Leslie Fuller Knox

Peotone, IL USA

Professional Experience

I'm an award-winning writer particularly adept at writing about agriculture, aviation, cults & emerging religions, emerging trends, reproductive medicine & crime.


4 Years
8 Years
Other, Specify
4 Years


Family, Children & Teenagers
1 Year
Other, Specify
3 Years
3 Years


Broadcasting - News - TV (Local)
4 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
4 Years
Wire Service
2 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Indianapolis Woman Magazine (10+), St. Louis Woman Magazine (6-10), Farm World Newspaper (3-5)

Other Work History

I'm the former Managing Editor of The Indianapolis Recorder, the nation's third-oldest African-American newspaper. I covered City Hall & gangs at the legendary City News Bureau of Chicago. I've a newswriter & worked at WMAQ-TV. I've also taught English Lit & Biblical Greek. Internships: Indianapolis News, Saturday Evening Post, Indianapolis Business Journal. Also held a public relations internship with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Technical Skills

Layout & design. Familar with legal issues surrounding use of images and video. Speedreader. Proofreader.



Computer Skills

Word, Vista


Dell laptop, Flip video camera, iPhone.


Shari Finnell, Editor in chief, Weiss Communications


Society of Professional Journalists awarded me Second & Third Place for "Best Coverage of Children's Issues" in Indiana state-wide competition of all publications w/circ. 40,000+


Society of Professional Journalists, American Classical League


Parenting All Ages

An examination of the cultural, cognitive and spiritual potential that language study can offer children.
An examination of strategies to build political awareness and citizenship inspired by Election 2008.
A look at the legal and ethical issues surrounding your exceptional child's transition to adulthood. Includes a look at pros, cons of seeking guardianship.
A look at the emotional, physical and psychological benefits children receive from Mother Nature.
Olivia, a sixth-grader with a rare auto-immune disorder, discovers that it's okay to be different as she pursues a modeling career. Discussion with psychologist about how to help the child who is different.
Parents can give their children the gift of an "organized home."


A look the new Indianapolis Airport Terminal, one of the most ambitious post 9/11 aviation projects. Interviews with influential women surrounding the project, including engineers, a publicist & an Asian artist.

Green Living

A profile of green living guru Sara Snow. A look at her show, "Get Fresh With Sara Snow" upcoming book and organic philosophy.

Parenting Teens

An examination of the legal, ethical and psychological issues associated with a son or daughter who turns 18.


Forensic anthropologist Andrea Simmons investigates the 100-year-old mystery surrounding serial female killer Belle Gunness and her victims.

Black Culture

Deborah Hearn Smith becomes lifelong champion of Girl Scouts and reflects about social change in her lifetime.


Former ballerina Suzann DeLay choreographs role as teacher and ensemble founder.