engraved hair ties
Spring headband product description

Clothing Web Product Copy

Spring maxi dress product description
Summer shirt product description
Spring/summer maxi skirt product description

Kitchen & Entertaining Web Product Copy

Ceramic coffee press product description
Veggie skewers product description
Ramekins product description

Personal Care Web Product Copy

Scented soap rose petals product description
Luxurious bubble bath product description
Hand cream product description
Luxury bar soap product description

Bath Web Product Copy

Shower curtain product description
Stone soap dish product description
Hand towel product description

Bedding Web Product Copy

Duvet and shams bedding product description
Quilt product description
Fall bedroom duvet description
Description for products for bedding collection

Pillows and Throws Web Product Copy

Lumbar pillow product description

Window Coverings Web Product Copy

Crinkle voile curtain
Velvet curtain product description

Articles/ Blog Entries

Blog entry on the evolution of the Poetry Center at San Francisco State University
Blog article for Poetry Flash on recent winner of Nobel Prize in Literature

Wall Hangings Web Product Copy

Wall art piece description

Jewelry Web Product Copy

Stone chain bracelet product description
Pendant necklace product description
Drop earrings product description

Poetry Portfolio

Poetry publication in literary magazine distributed nationally and internationally, presenting poetry, reviews, and articles since 1993.

Toys Web Product Copy

Bath squirters product description

Beverage Accessories Web Product Copy

Wine stoppers product description