Louis Postel

58 Hancock Street Lexington, MA 02420 Lexington, MA 02420 USA
Website: http://www.postel-ink.com

Professional Experience

I try to write using all C-words -- stories that are creative, clear, and compelling. If that sounds copasetic, give us a call. I am a freelance writer, writing workshop facilitator, magazine maven and content creator with twenty years in the business. My expertise is in in interior design for homes and mega yachts, the ‘floating palaces’ of St. Bart’s and Monaco. Over the years I have written and/or produced feature articles, columns, captions, custom magazines, niche magazines, blogs, blurbs, advertisements, even a few films. Credits include: Showboats International, New England Home, Robb Report, Wynn, Boston Magazine, Worth, and Design Times. My columns for New England Home and Showboats International have been running for almost a decade and are going strong.


15 Years
20 Years
Other, Specify
20 Years


Home & Garden
30 Years
Sports & Recreation
15 Years


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Showboats International (10+), Robb Report Home Theatre (3-5), New England Home (10+), Season In The Sun (3-5), Boston Magazine Home & Garden (3-5), True North Custom Publishing (3-5), Wynn Las Vegas magazine (1-2), Art & Antiques (1-2), Robb Report (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Simon & Schuster (1-2), Park West Galleries (1-2)

Other Work History

Co-Founder/Partner, New England Home 2005; , Design Times 1986, WOMR 1976, Provincetown Poets and Provincetown Magazine 1971

Technical Skills

Basic photography, web design

Foreign Language Skills

Some French

Computer Skills

PC, MAC environments, MS Office Suite,


IBM T-41, audio recorder, Canon EOS Rebel XT with zoom


Marilyn Mower, Showboats International Kyle Hoepner, New England Home Paula Bodah, New England Home


The Design Industry Foundation against Aids, Unsung Hero Award, October 1997 The American Society of Interior Designers of New England, Presidential Citation, September 1998


ASME, American Society of Magazine Editors; SPJ, Society of Professional Journalists; BWI, Boating Writers International; NAREE, National Association of Real Estate Editors



Cabriole legs, Louis XVI legs, fluted and reeded legs, legs trimmed with bronze collars, legs with brass toe pieces called sabots, legs with a barley spiral twist... Legs and more legs stride across the loft wall at Masterpiece Woodworks...
For nigh over forty years, super-smart Bostonians have turned to the estimable publication for advice on the good life. The best podiatrist. The best pizza. The wealthiest Bostonian (not it's not Gisele Bundchen, or haven't you been paying attention?).
Wealthy owners of mega yachts used to tell their designers sustainable was ok as long as it didn't cost extra; Now all that's changed.
When New Hampshire designer Treena Crochet told us she was in the green zone, she wasn’t talking about a fancy spa sporting reclaimed timbers and an infinity pool of reconstituted bottle caps. Crochet meant the military kind of green zone. Luckily, the protests and shooting didn’t get under way
There’s the sultry ocean breeze. And a trace of fall nippiness. Belinda Berman-Real, her husband, Terry Real, and their sons, Justin and Alexander, assemble on the prowlike third-floor deck of their Martha’s Vineyard home. They’ve come to witness the setting sun turn horsetail clouds into spun
3-D printing of design objects takes accessories in a new direction


A 49 Lincoln convertible meets a luxe ranch house in Montana.
Designer Maho Abe's penthouse redo for one of Boston's leading art collectors.
Big cats ready to spring: How supercar design is impacting Megayachts. If the latest Lamborghini happens to float your boat, why not turn it into just that - or more precisely into a 84 m megayacht? That rather sensible thought is revving up the hearts and minds of minds of a new generation of
A robot that makes mosaics to order and in order. Invented by an MIT engineer and former host of UFO Hunters, Ted Acworth.
Interviews with designers and architects in New England lead off with a take on "Floatyard" a condo project projecting into Boston Harbor.
I co-founded this influential regional Architectural Digest in 2005, later sold to Network Communications Inc. Here are some examples of the Trade Secrets column I developed as Senior Editor and continue to write.
At mid-career, Paul Bowen has built up a considerable fan base. His admirers like everything about him: the Welsh accent, the spark in his eye, the grin preceding a self-effacing pause and, most of all, the stubborn love he devotes to his art. He has spent decades gathering, choosing, recycling...
What is the story of your company? What's unique about it? Can you describe some of your latest challenges - and your unique solutions - solutions that your clients would like to know more about? While designers and industry professionals are quite adept at conveying these narratives in 3-D...
Cheryl Tiegs may be one of the most celebrated beauties of our time, but the house she was living in was very standard issue Los Angeles. A 1950's-style Polynesian bungalow, it hardly made an impression. Now it has been completely redesigned and refurbished.
The world's best interior designers are playing among the stars.
The quirky beauty of Annette Lemieux's work gets you looking. Her deep exploration of the universal human tendency toward ambivalence grabs your attention and doesn't let go.
A superyacht not busy being born is busy dying.
What do architects and designers do with their design muses? Do they go Dutch at Dunkin' Donuts or stroll lazily around Luxemburg Gardens? And what do they look like, these design muses? Are they all from Central Casting?
A portrait of Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, who later joined our Editorial Board at Design Times
In certain cultures, children - particularly boys - are encouraged to be tough. How things feel is a luxury these future warriors of Wall Street and Wimbledon can ill afford. As fourth graders they may indeed have loathed the scratchy wool sweaters Mom forced them to wear -
Furniture making may be an age-old craft, but artisans like New Hampshire's Peter Sandback prove there's always room for innovation and inspiration. A converted garbage-truck garage in the far reaches of New Hampshire, may be not the first place one would look for design breakthroughs
The Packaging is art. The thinking behind it is science. What a beautiful combination. Lancaster Monaco Cosmetics were looking cheap. The packaging had devolved from gold to a muddy mushroom color with navy accents. Once the makeup of choice for the aristocrats orbiting around the young Princess ..
Back in the 1950s, John Walker's classmates at the Birmingham College of Art in England might have been forgiven for wondering why so many plants filled the young artist's work area. Was he studying art or botany? It was a matter of propriety, rather than interest, it turns out.