Stephanie Shaykin

110 N Cathy Ln

Professional Experience

I am a Senior Content Strategist, Copywriter, a Digital Marketer, and a champion of digital content tools and technologies. I have a track record of creating and implementing successful content marketing programs for over six years. I keep up to- date with constantly evolving technologies in online social media platforms and content management systems. I plan and execute content marketing, email marketing, search tools, and SEO. I report on analytics and work closely with clients to create innovative, effective campaigns.


Content Editor (online)
5 Years
Other, Specify
6 Years
6 Years


5 Years
6 Years
Other, Specify


Marketing (firm) - Small to mid-sized corp. cl
6 Years

Other Work History

Consulting for energy companies, non-profits, cybersecurity, data centers, lifestyle, eCommerce, and tech clients.

Technical Skills

Web Content & Optimization Strategy (email, social, web) Performance Analysis/Analytics Real-time Engagement Influencer Relations Management Marketing Funnels PR Outreach Content Creation, Management& Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization/SEO Social Media & Content Strategies Campaign Evaluation & Competitive Analysis A/B testing/Facebook Ads/Social Media Ads Influencer Strategy & Marketing Keyword Research & Strategy Writing and Editing (fluent in English)

Computer Skills

Photoshop, Canva CMS/WordPress Blogging/Writing/Editing eCommerce: Shopify, WooCommerce Sprout Social Certified Microsoft Office Email Marketing tools Google AdWords & Analytics SEMrush Ahrefs Basic HTML UX/UI principles




This is chock-full of my portfolio/work samples for content marketing, copywriting, social media, email marketing, web marketing, and more within digital marketing.